Apparently, the bubbly Laura Robson has rubbed off on Mandy, who exhibited a rare smile on court as the British pair won their opening tie against Kazakhstan 2-1.

Laura opened up with a 3-set loss to JJ-killer Shvedova, but Murray make quick work of cutiepatootie Andrey Golubev to even the tie. The pair then went on to take their mixed doubles in a match tiebreak. 



What was surprising was the good rapport between Robson and Murray, as the pair joked throughout their mixed doubles match.


“It was around about 5-0 in the first set she asked me if I moisturise my hands,” Murray revealed.

“I was thinking she wasn’t taking this too seriously.”

At that point Robson interjected: “Have you seen his hands? They are pretty disgusting. It was a good question I thought.”

Robson also texted Murray earlier in the day to make sure their playing kits did not clash in the mixed doubles, with the Scot being told he had to change his planned attire.

“I was going to wear blue, green and white like I did in the (singles) match and then Laura said she had purple which clashed with blue. I had to change.”


I’ve never seen Muzzah so unmuzzah-like in an on-court interview. Pity he recycles his jokes.


“I’m going to blame her a little bit though because she started asking me if I moisturise my hands and I think maybe she lost her concentration just a little bit.

“But she’s only 15 so I’ll let her off. It was fun. She hit me on the back at one point – I don’t think I really deserved that… it was sore already because I was carrying her!”

Robson matched her senior partner in the banter department with a nice line in self-deprecation and responded with: “I’m kind of proud of my volleys in the tie-break, they’re the only ones I made!

“I will take out of the evening that I should work more on my serve and we should communicate more so that he doesn’t hit me!”



Okay no. It doesn’t work when it’s just him without the jailbait.




In other ties, Australia defeated the US of A today as Sam Stosur and Lleyton Hewitt both sealed their respective singles match against Oudin and Izzy in straight sets.

The pair was on course for the cleansweep in mixed doubles, as Stosur and Hewitt blitzed through the first set with their fabulous volleying techniques. But a lucky shank by Isner led to a break early in the second set. A complete change in momentum followed – Izzy found his doubles mojo and Melanie Oudin put her returning game into good use. The USA took the second set and dominated the match tiebreak to get their first victory in Perth.

Australia’s chances of making the final now depends very much on how Spain fares against Romania in their tie tonight.

Which basically translates to “we suck”.

xx doots


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15 responses to “Down Under: STOP THIS BEFORE I FIND YOU CUTE.”

  1. sazzylove says :

    Laura’s demeanor is uber fun to watch and i find it cute but sadly that does not extend to her partner.Ill never warm up to her partner.EVER!Too bad she isnt Swiss.Hehe!

  2. elf princess says :

    In the second picture, Muzza and Robson are mirroring each other. And they have such great chemistry! =)

  3. FortuneCookie says :

    Hehe,but he was super cute 😉 Putting my patriotic Brit hat on again,but I really don’t see Andy as being all that dour and miserable,his Twitter is just one of the things that shows he can be funny!
    I think people see Andy as being like that because of his on-court demeanour,but let’s be honest,most players behave in a similar way!Fed’s a bit different,but he’s not exactly a barrel of laughs during matches is he?And then a lot of Fed fans don’t like Muzz because of a ‘lack of respect’,but c’mon,that’s just the Brit tabloids making a lot out of nothing,both respect each other,but both are honest too!Erm,that wasn’t supposed to be a rant lol!
    One of the funniest bits of the match and that interview on-court for me though was his clear awkwardness at hugging an underage girl on court 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      Hmm, you know I don’t hate Murray nearly as much as most people give me credit for. Not a fan of the personality, or the passive-aggressiveness on court, but I gotta be fair and appreciate his craftiness, right?

      STILL, it’s a far cry from not finding him dour and miserable – the on-court whining, the croaky monotone, and this …

      Sure Fed ain’t a barrel of laughs on court, but I rarely pick up negative vibes from him, apart from the occasional “Rogi v Hawk-eye” melt-down. Same with Rafa, who’s tense during matches, but doesn’t come across as negative and whiny. Mandy’s body language just looks downright miserable on court. I doubt he means it, but it’s annoying to watch.

      So yeah, def your patriotic Brit hat doing the talking there. 😛 It’s okay, happens to all of us – I laughed at one of Lleyton Hewitt’s jokes yesterday and it wasn’t funny.

      • FortuneCookie says :

        LAUGHING AT A LLEYTON HEWITT JOKE?!Unacceptable behaviour! 😛

        Speaking of him (and Hopman Cup),watching it last night I got reminded of the Fed/Mirka v Hewitt/Molik match on YouTube,had only seen like 1 part of it so I watched the whole thing…even more adorbz
        than Murray/Robson!The whole giggling between points,him putting his hand on her back,the ‘yes he’s VERY nice as well’ and Fed’s general smitten kittenness,squee 🙂 And aww for Mirka still finding him hot in the good old fug days!

        • dootsiez says :

          YESS! I remember that part. He was like *patpat*. Good’ol Roger was quite smooth in interviews even then.

          Sad to hear them mention Peter Carter though.

      • FortuneCookie says :

        The *patpat* was cute,and the pearl necklace and earrings were a little indicator of the Mirka fashion sense we all know and love lol,yeah I picked up on that as well,eerie considering he died 7 months later

      • dootsiez says :

        Indeedy, Mirka always liked her jewels. And Roger still wore that horrible shark bone necklace in his attempt to look hardcore.


        • FortuneCookie says :

          Hee,you mean his 4,5 year participation in the Peter Lundgren lookalike competition? 😛
          And the ponytail,still can’t believe that took him till end of 2004 to cut off!Oh if only we’d known the Hair God earlier…

        • dootsiez says :

          HAHAHA mentioning Fed’s ponytail, I remember they asked Roddick what Federer’s weaknesses are shortly after the haircut, and he answered “now that the ponytail is gone? Nothing.”

  4. Jack says :

    Love Laura Robson!!! Plus she deserves a medal for getting a smile out of Murray!

    Also wondering doots, as you’re an aussie and i’m a brit, are you jealous that we got Laura and you didn’t?? 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      Not particularly. I’m not convinced she’s the real deal.

      And if she were, it just goes to convince me that the Brits are incapable of producing a champ born on home soil.

      Not that Greg Rusedski was much of a ‘champ’.

      • Jack says :

        Wha….?! The first name that pops to your head when you think British champion is Greg Rusedski?! What about Tim Henman??

        You do have a point though. For a country where tennis has a such a huge tradition, we are kinda lame at it. I mean Murray trained in Spain as a kid and Rusedski was Canadian. Did you know we even tried to make Djokovic british!!!

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