Fashion: WARNING – This post may induce a burning sensation on your retina.

Nike Fall/US Open Series 2010. 

Remember how I mentioned I hate pink? Remember how it reminds me of the colour of pigs, babies’ arses and overexcited teenagers on Valentine’s Day?

Err … happy Valentine’s Day. (Click to enlarge)


Roger in baby pink – either a disaster or a hit. Rafa in neon colours, what else is new? 

On plus side, are short shorts making a comeback? ARE WE GOING TO GET MORE ROGER LEGS?!

Indescribable excitement.

Credit to TennisConnected for the pic. 

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13 responses to “Fashion: WARNING – This post may induce a burning sensation on your retina.”

  1. roadrunnerz says :

    OMG….Fed in pink!!!

    I’ve wanted him in pink for SO long!! I never thought it would actually happen.


  2. grace says :

    I like pink for Roger even though he is the only man between three woman, poor Roger´s future, better he uses pink now…

  3. Mirka Federer says :

    Thanks for the compliments about the pink color. It was my choice. I want to get Roger all pinked up before the girls grow up.

  4. evie says :

    I’m happy. I’m sick to death of blue, blue, and more blue. Perhaps he’s inspired by the tots.

  5. whynotme says :

    I don’t particularly like pink, but it could look good on Roger. Though, this one seems a little too drab, I would have prefered a bolder pink. Not as bold as Rafa’s of course, but an in-between would’ve been great.
    As for the shorts…….. YAY !! Can’t wait !

  6. DV says :

    It takes a real man to wear pink, and Fed has it.

  7. Nic says :

    Love love loving the Fed jacket.

    Totally confused by the stripes. Adidas, Nike: Lay off the acid!

  8. FortuneCookie says :

    Well,at least it’s not blue,but I’d have preferred a brighter shade of pink for Fed,it just looks a bit lame really,the rest of it is okay though…and Isner and Berdych get their own personalised kits now?!*confused*

  9. JFK says :

    Am I the only one who is nervous about this?

  10. Jack says :

    Isn’t pink a cursed colour in tennis??

  11. breadstix says :

    Roger in… pink? S’long as he manages to get past R4 and not fall to the curse of the pink stuff then I’ll actually be quite happy about this development in clothing Fed in colours other than red and blue.
    But isn’t white and gold reserved for Wimby??

    And whilst I was ‘huh??!’-ing at the pattern on Rafa’s kit, JIsner’s struck me as something that could turn out to be very interesting.

    • dootsiez says :

      Given that it’s for the US Open series, I won’t be too bummed if he falls in a few. It’s the USO that’s the biggie. No pink there please.

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