Picspam: Girl World.

You know, I’d take Hong Kong more seriously even as an exhibition tournament if they didn’t bother inviting a bunch of retired male players. Seriously, MICHAEL CHANG?

Never mind. Life is picture perfect in girl world over in the jewel of the Orient, as Maria Sharapova paused to have a Herbal Essence moment. 




It seems that good hair, like double faults on the WTA tour, is infectious.



Spotted at Constance Billard, S & B vandalising a tennis court.




When they were not busy playing Blair to each other’s Serena, Vika and Carol attended photo-ops and entertained some local children. 





Ultimately, that’s what the Hong Kong exhos are all about – cash cows, and photo-op days for the “I’m Popular in Asia Club”.




Gisela Dulko, I just don’t get it. 



The Hong Kong Classic kicks today with Vera Zvonareva facing Ayumi Morita and Sharapova v Zheng first up. 


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5 responses to “Picspam: Girl World.”

  1. whynotme says :

    Awwww I just love Caro and Vika, they’re adorable !! And their twittering is so much fun ! The “brainless ballbasher VS just a pusher” video still makes me LOL !
    I hope they’ll both stay on top for many more years cause a rivalry between them could be exciting…

  2. robert says :

    “Gisela Dulko, I just don’t get it. ”

    Let me introduce to you the concept, in simple terms: while Sharapova is as interesting as a carton cutout, and various Vikas and Wozniackis are just awkward and shallow kids, Dulko is a petite but fierce, charming and warm woman.

    Another one in her league being Penetta, of course.

  3. JFK says :

    Hopefully Maria will bet revenge on Gisela for beating her at Wimbledon in Australia.

  4. sazzylove says :

    Lol at Gisela Dulko aka the Hobbit of WTA!LOL!

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