Picspam: My tennis hot-o-meter just broke.


Holy smokes, I’m seeing Gael Monfils in a new light. 



He might’ve raised the mercury on my hot-o-meter, Gael Monfils is battling pain barriers this week, with visible discomfort in his shoulder which has impacted on his serve. It’s bad news for the Frenchie, who’s facing James Blake next match, who while struggling through his first two matches, seem to be hitting his stride after a difficult year.




It’s good MTO porn though. Enjoy.

xx doots



2 responses to “Picspam: My tennis hot-o-meter just broke.”

  1. JFK says :

    La Monf has one of the most frustrating defensive games I’ve ever seen. The kind that just begs for injury. Btw, did you see Fed’s new facebook pic?

  2. roadrunnerz says :

    Yeah…. not seeing it.

    I see Monf, I think drama queen.

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