Brissie/Doha: Who needs a Prince sponsorship when you have cheques like this.


Technically, Nikolay Davydenko is ranked 7th in the world.

Technically, he just won two tournaments back to back, picking up exactly where he left off in 2009.

Technically, he became the second player in history to beat Federer and Nadal back-to-back in two tournaments (take that! Daveed). 

Technically, he’s 4-0 against the Mighty Fedal since November last year, and now leads his H2H against Rafa 5-4. 

Oh, it’s that sweet, sweet feeling of victory.



It’s Love, Actually.



Someone else’s “Love, Actually” was also there.  



What was more impressive was that Davydenko won against the Fedal this week by giving them each a dose of their own medicine.

 Against Federer, Kolya served at 100% for an entire set, winning free points on serve, moving fluidly, taking the ball early with impeccable timing. Against Nadal, Davydenko won a match with the sort of mentality that we were more accustomed to seeing from his opponent. 

To put it simply, he won a match that he had no business winning. After having Rafa shove a bagel down his throat in the first set, Davydenko went back to basics. He upped his level, saved 2 match points in the tiebreak before winning the second set 7-6(8).

Rafa looked to be back in control in the final set after going up an early break. But it appeared that Kolya had stolen the Spaniard’s supply of “never-say-die” mojo, tallying 52 winners all up to Rafa’s 37 to win match 06 76 64.



Despite his recent record against Fed and Rafa, Davo tried to downplay expectations at the Australian Open.


I can beat them in three sets but in five sets, I don’t know. I’m quite used to calling the shots in three sets.

The climate in Doha suits me better than that in Australia. I’m better off playing in Doha’s 18 degrees than the 30 at Melbourne Park, so it will be very challenging,” he added.


Whatever dude. You’re finally getting the spotlight you deserve and you’re not going to take it? No way.

For Rafa, it was the best tennis we’ve seen from him since returning from his knee injury last year.

While it must’ve been tough to lose such a commanding lead, Rafa has gotten what he wanted out of the week – his mojo, some pre-AO match practice and an antelope in a box.




Over in Brisbane, Andy Roddick blew a double break but closed out a very tight straight sets win against Radek Stepanek – 76 76 – to claim his 28th career singles title. Rad stayed strong all throughout the match, but against a more consistent Rod, he could only make sex faces. 



Close, but as they say, no cigar. 




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9 responses to “Brissie/Doha: Who needs a Prince sponsorship when you have cheques like this.”

  1. breadstix says :

    “Technically, he’s 4-0 against the Mighty Fedal since November last year, and now leads his H2H against Rafa 5-4.”
    *splutters* Does he really?! Roger, watch and learn!
    06 76 64… that’s an amazing scoreline, particularly against someone like Rafa who’s quite possibly one of the last guys on tour you’d expect to have a mental meltdown. And Kolya out-mental’d Nadal and came back! Gah. Anyhoo, regardless of what he says my eyes’ll be on Davydenko during AO, along with the usual suspects. 😉

    Yay ARod~

  2. Jack says :

    The Davy-Rafa match was wierd. I don’t think anyone thought Rafa would lose after bagelling Davy in the first set. Very strange match!

    Does this mean Davy is the man to beat now then? And does it mean that doots may see him lifting a certain shiny trophy in 3 weeks time??

    hehe, just kidding on that last one…….hopefully!

    But I do wish he had more belief in himself regarding the AO. I mean, he’s just beaten Roger and Rafa!! Any other players would be shouting that they;re the favourite.

    Davy was always a great player but he never really could compete with the top guys regularly but now he’s seems a completely different player. What’s happened to him??

  3. grace says :

    Nadal might think he played lke 2008 in the first set but let be honest, I think Davy bad play is what made Rafa look good in that set.He´s playing better but not at his best.The good news for him is that it´s his first non -straight-set loss since RG.
    All the credit for Davy “the underappreciated guy”.

  4. Aeroz says :

    Rafa choked a bit in the second set TB. the commies even commented on it, for a moment there he reverted back to his default, crappy hard court play from last year – short, spinny, the kind of ball that Kolya loves to pounce on. He knew he made a mistake right after he lost the point. I just had to mention it because it might be the first time I’ve seen Rafa visibly collapse mentally in the middle of a long rally.

    Great stuff from Kolya, but he’s right abt his chances I think – five set matches never quite agrees with him even though he’s made 4 GS semis before. seems like the kind of guy who likes remaining lowkey anyway. He’s playing so well though!

  5. Paul says :

    Dootz you forgot Shanghai,, he is 5-0 against Fedal since October, hasn’t lost to either since Nadal in Barcelona, good eh?

  6. sazzylove says :

    Congrats again to Davy .Me thinks hell be a contender in the coming AO that is if the Aus heat doesnt get to him.Direct sunlight on his head would be too much i think…or not.Haha!Anyways, i still like Fed’s chances (as long as that wrist is ok—-fingers crossed!)’s one of my new years wishes.Hopefully it shall be granted.;-)

    btw doots, do you happen to know this?

  7. sazzylove says :

    oops sorry for the double post^^^

  8. monique says :

    You mention that Andy Roddick won his 26th title…..wrong it is not 26 but 28th title. The 3rd active player who has the most titles, Fed is 1st and Nadal 2nd.

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