Down Under: Bling it on.

Look who else is in town! Maria Sharapova arrived for the first slam of the year, and took time off from her busy practice sessions to visit Collins Street Tiffany & Co store in Melbourne. 



Sharapova unveiled the Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co earrings she’ll be wearing at the Australian Open – 20 carat yellow quartz suspended on 18 carat gold chains. It’s obviously a steal, at the el cheapo price of $1750. 

Just so you know, my birthday is in August.





For some obscure reason, Barry Hall was there. 



I have 3 words for you, Maria Sharapova: Hollywood fashion tape.



So regardless of whether she wins the trophy, Maria Sharapova will be carrying away a pale blue box?

Good job! 

xx doots



5 responses to “Down Under: Bling it on.”

  1. Jack says :

    For a woman who has just signed a $70 million deal with Nike, those earrings are cheap… her anyway.

    Isn’t some Swiss guy’s birthday also in August? 🙂

    oh, and who’s Barry Hall?? He looks like a rugby player.

  2. Bex says :

    someone explain the concept of a recession to Maria, please…

  3. JFK says :

    Masha Fierce rocks! I can’t wait to see those earrings on the court , which lets face it are much better than her dress.

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