Down Under: Injuries Watch

Del Potro withdrew from Kooyong, citing a wrist injury but without the elaborating on the extent of the damage. He won’t be playing another match before the Australian Open.  

My gut feeling is that it’s more precautionary. I certainly didn’t pick up any discomfort when I saw him play on Wednesday, although granted – Ljubicic wasn’t much of a test for del Potro, injured or uninjured. 

After withdrawing from Kooyong, del Potro practiced on Rod Laver Arena. Judge for yourselves – although some of you might be distracted. 



Yo monkey ain’t funky.





3 responses to “Down Under: Injuries Watch”

  1. whynotme says :

    The 2nd pic is exceptionally atrocious!

  2. JFK says :

    I heard Bobby Sod might be injured 😦

  3. Jack says :

    Are the shirtless Murray picks in your private collection, doots??

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