Down Under: Kooyong shenanigans.

Oh yeth, it’s Kooyong time, the invitational tournament that pompously calls itself “the spiritual home of Australian tennis“.

I was fortunate enough to catch Day 1’s actions court side and as usual, it was a day of fun, light-hearted tennis, mingled with sunburns, peri-peri, and little boys demanding to know “but Daddy, where’s Federer?”


Del Potro, whom the guy sitting behind me knowledgeably referred to as “Martin Porto“, kicked off the day, overpowering Ivan Ljubicic with a 6-3, 6-3 victory. 


“I feel good with my tennis, I feel confident.

“Of course, to beat Roger in the (US Open) final gave to me a lot of motivation and confidence to keep trying, keep working.

“When I go to the court with Roger, Rafa, I don’t feel too much different. That’s important for the career for the future, and of course if I want to fight for the number one ranking.”


Djokovic followed suit, as he put a 2 match losing streak against Tommy Haas to a halt, winning 62 63 in just under 57-minute.






The message Nole has right now for his competitors seems to be that he has done all the preparations to ensure the Australian heat will not affect him this year, after his fiasco in 2009 against Roddick.

I doubt it will either, since the weatherman’s telling us we’re in for a surprisingly cool 2 weeks

For Tommy Haas, it was a bad showing as he struggled with an erratic forehand and spent half the match yelling at himself in German.



After snacking on some peri-peri chicken midday, the crowd got ready for the battle of the Nandos between Gonzo and Verdasco. The tight first set featured some fabulous forehand rallies, with Verdasco finally able to break for the set at 7-5.

The second set was mostly one way traffic, as Gonzo sank deeper into the sludge of unforced errors and Verdasco began to hit his stride, taking it 6-1. 



It seemed that Spaniard had put his late season injuries from 2009 behind him, after spending a fortnight in Vegas during the off-season training with “Team Agassi” – also known as Darren Cahill and Gil Reyes. 

And I’ve gotta say, no matter how much of a playboy Verdasco comes off as, whenever I’ve seen him interact with fans off-court, particularly children, he’s always been incredibly polite and sweet.




The last match of the day featured two of my favourite players – Jo-Willy and Bobby Sod. The first set was a close contest, as the Sod and Jo continued to slam the snot out of the ball, eliciting many a gasp from the crowd. 



Which made Soderling’s subsequent implosion slightly inexplicable – the Swede failed to win a single point during the tiebreak, and could only scrape a game in the second set. But for Tsonga, it was good news all-round as Jo-Willy looked fit and focused, showing no signs of being bothered by his recent wrist niggle.



More photos here.

xx doots

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11 responses to “Down Under: Kooyong shenanigans.”

  1. Sarah says :

    Oooh, Nole looks good.

  2. Jack says :

    Is Nando passing you something in that 2nd pic of him??

    Also, if Fed had been there, you’re photos probably would’ve been 99.9% Roger, 0.1% everyone else! 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      Yup. I was in front of the club house when he came out to walk to the stadium, and he was smiling at the little kids asking for a handshake! *adorbs*

      Heheh last year Roger was there, and I took about 200 photos of him, and 50 of everyone else. Verdasco was standing in front of me for 2 minutes signing autographs, and I didn’t even think to stick something in front of him because I was too busy keeping an eye on Roger!

      • Jack says :

        Poor Nando!!!

        I can see a menacing look in those eyes in that second pic of him……..maybe he remembered you shunned him!!!!!

  3. xta says :

    i think that at the u s open, flavia p. and tommy robredo were the CLASSIEST looking duo in their tacchinis…but i think djoker looks dorky…tommy haas ??? gorgeous in all white…and nando looks so nice and cool in those colors…
    and isn’t tennis all about the looks ???

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m totally bummed that Tacchini dropped both Tommy and Flavia this year, they suited the designs so well. Nole’s slightly too flashy for Tacchini.

  4. Mia says :

    ” … and little boys demanding to know: but Daddy, where’s Federer?”

    Awww, the little ones really take to he-who-is-not-there. Reminds me of that fan who wrote to Wertheim about his 3-year old son saying his bedtime prayers for one Feddypoo’s return-to-form (yep, t’was during those trying times). Aren’t kids just great? *Ovaries exploding*

  5. grace says :

    I saw Delpo´s match ´he played a common match the matter is that this guy put his all against Roger.
    You are lucky you are there.Nice photos.

  6. grace says :

    I have just seen djoko-verdasco match.It was a dreadful match.Did Nole really believe he´s in better shape this year?

  7. whynotme says :

    I still can’t believe Jo-Willy cut his lovely hair 😥 *mourning*
    He seems to always do that before the start of the year, and obviously I get it given the scary hot temperature at the AO, but having to wait 6-8 months to see the fuzzy hair back is hard!!

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