Down Under: 51 ways to reuse your Christmas wrapping paper.

The first WTA faux-pas of 2010 – gold foiled dress. 



Epic fashion fail aside, Aravane Rezai played the match of her career yesterday against Serena Williams, pushing the World No 1 to the brink of defeat. For a set and a half, Rezai crushed the ball as if her Mama’s life depended on it. She was fast, she was feisty, she was reeling off winners from all corners of the court, and she wasn’t broken a single time en route to her 63 52 lead over Serena. 

Proving that it ain’t over until Oracene sings, Serena suddenly sprang to life after spending half the match looking clunky and disinterested. She began to move forward on Rezai’s serve, breaking Rezai twice to reel off 5 straight games and take the set. Despite the consecutive breaks of serve in the final set, Serena managed to seal the match 36 75 64



So after 4 attempts, Serena Williams has made it into the Sydney final for the first time in her career. Just goes to show – what Serena wants, Serena gets. Although the problem is precisely ‘wanting’ part. 


“I felt like I literally lifted my game at that point, because I knew I was gonna be headed to Melbourne if I didn’t,” she said.

“I kept thinking, I want to get a little more practice, and I’d hate for it to end now.”


Her opponent in the final happens to be her conqueror on the very same court last year – Elena Dementieva.

Despite drawing some quality opponents in Schiavone, Safina and Azarenka this week, Demmy has looked sharp, focused and fit all week, conceding no more than 4 or 5 games per match. 

Given Dementieva’s respectable record against Serena outside the slams, we’re in for a great final. 


One response to “Down Under: 51 ways to reuse your Christmas wrapping paper.”

  1. Jack says :

    Was it really a wise choice wearing gold foil in those temperatures??

    Plus, not really suprised it was close, Serena never really shows that intensity in smaller tournys that she shows in the Slams

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