Picspam: Practice makes peRFect sweat stains.

I gotta admit – whenever I see a Federer fan capitalise the “RF” in perfect, I vomit a little into my own mouth. It’s corny, and it’s lame – like 80s disco.

But like to 80s disco, I must eventually give in. I surrender, RFers! Roger Federer is a “wondeRFul” tennis player, and you can baRF anywhere you like!



…Obviously I’m doing a brilliant job of pretending I care about competitive tennis in Sydney more than hot and sweaty practice sessions in Melbourne.



Mind you, sweaty Fed is such a rare occurrence that it needs to be duly documented. 



Dear Nike, plaid shorts are ace! 




Cos you were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter … 



Before Roger hit the court with his concubine, Rafa was workin’ it with Gael Monfils.






Excuse the non-existent Sydney coverage in favour of practice picspams this week.

Of course, I know tennis isn’t all about Federer and Nadal.

… umm. There is also the WTA?

xx doots

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17 responses to “Picspam: Practice makes peRFect sweat stains.”

  1. flo says :

    Fed needs to put away the boxers-disguised-as-pants. Dude.

    Nadal is still looking less ripped than before. More hulk less David Banner, please.

  2. girl from michigan says :

    Don’t forget, frazzle spelled backwards is elzzaRF.

    ~ yeah, pointless comment ~

    I don’t think I’ve seen Roger in plaid before. I don’t think I want to see them again.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hahaha really? I like the plaid shorts!

      I don’t want them in an actual match, but for practice they’re cute. And so something you’d wear in this country, LOL.

  3. sazzylove says :

    oh but i love the plaid shorts!!!Roger pulled it off quite nicely i think!.i dont think it would have worked with others tho.(yes, color me biased!) So i say more of that dude.He gets more adventurous in his practice kits and lovin’ that .We get the serious side(classy) of him on court that these little “fun”outfits were just extra bonus!Love love love!

    • Mia says :

      I too loved the shorts, especially the fact that they showed more leg. And Roger’s pair is an improvement over Pete’s version in the 90s.

      See how good Roger looks in green, Nike. Give him that, please.

  4. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :

    Thanks for not commenting on the puny left arm. I know you can see it. It means that the work of our life (defending the Federer puny left arm) is accomplished.

    One full post with no reference to it. Thanks

  5. Dippy says :

    Don’t think i like plaids, reminds me of my dad’s pj :-p. Daddy Fed, though you are uber cool dad but I prefer you step on court with uber short shorts 🙂

  6. FortuneCookie says :

    Like the shorts and the tee,but C’MON shirtless (and,uh shortless?)would have been better dude,people want the monkey! 😛
    And,I still can’t believe that Rafa says he hasn’t lost any weight/muscle,again C’MON,look at the arms,even the left one is looking puny!

    • dootsiez says :

      I know right? Fed and Rafa insist on wearing clothes while other players are only too willing to strip. Me no likey.

  7. Elisha says :

    Why does plaid on Roger look so different from plaid on Rafa? LOL. And HOLY COW! LOOK AT MONFILS’ BICEPS!!! O___O Sigh… my favorite French player if he was more consistent…. I want Roger in purple or green. But not together. haha. Speaking of green, I kind of miss the green hard courts of Australia…. =/

    • dootsiez says :

      Rafa’s shorts were more checkers than plaid.

      and I hear ya on the Monfils biceps, he looked like he was about to pop a vein in them. 😀

  8. JFK says :

    How come Nike gives Roger such cool practice shirts in Royal purple and green but for match shirts he always gets blue?

  9. Lily says :

    It’s like they have exchange their shorts and shirts.

    Oh, tennis isn’t all about these two guys ?? I’m disappointed !

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