Picspam: Finding Nemo.

Thanks to the good folks of, who always deliver a batch of drool-worthy Fed practice pics during tournaments. 



Roger looked like our favourite fish in an ocean of plexicushion.




Looks like there was a shark circling the perimeters too.



But Daddy Marlin was there to protect Nemo from the carnivores. 



Boo. What’s the point of being at Melbourne Park all the time if I’m collapsed in a heap while Roger Federer is frolicking on a practice court. 



*chants* Puny left arm. Puny left arm. Puny left arm.



One more from the photography pros at Getty Images, who understand the perfect recipe of humidity and Federer’s chocolate swirls.



Good job guys. GOOD JOB.



10 responses to “Picspam: Finding Nemo.”

  1. Ceeza says :

    That pic of Sod creeping is too funny…

  2. LongLiveKingRog says :

    hahaha that pic of le Sod cracks me up!!

  3. Warwick360 says :

    Too bad that Sod’s been knocked out of the tournament in the first round……… :'(.. but i really like that “shark” pic………..

    All i want by the end of this tournament is to see henin and federer win the AO…….maybe that’ll make up for sod’s early loss………… 😦

  4. Alex says :

    Toad :((((((

  5. girl from michigan says :

    I’ve heard that the babies were at the stadium the other day (14 hour time difference between me & Australia, so I don’t really know which day). The first time I see them toddling on the practice court with Daddy I will be able to die a happy woman.

  6. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :


    On behalf of our society, I kindly request you to hit the practice courts after the match. As you know, some of our members are old and can’t handle your matches anymore. You survived Mr. Kirilenko, but tough challenge lies ahead.

    Work on that shanky forehand and the drive backhand.

    Just FYI, Nikolay Davydenko beat the living crap out of his opponet today.

    • pban says :

      My sentiments exactly , dear Rog just because your average Fedfans frazzle as a pastime doesn’t mean that you are morally obliged to cater to this idiosyncracy. It is a complete nightmare when you can’t see the match and are facing server problems, I lived through RG2009… just barely and like Chairy said am not getting any younger.

  7. breadstix says :

    OMGLOL! Soddercakes cracks me up… why oh why did dimpleface have to lose…? 😦

    The Marlin and Nemo of tennis is so cute. Heh, and yer know how Nemo has one big fin and one little fin? = Puny left arm! 😀 Heh. hehe. eh.

  8. JFK says :

    Love Robbie Federer!
    Bobby Sod 😦
    That Andreev match was heart attack inducing. Not as bad as the 5 setter in NY, but close, so glad Rog saved all those set points in the 3rd!

  9. t says :

    lol! i too, took photos of soderling peeking over the fence!

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