Australian Open: Week 2 Frazzle Post

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Reasons why Mandy will beat Fed tomorrow

  1. New aggressive attitude shown in the past two weeks
  2. Confidence – Murray still leading 6-4 in the H2H
  3. As usual, my retarded theory: Federer’s complacency after a strong semi. Roger has the tendency to play a hot match followed by a cold match. We’re due for a cold one.
  4. Form – Murray has served more aces, lost fewer sets and played the best tennis I’ve seen from him at a slam. Ever.
  5. Ferd the turd might turn up: Federer’s serve hasn’t been totally on this week.
  6. Fluoro armpits. Scary.
  7. Desire to win a first slam. To win a first slam beating Federer. To help the Brits win their first slam in 150,000 years by winning his first slam while beating Federer. Lastly, to earn Roger Federer’s respect.

Reasons Fed will beat Mandy tomorrow

  1. Big match experience, he’s done it 21 times before.
  2. The match may or may not be in Federer’s hands, but what matters is that Roger believes the match is in his hands
  3. The pressure on Murray: from his country and from himself, as a slamless 23 year old “heir apparent”
  4. By contrast, Roger has zero pressure: he defended his points, secured the No 1, looks happy and laid-back, and to be quite honest – he wouldn’t be crushed if he lost. BUT I’LL BE YOU FUCKWIT.
  5. TMF is in Melbourne. So is Ferd the turd. So who’ll stay home tomorrow to take care of the kids?
  6. The key to the match is Roger’s serve, which has been on and off all tournament. But that’s within his control.
  7. Hit for Haiti karma


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57 responses to “Australian Open: Week 2 Frazzle Post”

  1. Dippy says :

    Rooting for Nando to go through….and of course the Master himself – Roger Federer

  2. breadstix says :

    Phew, thank goodness Fed got by Lleytos alright, none of that fourth round nastiness. Was also surprised that Li Na won too.

    Murr v Rafa should be good.

  3. pban says :

    I don’t think I can survive wednesday, I am at work all day,. no access to a tv or a live stream 😦 my mobile is my only connection with the outside world(no I don’t work in a jungle only in an ICU)………Ithink Iwill be needing a bed before the match gets over ***FRAZZLE**** O Nando why do you have a brain the size of a peanut…. 18 double faults ??? WHY

  4. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :

    Because Nando is a mental midget.

  5. PJ says :

    I’ll be at RLA for Rafa/Mandy and I can’t wait. Heart and WANT says Rafa to win, but brain and reason are like fhgjdkfjg I don’t know. * just cannot like Mandy. It’s like physically impossible for me.

    Any rate, hope for a good, explosive match.

    Although what the hell is up with AO for scheduling DOUBLES at night on centre court? BOOOO. I was SO hoping for Henin v Petrova 😦

    • dootsiez says :

      Ah, put Henin v Petrova on RLA night session and you might never leave.

      Have fun at RLA! Look forward to hearing your reports and tweets!

  6. Elisha says :

    Zheng Jie got to the semis at Wimbledon in 2008, so it isn’t her first semi. So happy she got through against Kirilenko. I’m obviously not that other Maria’s fan… haha. And Justine was… Well, let’s just say if she does get past Zheng to the final… I doubt she’d actually win. Her serving is really not her strong point. I’m gonna go with Serena for the final this year, and she’s just been so consistent all around. I think she may finally be able to break that even-numbered-year losing streak.

    I can’t decide who I want more to win… Marin or A.Rod… It’s so hard to dislike Andy when he leaves everything out on the court. So much heart! But Marin’s such a cutie, I can’t root against him either! And his game/manner on court remind me a little bit of Roger… so that’s an added plus. haha.

    I do think Murray will overcome Rafa, although I had no idea their head-to-head was so lopsided. I thought Murray had an advantage, but ESPN just said it was 7-2 favoring Rafa…?

    • dootsiez says :

      Oops, I meant in the semi of the Australian Open.

      I like Marin too. He’s had a lot of epic matches this tournament though, I want whoever to go through to the semis to put up a fight, and I’m not sure that Cilic will have fuel left in the tank after this match.

  7. Jack says :

    It doesn’t matter who get through to the final in the bottom half, for me, Serena has this title in the bag. The way she was playing against Sam was scary good. I bet she would love to play Justine in the final though (provided they both get there). Their rivalry has been quite intense in the past.

  8. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :

    I am worried at work today. Still worried about Playstation.

    I hope he gets 18 double faults in tomorrow!!

  9. Alex says :

    The biggest story is not who will win this Open, but is Rafa’s career on the brink of extinction.

  10. Ann says :

    Had a laugh at the Playstation reference above – just what I needed to restore my breathing to normal. 🙂

    I’m not even sure I can stay up for Rog v. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named – I’m already so tired from watching tennis into the wee hours of the night every night all week. Don’t know how you Aussies do it the rest of the tennis year. Hats off to you!

  11. JFK says :

    C’mon Roger take out Playstation.

  12. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :

    Playstation laying it all out there. Roger looking like some school kid that can’t hit 3 shots in a row.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hahaha Chairman, I saw your comment while I was groaning in a heap at the match.

      Luckily, a shadow pulled across the court and Roger began to play much much better.

  13. pban says :

    WOW I AM STILL ALIVE AND SO IS THE SEMIFINAL STREAK Isurvived this match with only mobile updates but then after after RG2009 anything goes

  14. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :

    Wow. Holy cow playstation. The 1st hour was SCARY.

    I hope Roger pulls it together for his next match.

  15. Jack says :

    Doots, you forgot another reason Federer will beat Tsonga – he’s a better challenger!

    In this tournament, Federer has challenged 10 times and got 5 correct whereas Tsonga has challenged 24 times and got 5 correct.

    And they say Federer is the worst challenger on tour 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL, nice stat Jack!

      But you know, sometimes I think Jo-Willy challenges without any conviction that he’s right. Unlike Federer, he doesn’t seem to care when he gets it wrong. Whereas good ol’ Rog gets snarly over it.

  16. Alex says :

    Fed-Tsonga = FUN. I’m just going to enjoy the spectacle!

    • dootsiez says :

      You know, I’m not sure I agree with your definition of fun. It sounds mildly akin to something like bungee jumping without a rope.

  17. Ann says :


    Sorry, just had to say that where I knew someone would understand.

    Saw your tweet about 17’s, Dootsie. That did *not* help get my mind back in my head. *furrows brow*

  18. Ann says :

    Er, meant to say “can’t they move this thing up”. See what I mean about my mind? I NEED THIS MATCH TO HAPPEN NOW!!

    Ok, breathe…

    • dootsiez says :

      You know, this place is becoming a bit of a communal vent for psychotic Fed fans 😛

      Hehehe I can’t talk though, I’m so freaking out.

      Woke up in the middle of the night because I had a dream that my house was getting burgled and then the dream turned into Roger with his back injured, refusing to quit against Tsonga because of his record of 0 retirements.

      What a nightmare.

      • pban says :

        I tried to go to sleep in the middle of the night failed miserably ,have been awake since early morning so even though I had no nightmares to petrify me, lying awake with my thoughts was pretty scary especially since they were not making any sense.

  19. pban says :

    I lost my marbles way back in the summer of 2004 ,didn’t know what signing up for this journey meant then …..stomach ulcers, heart attacks, sleep deprivation,pure despair along with sheer ecstasy, living in a daze when he wins and wallowing in despair for days after a loss, never thought someone we don’t know personally could make you feel this way. But I agree with Ann it is difficult not to breathe for so long, I wan’t the goddamned thing to be over.

    • dootsiez says :

      I hear ya pban.

      Breathing exercises!

      In! (Heeeee)

      Out! (Whewwwww)

      In! (Heeeee)

      Out! (Whewwwww)


      DON’T YOU DARE….

  20. pban says :

    EEEK what just happened,Fed is playing breathtaking tennis in one match and and breathstopping (and I mean it literally) tennis in the next. Dear Tennis Gods Iwant some retribution for what we went through as fans in AO2009….RG and Wimdy notwithstanding.

  21. pban says :

    Imeant Wimby of course.

  22. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :

    Tennis Gods,

    Please let the poor man with twins win the 16th.

    Please do so with consideration to his poor fans, who suffer from all sorts of illnesses, watching his matches.

    Please bring on the twins to RLA.

    I am sure Toothface is a good “lad” with bad teeth. He will win many majors in the future but the poor man is already 28.

    May the poor man win.

    P.S: Living in “backward” timezones and being a RF fan is a nightmare. I had to get up at 3:30 AM. Hoping to get some sleep before I go to work.

  23. pban says :

    Hey doots some uk sites are allowing you to download MAndy’s snarl as a mask so that you can wear it to cheer him on…. GOOD LUCK in the RLA on sunday.

  24. Alex says :


  25. JFK says :

    Doots, please cheer for Fed at the top of your lungs for those of us who can’t be there. And make sure Gwen Stefani is no where near the premises.

  26. PJ says :

    Oh Doots. You are more epic than any five-setter in this tournament so far. Just sayin’.

    Do NOT faint in the stands tomorrow…if you do, make sure it is out of pure ECSTASY JOY HAPPINESS and not horror.

  27. Alex says :

    Am I the only one who hates Serena? I’m so fucking gutted for Justine.

    • Elisha says :

      I don’t hate Serena, but I was very sad for Justine as well. A reason I can never hate Serena is because of the complete control she has over her head. Seriously. The WTA can surely learn a whole lot from Serena. It’s just a pity she doesn’t care too much for the tournaments outside of the slams.

      Justine definitely looked like she wanted to cry today, but AO wasn’t her reason for coming back thankfully. So hopefully, she does stay around for a while! I hope she can do well in France and especially in London!

  28. flo says :

    Henin came back and is seemingly a much happier person in her life, so I feel there’s no need to be gutted for her. She’s ahead of schedule and her big priority is gearing up for her Moby Dick.

    Suggestions for merchandising: The Federer Fedora

  29. Paul says :

    Wouldn’t worry about your hot/cold theory. Tsonga never done anything in that semi so Federer wasn’t hot or cold, jsut lucky to play an opponent having a very bad day.

  30. whynotme says :

    Doots, just a few words to wish you GOOD LUCK for tomorrow’s final! Anyway I think that after RG09 we can all survive anything! So just enjoy yourself as much as possible, I know it depends on Roger, and he can and will do it! And if he doesn’t…. You know what to do with your shoe 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL, I have a feeling that’s not Roger. Doesn’t it say “Douglas” next to the picture?

      Looks a lot like him though.

  31. Jack says :

    I don’t even want to imagine the thought of Murray winning. The match alone is making me nervous, plus the hype is so big and everyone thinks Murray is gonna win!!!

    But Serena did win so hopefully the karma goes to Federer too!!!

  32. pban says :

    I can’t breathe ….please Roger not to MAndy, Delpo was enough to last for 2 years, besides I loathe MAndy.

  33. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :

    I am worried about Mandy. I wish Roger hadn’t spoken too many words about the “Great Scott”.

    (I am sure if he loses, the “British” will disown him. LOL)

  34. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :

    Toothface contained and bottled away.

    Sweet 16.

  35. JFK says :

    SWEET 16 😀

  36. pban says :

    YES YES YES 😀 😀 :D, Thank you Tennis Gods thank you.

  37. sita says :

    God i cant believe he won !! i wanted this so bad !!!
    Heck i needn’t have frazzled so much for a good two weeks spending sleepless nights before the Andreev,Hewitt and Murray matches 😀 😀

  38. sita says :

    And i kind of felt bad for Muzza and his fans at the trophy ceremony , we know what it feels like from last year !
    Never liked him before, but i hope he can win a slam someday ..might cheer for him after Roger stops playing 😀

  39. pban says :

    I think the presentation ceremonies in slams are brutal on the players who lose ,they should do away with the speeches I mean most of them are only 20 to 22 years old…. felt sorry for Muzza since we went through something similar last year.

  40. Blue says :

    Yes! I’m so happy – sweet sixteen indeed. Murray will have other chances, I didn’t expect him to cry though.

  41. Alex says :

    I want to say that Fed looked VERY dorky in the trophy presentation:

    Onto Career Slam #2 BABY!!!! Viva la France!

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