Picspam: His Royal Gorgeousness.

Credit to LJ for the photos. Somehow I managed to miss her yesterday even though she was in front of the same practice court as me. Never fear, we had a quick chat  back in RLA, where she turned out to be sitting not too far from me.

And unlike me, LJ did not have a fainting fangirl blocking her view of Federporn, and she was kind enough to email these beautiful photographs of Roger’s practice session with Marco Chiudinelli.

Nike, we need his Royal Gorgeousness in purple. ASAP.


Sorry, the blue background was just asking for mischief.

Roger’s got your balls, right there.

Oh LJ. You know me so well.

Whew. Cold shower. Now.

xx doots



5 responses to “Picspam: His Royal Gorgeousness.”

  1. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :

    Just seeing Chewy and Rog togther makes the Chairman smile.

    Chewy, what took you so long to realize your talent. You just started playing well and your are almost 30. Better late than never, i guess.

    Chaiman believes that if you hang around Rog enough, talent will be “transferred”.

  2. Dippy says :

    Oh you such a tease, his highness is really looks good in purple. Hmm I spy with my eye and ooo I see…well you folks can guess.

  3. Alex says :

    Oh and Monkey just made Llegs his turkey. 17-7.

  4. JFK says :

    Purple looks so good on Rog. So why do we get blue match shirts over and over?

  5. pban says :

    So does blue if you come to think of it,I suspect it is one of his favourite colours if not the favourite. I don’t care really, as long as he wins and I can see him he can wear Rafa’s RG outfit. of he wants

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