Down Under Day 12: Superlatives, you fail me.

Before the tournament, tennis commentators said the men’s tour has never been so deep.

They said there were “12 men” in the draw who could win this slam.

They said that players these days are fitter, more athletic, and better than they’ve ever been.

I myself wasn’t sure that Roger would make the final.

In the end, Soddycakes lost first round with a bum elbow. Rafa’s knees went gaga on him … again. Randy struggled with a rebel shoulder. Nole looked like he was about to puke, which apparently is different from how he usually looks. Playstation didn’t come with an extended warrantee. And Delpo had … whatever he had.

Ultimately, there are only two men with the ability to win on Sunday – Federer and Murray, the bookies’ favourites before the tournament.

Come Sunday, I’ll be frazzling my knickers off. But right now, I’m just soaking in the happy fact that Roger Federer, once again, has put himself in a position to go one better on his slam tally.

  • 8th consecutive final, second in ATP history to … oh, himself with 10.
  • 18 of the 19 finals. For a man whose “imminent” demise was heralded way back in 2007. Waiting for the end of Federer is not unlike waiting for Godot.
  • 23 consecutive slam semifinals. Only 2 other men since 1970 have made every semifinal within a calendar year – Lendl and Nadal. Roger has accomplished the feat 5 times.

In that, and in most of his records, Roger Federer stands alone.

We may never see the likes of him again.

Tonight’s a night for celebrations, not frazzling. And tomorrow, we shall enjoy the brilliance of Serena and Justine. Life doesn’t get better than this.

A humble minion,

xx doots

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16 responses to “Down Under Day 12: Superlatives, you fail me.”

  1. LJ says :

    he was fucking brilliant on court. I didn’t even get that many photos cause the game went so fast.

    but he has a bad habit of playing hot one day and cold the next, I’m just hoping he brings Rog+ than Fred on Sunday.

    • dootsiez says :

      Given Fed’s streak this tournament, he’s played good matches every second match. Which means we’re in for a crap match next.



  2. Dippy says :

    Brilliant match, he was god-like. Let’s pray he remains god-like come Sunday 🙂

  3. pban says :

    Don’t you find it amazing that just before a slam the field was never so deep and then when Fed reaches the final the talk is well he has had it easy…..Well me loves the Fed hate for it means only one thing ,far better than experts feeling pity for him.But dear Fed if it is a repeat of last year’s final Iwill be very unhappy, I am working extra shifts just to watch you play and had to beg for an off day on Sunday.

  4. TopSpin says :

    Simply outstanding – not that different from the beatdown he handed Roddick a couple of years back.

    It bodes well for him that he’s able to find this sort of form right before the final.

    That extra days rest Murray’s had might actually backfire – if it results in a corresponding loss of rythm.

    As for Jo-Wills, like I think I’ve already said, I’m done with him.

    • dootsiez says :

      Top, your relationship with French tennis makes me LOL.

      With Jo-Wills, I enjoy his tennis and his personality. But I’ve learnt not to expect things from him, keeps it pleasantly surprising when he lives up to expectations. You might feel better about French tennis if you took the same attitude.

      As for Roger, I’m not sure that the semi bodes well for anything. Tsonga plays differently to Muzz, and to be quite honest, he never turned up fully on court. Roger’s been hot one match and cold the next all throughout the tournament. Hopefully he’ll perform on final Sunday.

      Sorry, British tennis. Last year’s loss stung me. I want to see Roger hoist the trophy this time.

  5. TopSpin says :

    that beatdown he handed Roddick here *three* years back I meant…

  6. Jack says :

    Those are two kick-ass finals!!!!

    The womens final I can watch impartially and just enjoy it as I wouldn’t mind either player winning it.

    But the mens final!!! Let’s just say I want Federer to make Murray SUFFER!!!

    *evil laugh*

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m with ya Jack. Am leaning towards Serena, as I always do. But ROGER BETTER WIN THIS. *frazzle*

      • Jack says :

        I’m leaning towards Serena too!! But I wouldn’t be upset if Justine won either.

        And totally agree. FED MUST WIN!!!! I cannot live in a country where Murray will be named Sports Personality of the Year just because he won a Slam. And trust me, he will get that!

        Plus, screw patriotism and screw British Tennis. Who cares if we haven’t had a british champ in over 74 yrs. That’s because we’re crap at tennis and if it weren’t for Murray, the media would still be saying we’re shit at tennis!

        Plus, 99.9% of brits would rather have us win the World Cup than have Murray win a Slam this year.

  7. Ann says :

    So, not to be a wet blanket here, but… does anyone know if Tsonga does actually have some kind of stomach bug? And if Roger washed ten times with peroxide after shaking hands?!?! It does seem an odd coincidence that Nole was puking during his match with Tsonga, and then Tsonga was rubbing his stomach while playing a total crap match against Federer.

    • dootsiez says :

      Ann, in Tsonga’s presser, I think he mentioned he didn’t have a stomach bug. It was just fatigue.

      *fingers glued in crossed position*

  8. JoJo says :

    Sorry Dootsiez i’ve been missing out on your blog

    can anyone tell me who is Playstation and the complementary story?

    regarding the post, i was eating lunch and was able to catch the first 4 games, then i went back to work and tried to find an online stream but they were all taken down, which can only mean one thing 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      JoJo, Playstation is Davydenko! It was from a quote back at WTF, when Del Potro said that Davydenko was “playing tennis like playstation”. The nickname just stuck around.

  9. breadstix says :

    I watched the match! And that was Federporn right there, every moment of it (obvs it would’ve been nicer if Jo Willy had put up more of a fight but I have a feeling we’ll get to see more than enough fight fom a certain snaggy toothed scot tomorrow) and it just served as a reminder of how good the guy is.

    I’ve yet to erase my painful memories of last year’s post-AO depression so I’m tentatively looking forwards to tomorrow’s match… If he blubbered after losing in 5 to Rafa then I hope he has a few pencils handy to shove up MAndy’s nose if he loses to him.

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