Picspam: A sure sign that I’m so over Fernando Verdasco.

I feel nothing.

Whatever dude. You might have perfect abs, a whole lotta sex hair, and no defective left arm, but I’m done with you. No regrets.

Adam Scott’s hotter anyway.

xx doots

(Picture credit: Verdasco News)


12 responses to “Picspam: A sure sign that I’m so over Fernando Verdasco.”

  1. Aggie says :

    Wow… you have a lot more self-restraint than me…. 🙂


  2. whynotme says :

    Is there anything wrong with me if I’m a 19 year-old girl and I find those pics completely disgusting and totally unappealing?? lol

    • JFK says :

      High 5! I thought I was the only girl in the world who didn’t find him attractive.

    • pban says :

      You certainly aren’t the only one, just goes to show what I already knew….. he has a brain the size of a peanut or perhaps none at all.

    • Mia says :

      Methinks he got Beckhamized.

    • dootsiez says :

      Objectively, I think he’s handsome. But different people find different things attractive, no?

      Success is hot (Roger). A steely mind is hot (Rafa). Cynical charm is hot (Marat). A feisty, gusty personality is hot (where do I start?)

      Verdasco’s none of those things. Even if he does have perfect abs. 😉

      I gave him two years to get himself a defining quality that I’ll love. Now I’m done with him.

  3. perispomenon says :

    I was soooo expecting something fed-else …

  4. robert says :

    Luckily, there are those who covet glaring physical imperfections, otherwise the majority of mankind would not procreate.

    Worshipping of said imperfections here is slightly disturbing, though. But, carry on, it’s amusing.

    As for the almost perfect physical specimen in these photos, even a straight male has to approve. A pleasure to see.

  5. Alex says :

    Nando better stick to underwear ads, because 20 double faults aint getting the job done!

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