Quotable Quotes: Eff you. Too.

Not-so-randomly annoyed by this on Tignor’s blog:

The Continued Presence of that Swiss-Flag-Colored Sign that Oh-So-Smugly Lectures Us, “Shhh. Quiet, Genius at Work” while Roger Federer is Playing or Warming Up

To paraphrase my fellow New Yorker Ratso Rizzo in Midnight Cowboy: “Hey, I’m talkin’ here, whether you like it or not.” F

Source: tennis.com

Uh-oh, Steve Tignor. Try not to run into any RF.commer any time soon.

Or ever.

But seriously dude, what a petty, spoilsport thing to say on such a prominent blog.

The banner’s cheeky. It’s fun. It says nothing more than what’s been said over and over again by tennis writers and commentators, including Tignor himself. It’s probably travelled enough distance to cover the earth’s equator. It’s signed by fans with love. Personally, I love seeing it at the tennis. I may not be an active member on RF.com, but it’s a nice reminder that tennis fans, or Federer fans, live all around the world.

And I’m not the only one. The cameras love it. The crowd loves it, judging by their reaction to it every time it’s shown on the big screen.

Why spoil the fun for people? Not when there are the Australian “Fanatics”, Blake’s “J-Block”, N-O-L-E  … I’ve certainly never heard the banner gang boo anyone, or have a go at another player. They’re displaying a friggin sign for their favourite player for fuck sake.

Smug?! Anyone seen a Murray fan with a sign “Hey Roger, Andy’s going to make you cry”?

Geez Louise!



18 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Eff you. Too.”

  1. TennisAce says :

    I too thought it was a bit mean spirited. We know that Tignor is a big Rafa fan but there was no reason to go there. We Fed fans could go on and on about how many times Rafa has to do the pumping his fist at the court when he makes a good play but we wont. Now that is in poor taste, that and the scowling and the picking of the shorts (which we now know thanks to Andy Murray is as a result of his bicycle shorts being too tight)

  2. pban says :

    Pay no attention doots this is the same man whose top 10 predictions for 2010 included the fact that Roger would go slamless this year (well he did eat crow in his most recent article) .I have stopped taking any so called expert seriously after 08 and 09.I couldn’t care less for the self opinionated trash they publish as articles…..who cares anyway, as long as our favourite douchebag is playing the way he is everything is alright with the world.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehe pban, didn’t Tignor pick Roger and Serena to win the final? Not sure about his pre-tournament predictions, but his pre-final predictions are usually spot on.

      • pban says :

        My mistake doots I meant tennis writers in general , in fact Tom Perrota who has written that hilarious article predicted that Roger would not win anything in 2010. Fact is the same writers who are falling over themselves to fawn over him will castigate him when he loses in Dubai predicting his imminent doom, so I’ve had it with their opinions.I didn’t like the tone of Tignor ,it was as if in some way Roger’s fault that the banner travels round the world …..for goodness sake it is a fanbanner put up in jest just like the Vamos Rafa ones.

  3. meretricula says :

    Tignor wasn’t attacking Roger; he likes him a lot! he was just pointing out a kind of overexposed sign (and sentiment) in the stands, probably more for how much it shows up on TV than its existence, I think. and that sign IS obnoxious, because it brings up that shitfit Roger threw at Novak’s parents lo these many years ago, which is really not, I think, something that Roger would particularly want to be repeatedly referenced. it was not his classiest moment. (to be fair I don’t think Tignor particularly likes the idea of tennis as a sport you watch in silence, he’s pretty proletariat for a tennis fan, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen criticism of the JBlock on tennis.com as well. moderation in all things, the middle ground is best, etc.) Tignor is one of the fairest tennis journalists I’ve ever read, so… idk, I know this opinion will be extremely unpopular here but I felt compelled to speak up in his defense. =)

    • dootsiez says :

      meretricula, the sign’s been around since 2006. It’s a pop culture reference that has nothing to do with the 2008 incident.

      As for Roger’s “be quiet please” remark to Nole’s parents, it was one of my favourite “fuck year Roger Federer” moments. Back then, the way I saw it, Nole’s parents had it coming – talking and motioning in between points, making comments to the media about ‘the death of the king’ and what not. Glad Fed gave it to them, and I doubt he’ll have any problems doing it again if they annoyed him.

      It’s no coincidence that Nole’s popularity went up when his parents eventually stopped their antics.

      As for Tignor, I agree. I think he’s a fair writer and I respect his tennis opinions. My problem here is that he decided to spoil the fun and cheek of a few fans who aren’t rowdy or getting in the faces of anyone. Most people I’ve seen at the tennis want to take photos next to the banner, as opposed to finding it smug or obnoxious.

  4. keysersoze says :

    haha.. i tot mandy fan wrote “andy will make you cry again.” kinda amusing to me!

  5. Jack says :

    I don’t actually get the point of that! Guess it must have been a slow tennis day.

    Like you said, those banners are just a bit of fun and meant to be taken in a jovial manner. I mean, you are actually meant to be quiet whilst someone playing, so they do have a point! 😀

    The only banner or “groupies” I’ve found annoying is the whole “believe” crap with Melanie Oudin at the US Open last year. That got more annoying the longer she was in the tournament. Plus, it was so cheesy!!!

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehe Jack, it must be a slow tennis *week*, since I’m writing about it too 😀

      As for Melanie Oudin’s “BELIEVE” shoes, it’s cheesy, but such an awesome gimmick.

      But we both know that real belief doesn’t need to be written on shoes. 😉

  6. natalia says :

    Geez…. For the accuracy’s sake – the banner has nothing to do with Roger muting Nole’s over-vocal family – the banner was created couple of years earlier! And it was JUST FOR FUN!

    Here is a bit of a history, as preserved on rf.com (by krist):
    “Shhh…Quiet, Genius at work” was in fact inspired by an article about the IW’06 Final, which was posted in the forum the day after. Then MissBennet (who hasn’t posted here (rf.com) since), suggested that this would make a great sign, and we all agreed.
    Soon, godly/Judy – always a person of initiative! – implemented the idea, knowing that she’d be sitting with Steerpike and myself in Miami, so the 3 of us could hold up the banner together!

    Here is the article:

    and here is the key part:
    Shhh! Federer at work, dissecting Blake for title

    By Jerry Magee
    March 20, 2006

    INDIAN WELLS – A hush comes over a crowd when Roger Federer walks into a tennis stadium, an eerie silence that suggests how Federer is being perceived.

    As a figure who inspires awe.

    Federer didn’t have an Indian Wells Tennis Garden assembly of 14,610 roaring yesterday. The roars had been limited to Saturday, when James Blake was outplaying Rafael Nadal. Yesterday Federer was dissecting Blake in the final of the Pacific Life Open 7-5, 6-2, 6-0 and the place had the approximate noise level of a library.

    Quiet. Genius at work.


    This is the simple truth. I will not go to post it on ST’s blog, he doesn’t deserve to know about the banner – but I might go there to post something he surely deserve – that famous Lily Allen song, even if we on rf.com usually keep it for his boss Bozzo…

    “…************** very much
    cause we hate what you do
    and we hate your whole crew
    so please don’t stay in touch…”

    yep – no need to stay in touch indeed.

  7. JFK says :

    lol @ the “Andy Will make you cry” banner.
    The banner is a tradition on RF.com and the 3rd one since 2006, I enjoy seeing it , and look forward to seeing it in many more tournaments to come.

  8. whynotme says :

    I don’t really like this banner either, just because of the ‘Shhh. Quiet’ part. But it was really a stupid point to make, esp. for a tennis commie. Leave it to the Fedhaters, Steve. But I usually love his posts (much more than those from Bodo), so I won’t hold it against him lol.

    And have you all read the article by Tom Perrotta on tennis.com where he writes an apology letter to Roger? Thought it was very funny (and well deserved 😉 ) I laughed at ‘When you smashed a racquet in Miami last season, we reacted as if you had taken a hammer to a $4 million Stradivarius’ It is certainly as valuable as a Stradivarius!! 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      I did read the Tom Perrotta “letter of apology”.

      I dunno … every time I see tennis writers unleash praises on Fed, I think “ZOMG, you’ve jinxed him”.

      Hey, I gotta find something to frazzle about, right? 😛

  9. Mel says :


    As an active RF.commer, I didn’t appreciate Tignor’s petty comment, but it was definitely more hilarious to me than hurtful. If he’s got to sink so low as to attack a fan-made banner, he must not have anything bad enough to say about Roger himself. My fellow Fedfans were thinking of adding “smug and proud of it” to the bottom of the banner. HAHA. BTW, all of us love your blog. I posted the link to it on our forum and I got a lot of replies along the lines of “I love her!” Your blog is a joy to read. It makes me laugh out loud every time.

  10. Wellspring says :

    Word. I was just staring to thing Tignor might develop into one of the best tennis journalists out there – if not THE best – and then he came up with this childish, senseless jibe. It was like he felt he had praised Roger too much, and to even it out he should criticize something related to his fans, since the man himself didn’t give the slightest reason – not even a ‘16’ themed sock – to degrade him. Pathetic.

  11. BS says :

    This statement is pathetic. I think that the banner is great! It’s witty and its continuous presence in the stands just shows that he is still definitely the best in the game. It brings a smile to my face everytime they show it on camera and as you mentioned, the crowds love it too. It isn’t doing any harm to anyone, so why does Steve Tignor have to bring this subject up? It’s not as if its causing offence to anyone so why bother? That moment between Federer and Djokovic’s parents is one of my favourite grumpy Roger moments. Hilarious.

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