Sunday Confessions.

1. I haven’t watched tennis at all this week. Not a match. Not even a single point.

You know there’s nothing worth watching on when some Frenchie with a first name for a last name makes the final of the “SA Open”.

2. I suffered major Aus Open withdrawal this week.

Life suddenly went from endless Sunny days, filled with fish and chips and merry chats with total strangers wearing Swiss flags as capes, to evidence law classes, work, volunteering commitments and talks with overambitious students about the competitiveness of our job market.

Fun times.

But even so, a corny part of me feels incredibly lucky to be living this life. Lucky to be studying my ass off, working, volunteering and making the most out of my life.

And most of all, lucky to have had the chance to witness Roger win his 16th slam live. If Times Online found Federer “smug” this week, it was only because they haven’t seen my face yet.

3. Talk about lucky, I might be heading over to Switzerland in July.

So far, 2 months into the new decade, 2010 has kicked ass and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. You go Karma Gods!

4. Does anyone else have an “offseason playlist”? You know! – The matches you pull from your hard drives during a tennis lull…

You can probably guess mine: Aus Open 07 semifinal, Rome 06 final, Masters Cup 05 final, ladies final – Wimbledon 2004 and 2005.

I watched the US Open 07 final again. For some reason, it reminded me of the Australian Open final this year.

5. I couldn’t help but wonder this week – how can someone as delectable as Feliciano Lopez have only one week of good tennis in him a year?

Be it in Dubai, or Shanghai, or this week in Johannesburg – Feli seemed to be guaranteed one good run a year.

I’d love for him to surprise me with some better results in 2010, because quite apart from having ridiculously beautiful eyes, Feliciano Lopez also has an appealing and strangely “un-Spanish” game.

6. I may be a Davis Cup cynic, but that hasn’t stopped me from debating whether I should turn up to the Australia v Chinese Taipei tie this month.

It’s being played on Margaret Court Arena, a place of many nightmares for me as an usher.

7. Took this video of the crazies after the Australian Open final, and showed it to a friend this week.

Friend: Oh-my-gawwd. You’re that nutter screaming “FEDDYYYY” in the background, aren’t cha?
Me: No. I’m really not.
Friend: You so are.
Me: So not.
Friend: SO ARE.
Me: I’m not playing with you anymore.

See? I can be mature.

But seriously, I’m not. My nicknames for Fed are umm … slightly more creative than that. 😉

xx doots


27 responses to “Sunday Confessions.”

  1. LJ says :

    I personally think you should have screamed:


    I would have loled…and then caught everything on my camera.

  2. Mia says :

    Re #4 – Although I only watch the highlights that are up on Youtube, I always go back to the TMC 2003 because, to me, that marked Fed’s becoming when he went through a murderer’s row — i.e., players to whom he was previously a bunny to: Agassi, Hewitt, Nalbandian — and routed them all. Funny, because Andre was in black and Roger in gray — shades of Jedi master and young padawan, in hindsight. A few years hence and the young padawan turns to the “dark” side and thus, the legend of Darth Federer unfolds.

    Although Roger was often thought to be similar to Pete — I guess largely because of the demeanor and the rite of passage at Wimbledon in 2001 — he actually has a few more things in common with Andre. They both take the ball early, the explosive forehand (although Andre is quick to admit the Fed version is something special), the openness to tennis wardrobe “experimentation”, presser quips that are quoted (and misquoted) ad nauseam. The media (and the tennis authorities), of course, always handled Andre with kid gloves whereas Roger invariably becomes goat fodder more often than not. That said, after Agassi, no other player save Roger has risen to become a bigger-than-tennis figure.

    • dootsiez says :

      I love the 2003 TMC run too. The round robin match against Andre was probably one of my fave matches. Match point was UNREAL.

      Liked the Agassi/Fed parallels, since Andre was always the one I liked out of the Sampragassi rivalry.

      But I dunno about Roger being like either Pete or Andre. Neither seemed to love or enjoy the sport the way Fed does. Pete was a person of single-mindedness. When he was focused on tennis, nothing else mattered, but you never got the sense that he reveled in the sport, in its history or even dealing with the media. As for Andre, I think he made his thoughts on tennis fairly clear recently. 😉

      I’d love to see Fed take his charity work as seriously as Andre though. Perhaps in a few years, when the tennis side of things quiet down a little. I think he and Mirka have the potential to do a lot of good in the world.

      • pban says :

        Agree with you here doots Pete always talked about the sacrififices one has to make for the game, with Rog you get the vibe that he feels exhilerated to be able to play. Johnny Mac in one of his more lucid interviews said that Roger has a love for the game which is unique like that of Connors ,he just revels in everything related to tennis.I think Mirka is a big part of this sense of fulfillment, he is truly blessed and when everything
        aligns and Roger is in his elements so are the ones who witness him.

  3. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :


    Our society has thousands of pictures collected over many years, of the most beautiful thing in the world,, the Federer Puny Left Arm.

    Anyone who writes a letter explaining why they admire the puny left arm (no more than 2 pages, please) will receive an autographed Federer Puny Left Arm picture in 2 weeks.

  4. TennisAce says :

    I thought I was the only person who is going through the whole post AO blues. I have been trolling Youtube and going through Fed matches that I have never actually watched as I did not have Tennis Channel or a lot of the channels that carry the MS matches and even some of the early round Grand Slam matches. My favourites to watch are the TMC 2006 (especially where he beat Nadal – LOL); anything with Venus and Serena Williams (especially’s Venus’ comeback at Wimbledon 05 and her dominance at Wimbledon 07); I like watching Serena’s comeback from 5-1down at the AO in 03 and I like watching USO 04 against Hewitt (fantastic match). I also like to watch Nalbandian as he was my fave before Fed

    • elisha says :

      OMG! TMC ’06 semi had possibly THE BEST MATCH POINT EVER! And Roger’s little celebration at the end was BEAUTIFUL!!! <333

      • dootsiez says :

        Hehehe I love that match point too. Roger basically played it and went “ZOMG FUCK YEAH I’M GOOD”.

        And the final against Blake wasn’t so bad either – I’ve never seen Federer hit his backhand better than he did in that match.

  5. breadstix says :

    Hahaha, the crazies post is so hiiiilarious. Am suffering withdrawls too, though obviously not as bad as your’s, but at least it’s not a patch on last year’s depression&withdrawls.

    Regarding #2 – all good things must come to an end, right? So incredibly jealous of your two weeks. 😉 Do you think you’d be ushering at next year’s AO too? That would be pretty awesome, heehe.

    • dootsiez says :

      I might be ushering next year.

      I’m in the casual staff pool so they’ll probably send out a notice at the end of the year asking me to put in my availability.

  6. Jack says :

    You. In Switzerland. In July.

    Should someone warn Roger?! 😀

  7. flo says :

    this is still tennis offseason just with a gs in the middle of the hiatus.

    tv geekdom has allowed me to embrace the escapism of lost so that at least covers wednesdays and then there’s friday night lights and all that. i don’t even think lost will be finished before french open nevermind indian wells and rome masters. lost fever, catch it (and then suffer withdrawal after it finishes).

  8. Mel says :

    My playlist: French Open 09 final, Wimbledon 09 final, and just for good measure, “Spirit of A Champion: Roger Federer, The Man”

  9. perispomenon says :

    My playlist: FO semifinal against Del Potro (great stuff), often, W09 final and ALL the highlights of ALL the finals won by Roger as featured on my iPod Touch.

    Plus Federer Points.

  10. Alex says :

    The crazies…. ZOMG talk about passion for monkey!

  11. pban says :

    Good Lord do all the loonies here heart Lost as well,now I know for sure that great minds think alike. So missing my frazzles ….only sightings of the mighty babes could reduce my post AO withdrawals Roger are you listening.…

    • flo says :

      “Good Lord do all the loonies here heart Lost as well,now I know for sure that great minds think alike”
      the worshipping at the temple of federer wasn’t enough?

      i feel people dropped off before the end of season 3 and it’s like it only started picking up after getting an end date. they are actually answering questions now, like what is smokey and the temple. but it is really the characters and the enjoyable escapism that it is.

  12. Yolita says :

    I can’t agree with you about there not being anything worth watching. Some of the matches in Santiago were excellent: Bellucci v Capdeville, Bellucci v Gonzo and Bellucci v Monaco, to name the last 3.

    (And Bellucci is more gorgeous than Federer! lol)

    • dootsiez says :

      (And Bellucci is more gorgeous than Federer! lol)


      LOL I kid, I kid. Seriously though, Bellucci v Capdeville doesn’t sound like the sort of thing I’d sign myself up for, although I get ya on Gonzo and Monaco.

  13. PJ says :

    I totally get you about AO withdrawal! It seems so…unreal and unnatural not to be rushing off to RLA/Melbourne Olympic Park after work/uni for the past week. RLA looked so…quiet and it made me all wah. 😦 It’s just been an awesome AO season for me, and the fact that I was right in the middle of action PLUS the fact that Roger won just makes it PERFECT. So much memories and joy!

    I have not been watching tennis either, might start this week with San Jose and Rotterdam etc…but I was reading tennis news! I knew Cilic won Zagreb. (he did, right? Haha)

    And oh, my off-season tennis playlist (thanks much to you for some): FO09 final (just a reminder that I survived), Wimby09 final 5th set, AO10 final (permanent fixture on my playlist now), USO08 final, USO09 final. Hmm…all finals. Oh, I rather enjoy the TMC06 semi against Rafa as well.

    I’m looking at getting Fed/Davy AO10 for my playlist…also a reminder that I survived. Or something. Although would like to wipe out that horror of a first set.

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