Fashion: Well done Nike. It’s almost … not blue.

Teal, ladies and gentleman, we’re half-way between blue and green. Look! They even tried to put some stripes in.


By the way, I’m not sure if this is for Dubai/Indian Wells or the clay season. I’m actually dying to see him in orange with the funky collar. Although knowing Fed, he’ll just rock up in black and white.


Nike haz photoshop skilz peeps.


xx doots


29 responses to “Fashion: Well done Nike. It’s almost … not blue.”

  1. Nic says :

    It’s that Roland Garros green isn’t it?

    Whatev’s. It’s ick.

    I’m for the funky orange. Even though it’s that Lacoste-y orange.

  2. flo says :

    just wanted to explain the list of memorable moments of the decade: it’s listed in chronological order so that’s why sampras was first.
    So you can slag them for their other faults.

    Also RF just received the simon reed kiss of death:

    “It’s interesting, but I actually think Federer will play better on clay this year than he has has done before because the pressure is now off him since he won at Roland Garros last year.

    I sense winning that tournament meant more to him than breaking Pete Sampras’s Grand Slam record at Wimbledon.

    I think he will play really well at the French Open again this year, and strangely, while we may have already seen the best of Federer in his career, I believe there is more to come from him on clay – he has a great chance of defending his title at Roland Garros. ”

    sorry, i know this isn’t related to your post.

    • pban says :

      Don’t worry flo Reed will change his tune once Feddy loses a couple of matches in the US hardcourt swing. As for his attire I think he really likes blue(I do too and he looks great in it ) and he can wear any goddamn colour as long as he plays the way he did at AO…..haven’t come down to earth as yet 🙂 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      It’s never nice to receive the Simon Reed Kiss of Death. But you know the only reason Reed is being nice to Fed these days is because Fed beat Murray in the final. Had Isner taken out Muzz in the fourth round, Isner would’ve been “the future of tennis”.

  3. elf princess says :


    So excited to see Fed in these!

  4. whynotme says :

    Thanks for finding that doots!
    I flove bright colors so I’m not going to say I like it. Kinda boring, apart from the sleeves. But any change is good I guess, uh? I don’t really like the strange collar though… But I think it will look good on him anyway, he would look amazing even in a trash bag hehe

  5. breadstix says :

    Thanks dooooots. 😀
    The colour drains him out a bit though, but yay for non-blue! AND STRIPES! win.

  6. Jack says :

    I don’t like it. The shoes are good but the top looks strange to me!

    He should definitely wear the orange top. It will be a welcome change from the rivers of blue that we’ve been flooded with for the past 100 years 😀

    Plus that white top looks like something Roddick would wear – i.e BORING!!

    But seriously, are those stripes the most adventurous idea Nike can come up with. It seems like they try too much with Nadal and Sharapova whilst with Fed and Serena, they play it safe.

    • dootsiez says :

      Yeah totally agree. If they’d tone down Rafa and Sharapova’s gear a little, and amp up Serena and Roger’s, I’d live in the perfect world.

  7. Annie (UK...) says :

    Roger in orange? I need this in my life (or rather, my “Federer” folder would like some variety).

  8. Amandita_FP says :

    I don’t really like the color teal.. but at least it’s a little bit different… and I like the shoes! =)
    I’m very curious about the orange shirt, I hope he wears it at Indian Wells…
    But seriously, I want to see him wearing green or purple shirts soon! How many shades of blue has he used already? 1000? LOL
    Of course, fortunately he always looks good no matter what =)

  9. roadrunnerz says :

    Hmmm…dunno how I feel about those colours. :-/

    Not my cup of tea. Plus, the first t-shirt looks like it should be a pajama top.

    I still liked the turquoise and brown he had in IW and Miami last year best. (even if they didn’t exactly, ahem, coincide with the best results…).

    I’m all for Fed in orange. Or pink. Or dark red. 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      ^ You mean the white shirt with the turquoise collar in Miami? They were cuuuuute. He wore a black V-neck for Indian Wells though, which was eek.

      He did some form of maroon late last year didn’t he? In Basel? That color drained him too.


  10. jfK says :

    Man, is Nike getting lazy or what? Just give Roger some fun colors for once. The practice tees are awesome and fun but we get blue or close to blue over and over again for match shirts. Also, can we take a break from collared shirts for a just a little bit?
    The only thing I like are the shoes with the black laces.

  11. TennisAce says :

    I actually like this colour. I dont mind that he likes the colour blue as I love it and in all shades actually. As to Simon Reed etc thinking that Fed will play better. I think he already has. I dont think Fed cares enough about the FO to even work himself up in a snit to try and defend it. I think he just wanted to win it so that when he retired people could not say, well he never did win the FO. Already they are making the claim that he should have a better h2h against Nadal as well as he should win the Davis Cup. Whatever. I am just happy that he is still playing and that I am still around to watch him play. On the other hand, I like the orange and I saw pictures of him in a purple practise Tee – he should consider wearing the colours in which he practices on court some time.

  12. FortuneCookie says :

    Hmmm,not sure about the outfit but no doubt Roger will make it look great 😛
    And imagine my surprise when I found a Fed article in the lifestyle section of the Guardian this morning,the woman writing it seems like she’d appreciate a bit of Federporn 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      EPIC LOL!

      I was only slightly alarmed when she asked “have you noticed that Federer actually glows?”

      Why yes! Have you noticed his sparkly penis?

      By the time I read her description of Fed as “charm and intelligence and good looks and serial monogamy combined with an incandescent and inexorable sporting talent which somehow demands the description “god-given”, I was actually thinking of inducting her into the Puny Left Arm Appreciation Society.

  13. TopSpin says :

    I love teal – though that that first tee somehow manages to look boring.

    I hope it’s a case of looking better on him on court that it does in that photoshopped image – though I suspect not.

    And the orange just looks like a desperate eleventh hour bid to introduce some colour into a very bland wardrobe indeed.

    • dootsiez says :

      Yup I’m with you on the blandness of the wardrobe. It’s a very stale shade of teal – doesn’t scream ENERGY to me. It screams lethargy and rotting seaweed.

      Nike failed us. T_T

  14. MyWay25 says :

    hi, i’m a silent lurker over at the soompi tennis thread (which isn’t moving AT ALL atm) and i ADORE your blog. Particularly because i’m very Fed-biased (though kudos to Nadal for trying to keep up with THE MAN these past yeats) and because you provide Federporn.

    That and the fact taht i love your writing style!

    With regards to Fed’s outfit—i guess Nike’s always trying to dress him in “noble” colors. Honestly, i prefer Fed’s boring outfits over Nadal’s blinding ones (i mean, pink with yellow?!!!!!!!!)

    Fed’s fb is also updated with the new Nike outfits (u prob know about this already) but why does it look like it’s just blue on fb?

    very strange.

    PS. I wish they’d put Ged in so greens… Dark dark green with detailing—i dunno..would that come off as too golf t-shirt-ish?

    • dootsiez says :

      Hi MyWay! Thanks for the nice words – always glad to lure a few unsuspecting stumblers in here with Federporn. 😉

      I’d love to see Roger in the AO06 outfit again, with the fluoro green details! At least that was fresh and fun. And the facebook link is still for his AO outfits. He was supposed to have a red and black version too, but he never wore it.

  15. MyWay25 says :

    then again—maybe i was being blind and tat’s actually his AO 2010 outfit…
    sigh, i need to control this outfit obsession a bit

  16. JFK says :

    Hey doots, look at this, Fed in Switzerland yesterday 😀

  17. PJ says :

    Thanks for the fashion update, Doots! I have to admit even though I’m a bit blah about the blue/blue-green/teal, I like that at least there’s a little detail to the sleeves.

    Roger’s been wearing nothing but blue/black/white/brown in varying shades for the past two years, except for that splash of red in USO. Would be interesting to see him in green! I love green! Totally a green fan 😛 Or maybe purple! He looked good in that purple practice shirt from one of your Federporn posts.

    Although I hope with all my heart that he will never do the metro PINK thing ala Rafa. I think that shirt beat him at RG last year. Just sayin’.

  18. Romeo Millonzi says :

    Awesome entry I just Love it, Keep adding more like this!

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