Picspam: Killmenaaoooo.

xLienx tweeted me this. I don’t know what kills me more – 1) the yellow octopus sitting on his head, 2) the fact that he appears to be wearing tiger paws as slippers, or 3) that Marco Chiudinelli looks like his sister.

Anna Wintour, saving fashion terminal cases since 2004.

xx doots



27 responses to “Picspam: Killmenaaoooo.”

  1. LJ says :

    oh DEAR LORD

    “right-click SAVE”

    • LJ says :

      oh i also wanted to add, so his always done the vacuming?

      wasn’t there a interview at wimby last year were the journo was like I knocked on the door and rog was vacuming?

      • judy says :

        totally! he was vacuuming the flat, the same one pete used to stay in during wimby. i think that was in ’07 or ’08 when he was already a multiple GS champ. hilarious! he’s helpful, but also a neat freak i’m guessing. don’t blondes have more fun? 😉

    • Lovekosifed says :

      absolutely! This pic belongs in my computer.

      Thank God for Anna Wintour! She may be the devil herself, but she has blessed us with by overhauling Roger’s fashion sense.

      It would have embarrassed anyone caught on camera wielding a vacuum while wearing tiger slippers and a funny fake blond. But considering Fed’s transformation and accomplishments, he’s just probably laughing at this photo.

  2. whynotme says :

    4) the fact that ‘saugt’ zctually means ‘sucks’!!
    Roger may think twice now before selling his wedding & baby pics to Blick, it’s not a friendly newspaper anymore lol.
    The pic is hilarious though, priceless!!

    • roadrunnerz says :

      I’m pretty sure he sold his wedding pics to Schweizer Illustrierte (which is a Swiss version of “hello”). I remember this ’cause I had my family mail me a copy to Canada! lol

      I actually think it’s really cool that he did that, ’cause I’m thinking he could probably have sold them for a lot more to the…real “Hello”.

      Blick on the other hand is a total tabloid.

      • whynotme says :

        Oh yeah, you’re right, I mixed the two of them! If Blick is a pure tabloid then no wonder about that stupid cover!

        And yeah as you said it’s cool he did that, I’ve always hated celebrities who sell their wedding/baby pics to whoever give them the most money. I was REALLY relieved to see that he didn’t sell any of the mighty twins pictures, and glad that he instead put them on facebook for all of his fans to see them 😀

        Btw where are you living in Canada? Because next year I’m going abroad (I’m French) for my studies and I’ll be in Vancouver, I’m so excited!!

        • roadrunnerz says :

          I’m at the other end…Toronto.

          Though I wish I was in Vancouver now for the Olympics!!

        • dootsiez says :


          Please tell me you’re going to be stalking Roger this year at the Rogers Cup?

        • whynotme says :

          I had asked Toronto too, but I got Vancouver in the end 😉
          I wish I was there for the Olympics too, it’s unfortunate I’m only going next year!
          And I’m soooo going to the Rogers Cup this summer!! Classes only start in September in Vancouver, so I figured I could definitely make a trip to Toronto in August! I’m going to buy the tix very soon, probably for the last 4 days 😀 Roger better win this 😉

        • roadrunnerz says :

          I usually try to go the Rogers Cup (last year, I managed both the women’s and the men in Montreal). Thankfully I got a first round ticket in 2008, lol.

          I go with a tennis buddy who’s a huge Djokovic fan, so we always definitely see one Fed match and one Nole match, and whatever else we manage to catch.

          I’m a lousy stalker though, lol.

          That said, irony of ironies, my Nole loving friend keeps having random Fed encounters and me…I keep, randomly seeing Nole. I even have an extreme close-up of Nole about to crash into me during a practice when he goes wide to hit a forehand and nearly flies out of the court and into my lap.

          But Federpoop eludes me. 🙂

  3. Wellspring says :


    You sure it isn’t fake? on the other hand, nobody could’ve imagined those slippers.

    Anna, you have my eternal gratitude. Though I do love seeing the dorky side of Fed.

  4. Mia says :

    Hmmm, the face with the cropped mop-head(!) is not proportional to the figure (even allowing for foreshortening given the angle at which the picture was taken), hairless arms (even at 17, Fed already had them) — looks like a case of photoshop.

    • dootsiez says :

      I dunno, doesn’t look like photoshop to me. Dunno why they’d photoshop this anyway, I’d recognise those puny arms anywhere. 😉

  5. Lily says :

    We’re all praying for a fake…

  6. xLienx says :

    Based on the little text above Chiudinelli’s head, I wouldn’t think this is a fake picture. But of course with news papers you never know. 😉 I just thought it was ‘fun’ to share. 🙂

  7. Liz says :

    I wonder about the fake picture idea. That doesn’t look like a vacuuming face! Mine is usually a little more grouchy….

  8. Jack says :

    Can u imagine if Roger hadn’t become a tennis player??

    Anna Wintour would have a giant roger shaped hole in her heart.

    Roger would probably still be blonde and wearing tiger slippers.

    And Chiudinelli??…well, thats anyones guess 😀

  9. roadrunnerz says :


    That picture is adorkable!!

    And Chiudi is a cutey no matter what he wears.

  10. lauren says :

    Yep. I’m definitely peculiar. If you gave me a choice between Fed in tiger slippers with a hoover or Verdasco hanging semi-naked off the lightstand like a gigantic maggot, as in that desperate undies photoshoot, I’d choose Fed every time. One has a sense of humour and a vacuum, and the other just has a vacuum between his ears.

  11. JFK says :

    Thank you Mirka and Anna Wintour for helping Rog find his style!

  12. Julie says :

    Totally off topic but this is big! The end is near people, proud Fed-basher Simon Reed apologized to Fed fans for doubting him!

    Not a religious person but wouldn’t this be a sign of the Apocalypse?

    • dootsiez says :

      Antijinx. Antijinx.

      LOL Simon Reed needs to get a life. It wasn’t even done as a joke, like the apology on

  13. Jodi says :

    I really hope Roger still has those slippers. Everyone needs a pair of vacuuming slippers.

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