Picspam: Stimulus Package ’10.

Yup, it’s that time of the year again. SI is gearing up for the release of its annual Soft Porn Swimsuit Issue featuring Brooklyn Decker, also known as Mrs Andy Roddick, on the cover. Ana Ivanovic is also one of the pin-up girls featured in this issue.

It’s a big – apparently – and not just because David Letterman thinks so: one in three American adults is supposed to read this. Seriously?

Okay, like I can talk. I gear up for Federporn Friday every week, and 10 out of the total 10 readers here get off on it. I geddit, okay?

But at least do something more creative, SI, than having a few hundred pages of airbrushed young women pouting at a camera.

I suggest a ‘Puny Left Boob Society’. Perhaps you’ll even get your own Chairman.


Can we get an SI Swimsuit Issue for the ladies one day?

xx doots


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8 responses to “Picspam: Stimulus Package ’10.”

  1. PJ says :

    I’m sorry, but the whole pink tennis balls and tennis net is WTF to the MAX.

    I don’t find it remotely attractive/appealing but hey, I’m sure 90% of the hetero male population disgrees with me.

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Hmmm,my opinion is totally divided on the SI swimsuit issue,in one sense it can feel like it’s allowing women to be objectified,but in another it’s worrying when women who do it get criticised and men can do sexy photoshoots (stand up Mr Verdasco) and people don’t have a problem (I’m not saying tennis fans,more the media)…
    With female athletes who do these kind of shoots,it’s almost more worrying that the media can still have such a problem with women being confident enough in themselves to show off their body and be sexy,and a incredibly talented athlete who deserves to be taken seriously at the same time!
    Phew,rant over!Hopefully it’s actually coherent ha
    But yeah,Ana *does* look more than a bit awkward in these pics…

    • dootsiez says :

      Given that I write a blog that’s based 80% on the objectification of a *particular* male player, I can’t really talk. 😛

      But just to c.f. your point, how do we know if women are really just showing off their body with confidence, or just role-playing masculine stereotypes of what constitutes “sexy” because of their personal insecurity? It’s a fineline between the two.

      I just wish they could do something different artistically with these “bikini issues” though. I liked the ESPN Body Issue last year with a cheeky Serena on the cover. It was hot, but it wasn’t a typical body, and she didn’t have a smutty pout.

      • FortuneCookie says :

        Yeah that’s true,in an ideal world it’d be the 1st one,but the 2nd idea of pandering to male desires and stereotypes is sadly all too true,especially in the unashamedly ‘men’s magazines’ such as FHM,Maxim etc,where the average shoots with ‘ordinary’ girls are verging on the depraved…
        Agree about making the idea more original at least as well,like with the Serena cover,that was a cover where you really *did* know that she was a confident woman who felt empowered!

  3. flo says :

    there’s definitely a softcore element to it. it is there for titillation, at least for sure more so than it is for the swimsuit (considering it’s called the swimsuit issue).

    anyway, seeing as how i like andy roddick as a tennis fan, and after what happened at wim ’09, i decided not to go out of my way to look at brooklyn decker pictures. at least not in the leeringly. ana is fair game for ogling.

  4. elisha says :

    Ana is possibly THE MOST UNPHOTOGENIC person… Seriously… I think she should stop with the photoshoots… I’m surprised they didn’t put in Maria in here… Unless Maria rejected their offer? haha she’s too good for them anyway.

  5. Liz says :

    I always think Ana is prettiest when she’s being herself (tossing up that wobbly ball). She always looks embarrassed in these “sexy” photo shoots.

    The thing I mind the most about the SI swimsuit issue is that I have the sneaking suspicion that Sports Illustrated sees this as the only important function of women — to be decorative.

  6. Jack says :

    “one in three American adults is supposed to read this. Seriously?”

    I’m not suprised by that. I mean, its a magazine full of woman in bikinis. I’m sure people won’t be buying it for the artistry and creativity of the photos.

    I am suprised they got Ana for it. She seems more sweet and innocent rather than someone who naturally oozes sexuality. Plus that photo where it looks like she grabbing something other than the net….. not good!!

    What with Maria, Venus, Serena, Dani and Kiri having also done SI, its like the wta tour is turning into a episode of Top Model!

    Can u imagine though if they did do WTA Next Top Model?! The bitchiness between them would be crazy (and i’m just talking about Maria and Serena :D)

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