SPOTTED: R-to-the-F on “turf”.

White turf. That is.

According to a Swiss website, le Fed was found trying (and failing) to blend into the background at the “White Turf St Moritz” skijoring tournament in Switzerland. Once recognised, he was naturally swarmed with requests for autographs and photos.

Skijoring – for those who are silently thinking “WTF?” – is a form horse racing on snow with the jockey being dragged behind on skis.

How Swisstastic.

But if you were really GOAT, Roger, you’d be trying to turn tennis into a winter sport by playing it on ice.

So – like – whatever. You pretender.

xx doots



18 responses to “SPOTTED: R-to-the-F on “turf”.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    That’s literally the weirdest sport ever,those crazy Swiss…
    But,he looks totally cute,and that’s the important part of this 😉

  2. PJ says :

    I could use some of that Swiss snow. Melbourne could. And also a lot of Roger Federer. 😀

    Nice pic of the Fed, though! And how is it that you stalk Swiss websites/newspapers? You go, you.

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL. Actually I didn’t stalk this one. JFK posted the link!

      But friggin hell, Roger’s out there in the fresh wintry air, while I’m suffering the heat down under. Urrrgggh.

  3. Dippy says :

    Ok Fedpappy, time to come down from the ski resorts and stop day-dreamin about entering winter sports. We folks here want to see more skin – Monkee Face and puny arms

    • dootsiez says :

      Me thinks he’s heading to Ethiopia around about now. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to err … wear less.

  4. LJ says :

    when is he playing again? wah, I can only watch Ao2010 matches so many times. I had to go pull out my recorded roddick semi from ao2009 today on my PVR, not before accidently clicking on the final and I was like…Nah, still can’t watch it again.

    • dootsiez says :

      Fed’s playing Dubai next week isn’t he?

      I hope I haven’t got my weeks mixed up, cos I might just have to stab a Federbear if I have to wait for another week.

      • Dippy says :

        Just hit me, first time i have seen Fedpappy in shades, wow. I was wondering if he ever wore shades before this pic, now I stand corrected

  5. pban says :

    Dubai starts on the 22nd,agree about the sunnies methinks he looks better without them

  6. judy says :

    the nose knows… fed can’t hide it! and doots would spot those trademark curls anywhere. 🙂

    sort of unrelated… does anyone have a vid of this match that mirka and rog played? looks like the hopman cup, but not the match vs the aussies.

  7. Jack says :

    I always find it funny when famous people try to blend in the background. I mean, they’re famous for a reason…people recognize them! Plus i can only persume Roger is one of the most famous people in Switzerland.

    Anyway, Skijoring sounds fun!! And you’re right, tennis should be made into a winter sport. They slide on clay, surely they can glide on ice??

    • Mia says :

      And we already know who the winner will be – he does ski, has the best record on the fastest non-ice surfaces, and has all that body hair for warmth.

      Imagine a slider up the T or out wide — whilst all will be lumbering about awkwardly, the Baryshnikov of tennis will effortlessly glide and slide while his opponent/s freeze.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh I dunno. Novak Djokovic, supposedly, is an ace skier! And since he’s pretty good at sliding on hard court, I’m assumin he’ll be great on ice too. 😀

  8. TennisAce says :

    What are you guys drinking. The Fed looks so hot. LOL I love the glasses. He looks like James Bondish actually. LOL

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