Passing Thoughts: Wake me when you get to the part that’s “news”.

1. John McEnroe claims that Roger Federer is GOAT and just about every sports news outlet made it into a story.

Must be another slow news week.

“Roger is just the greatest player of all time. He is the most beautiful player I’ve ever seen and I don’t ever get tired of watching him. Rod Laver is my idol, Pete Sampras is the greatest grass court player ever, but Roger is just the greatest player of all. I think we can all appreciate how incredible he is even more lately, because he’s shown a bit more emotion on court and he’s become a father so he seems a bit more human, more relatable. That makes what he’s doing seem even more amazing.”

On Federer’s records and streaks:

“It’s difficult to pick out one of his achievements as the best because they’re all so incredible,” said McEnroe. “But I would probably say the 23 semis or better in a row is the best record of them all. There’s probably not another player in the top 20 who’s even played 23 straight majors (Grand Slam tournaments) in a row. Then throw in the fact that he got to 18 out of 19 finals and that he’s averaging two Grand Slam titles a year, it’s just phenomenally consistent. It’s amazing.”

Put it this way: no other player has made the last two grand slam semifinals, let alone the last 23.

“It’s unfortunate that Rafa is struggling with injury because his rivalry with Roger has become an incredible one, and rivalries are great for the sport,” said McEnroe. “I think at the moment Nadal’s injury is working to Roger’s benefit because he was able to take advantage of it at the French Open and dig deep to win that one. But at the same time I think it would be nice to think that Nadal could stick around for a couple of years and push Roger a bit because competition like that can push you that bit harder.”

“When you’ve won as much as he has you have to wonder how he will react when he starts losing regularly at major events – not reaching finals or semis. That’s not going to be easy for him. But, he seems to take great care of his body, the way he moves doesn’t put a lot of strain on the body so you would think he would be able to play at this top level a few more years. I hope so, because we are lucky to have him.”

Let’s review McEnroe’s little shpill: 1) Roger is GOAT. 2) 23 semifinals in a row is just retarded. 3) Pity about Rafa. Get well soon. 4) The Mighty Fed has more top-level tennis left in him because his movement is so easy.

JMac, please don’t feel like you need to state the obvious or anything.

2. BREAKING NEWS: Bobby Sod won his first tour match of 2010.

And he did it the hard way: taking 3 sets to overcome Flo Serra after dropping the first set 64. Le Sod conceded after the match that he’s found himself in difficult form lately:

“The first match of the week is always the most difficult for me. My game got better and better. I know I can play a lot better. I’m satisfied with the win but not really with my form.”

No shit. The Australian Open was one of Sod’s few windows of opportunity to gain points this year and the guy managed to implode spectacularly after being up 2 sets to love. Elbow injury or not, I’m banning the use of the nickname “Dimples” until further notice.

3. MORE BREAKING NEWS: Melanie Oudin actually won a match, beating Sorana Cirstea 63 60 to progress into the second round in Paris.

With her first main-draw victory since the US Open and her Fed Cup performance, Oudin is on a – collective gasp – 3 match winning streak. Her longest since Flushing Meadows.

Oudin next plays Nutty Patty, who also stopped the bleed after a recent show of poor form. She beat 7th-seeded Virginie Razzano 6-3, 7-6(3).

As for Sori, I’ve tried to warm to her. The girl’s got spunk, but she’s also got a slappy forehand, too much eye makeup and the tendency to look extremely average on an off-day. And right now, she has more off-days than on.

4. Serena Williams is out of Dubai. I don’t know why and I don’t care why.

Dinara Safina is also out of Dubai. I know why but I just don’t care.

5. Fernando Verdasco beats retiree in an exho.

Oh by the way, that retiree’s name is Pete Sampras. You might’ve heard of him.

After the straight-sets loss, Sampras took some questions from the media and the conversation inevitably turned to Agassi’s comments regarding Pete in his biography “Open”. After voicing his displeasure a few weeks ago, Pete’s downplayed his comments.

“It was fine, no ill feelings. I know Andre likes to push the envelope, with everything he does, but with me, I thought we were above all that. He chose to be open and honest about everything, and I was a little surprised he went down that road.”

“I think it freaked out Andre that I did my thing. To me, that extreme focus was no big deal. That’s how Borg, Federer, some other guys did it. That was normal to me. But Andre was amazed by it.”

On the contrast between Sampras’ autobiography and Agassi’s.

“I didn’t want to offend anyone in my book. It wasn’t about that for me. I wanted it to be something I could be proud of, something my kids could read, all about how I became a champion. It wasn’t about money, or about shocking people.”

In other words, you were interested in retelling your life, but only the proud bits. Oh how courageous you are, Pete.

Slow news is better than no news.

xx doots

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24 responses to “Passing Thoughts: Wake me when you get to the part that’s “news”.”

  1. Guy says :

    I don’t think Sampras was ‘proud’ in his book, and I also don’t think he tried to be courageous. What’s wrong with keeping clean and not offending people?

    • dootsiez says :

      Maybe I didn’t express myself clearly – I never said Sampras was “proud” in his book. I was referring to his quote –
      “I wanted it to be something I could be proud of”.

      Am cynical of someone writing a book that only shows the bits of his life that he was proud of. It takes more courage, IMO, to reveal the things that you’re not proud of.

  2. grace says :

    I´m disappointed with Agassi, it´s no good for sport what he had said, when you are a star you have to take care of your words.

    • dootsiez says :

      I dunno. I’m not sure that anyone took a look at Andre’s biography and went “oh what a crappy sport tennis is.”

      I personally don’t mind a bit of notoriety for tennis. Not when it makes headlines all around the world …

  3. breadstix says :

    Soddercakes! Damn, maybe I should call him Sodderface until further notice, it sounds less cute and dimpley. I don’t want him to take a huge tumble in the rankings after RG. -_-

    Agassi’s biog. attracted an awful lot of attention though, whether that’s good or not for the sport I’m not too sure. Oh well, I still haven’t read it. :/

    Slow news week indeedly…
    Yay, new header thing? FEDDY.

  4. Jack says :

    Very slow news week (especially when Melanie Oudin winning a match is breaking news)

    I don’t think you can compare Sampras and Agassi’s autobiography. They are two completely different characters. Plus I don’t think an autobiography needs to be controversial to sell. I mean, where Pete’s autobiography might not have been so insightful, did Agassi really need to be so revealing in his??

    • dootsiez says :

      “Plus I don’t think an autobiography needs to be controversial to sell.”

      Actually I do. Sampras’s biography never made it to Australia. Agassi’s biography is still on display in Borders.

      Pete and Agassi’s bios were two extremes. I didn’t learn much from Pete’s biography that I didn’t know already, which for me was a bit of a “what’s the point then?”

      As for Agassi, just because I like him, I didn’t care that he felt the need to tell all. It was a good read, and it was good controversy for the sport. But I also understands that a lot of people didn’t “want” to know, and didn’t feel that he needed to come out after all these years to stir the pot.

      • Jack says :

        Surely the person the autobiography is about should be the reason the book sells.

        I mean, if Federer made an autobiography, I can’t imagine that would be so controversial. But I’m sure it would still sell well.

    • whynotme says :

      “did Agassi really need to be so revealing in his??”

      Having read (and loved) the book, I think it’s pretty clear that Andre didn’t revealed all these conroversial parts just to be in the front page and to make money. I think it’s just that he didn’t see the point of writing an autobiography that wouldn’t show to people the person he is, the struggles he had to go through, etc.
      Can you even call your book an autobiography if you hide entire parts of your life that are actually key in understanding why you followed that path and who you are now? Plus the controversial bits are really NOT what the book is about, so why focus on them? They’re needed to understand his life, carreer, person, etc, but what is more interesting is the big picture.

  5. Aggie says :

    But but… Where are the beautiful eyes of Feliciano smiling at his trophy??
    Wait… Fed is GOAT? Really? 😀
    Aww, I want Roger’s tennis already , Rotterdam would be a lot more fun if I had thought in advance to go there! (sister lives in Holland! hmph)


  6. flo says :

    i’m throwing my lot in with the sampras defenders. doots, that was ott snarky. what’s pete got to open up about? his habit of sniffing glue in grade school or getting high or his dating the bride from father of the bride? *kidding, only one of those is true*

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh I dunno, until late last year, I would’ve never believed some of the things about Tiger Woods that I “know” now. Maybe it’s just my dislike for Pete Sampras doing the talking.

      • flo says :

        on further review, sampras was taking a jab at agassi without acknowledging the other side of the coin. His implied assertion is that he did not stoop to telling his story warts and all as andre did, like he’s above and that he didn’t need the money (as if andre did it for the money).

        The other side is that he’s basically saying his story was some innocuous book that his pr team could have cobbled together with some help from wikipedia and he got his fee and book royalties for creating nothing more than a scrapbook for his kids.

        I think he’s just mad that andre outed him for being cheap for tipping someone what an ordinary bloke would, the minimum (which I think I agree with pete, if it’s the same service let’s say, then it should be dependent on your wealth. It also depends on your knowledge of the service industry like whether you know waiter’s need the tips to supplement their lousy incomes) . Q: Who do I feel would be a good tipper on tour? I say, maybe Roddick. Even without andre’s book I think I could intuit that agassi is a good tipper vs sampras.

        • dootsiez says :

          A better question would be “who wouldn’t be a good tipper”?

          I mean – these guys make millions, I’d expect them to tip well. Roger and Rafa I suspect would be generous. Nole too, but not his parents. Roddick – yes.

          Radek Stepanek? Prob not. Davydenko maybe not. Safin yes.

        • flo says :

          doesn’t always correlate. like (again) tiger woods, also sampras, also probably warren buffet or bill gates, also high stake gambler (i know, can’t expect much from that set of people).

          Ya, Safin for sure. generally looking at people who don’t have a huge posse or extended family to support. probably guys are better tippers, not to be sexist. Federer I think would be fair but not overly so because I suspect Mirka wears the pants in the relationship and would make sure it’s within reason. Also the twins, couple and their diaper money even rich ones.

          Nadal doesn’t even spend money on a nice hotel because his uncle would say it’s wasteful and indulgent -> not going to tip extravagantly, Roddick is married but no kids and just his attitude suggests probably. Nole struggled a bit growing up so I assume knows the value of a dollar but some people go complete opposite.

          Actually Andre when he was going through the crazy tennis times would have been an EXCELLENT tipper.

  7. FortuneCookie says :

    If you think it’s a slow news week just wait till you see what Eurosport have come up with to fill the time…
    It appears to be some kind of hypothetical tournament with all the old (and not so old 😛 )greats of the game,with a ‘draw’ and ‘quarters’,and seeing each week how the players in each one would match up against each other in order to ‘determine’ the GOAT,and it appears to be Simon Reed’s brainchild!Crazy…
    I think the number of words that I put in inverted commas shows you the point of this exercise!
    Anyways,1st match up is Federer v Courier

  8. JFK says :

    Go Bobby Sod!
    And off topic, I really love your new banner.But, where did the federisms go?

  9. MyWay25 says :

    always wondered—what does GOAT stand for?

    –sry for being totally ignorant…lol

    • gamegrrle says :

      Greatest Of All Time…

      That’s okay…I still don’t know if when everyone is talking about the people over at, they are referring to…

      …I would really like it if someone could tell me if they are the same thing…


      • whynotme says :

        Yes they are 😀
        It can refer to the website in ifself or, more frequently, to the forum.
        And if dootsiez says ‘the mothership’, it also means lmao

        • gamegrrle says :

          Thanks whynotme! Although I’ve been a MDF fan for years now, I only recently discovered the whole online blog/fansite side of his worshiping.

          Mostly I’m a lurker… I love to read other people’s protestations of love and devotion so that i can feel less concerned about the level of mine. Apparently, stalkers love company! 😉

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