Federporn Friday: the Hot Suit Issue.

In the wake of the new SI Swimsuit Issue, I thought about doing a Federporn Swimsuit Issue before realisng that there was no such thing as Roger Federer in budgie smugglers.

The closest I could find:

So… you probably don’t want to see that one again.

With the Swimsuit Issue out of question, I focused on the next best thing – the “Hot Suit Issue”. ‘Cause let’s face it, Roger Federer rocks a suit jacket and shirt like nobody else.

And this Dubai shoot was all kinds of gold-digging smexy.

The only thing more edible than food at the 2009 Wimbledon Champions’ dinner:

Bond … James Bond. [Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh]

Suits coupled with trophy porn, oh golly!

Gnawww … they look so in love it makes me want to squish them like a stress ball.

You know Fed, when I said a few months ago that I didn’t want to have your babies anymore, I WAS ONLY JOKING. I still want to have your babies, okay?

In fact, YOU can have MY babies.

Laureus World Sports Awards:

While we’re on the topic of Laureus Awards, Roger has been nominated for this year’s Sportsman of the Year award  for the fifth time. He’ll contend for the title alongside Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi, long-distance runner Kenenisa Bekele, Tour de France winner Alberto Contador and Valentino Rossi.

Serena Williams is nominated for sportswoman of the year along with Jamaican sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser, American 400 meters world champion Sanya Richards, skiier Lindsey Vonn, and swimmers Britta Steffen (Germany) and Federica Pellegrini (Italy).

Other Tennis players nominated include del Potro (for Breakthrough of the Year) and Kim Clijsters (Comeback of the Year – can’t see anyone else taking home that title).

Good luck to all the tennis players, REPRESENT.

xx doots


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22 responses to “Federporn Friday: the Hot Suit Issue.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    *thud*, fuck that man can wear a suit,makes me even more jealous of Mirka,who also gets to see him in his,uh,birthday suit… 😛
    The 6th one is one of my faves,and another one where he’s running down a hotel corridor with a brown man bag in his hand,double thud…

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Oh,and looks like Roger won’t be able to go to the Laureus awards,they’re being held in Abu Dhabi on what I’m pretty sure is the day that Indian Wells starts,so not exactly a convenient one to attend…hopefully he’ll be able to do a live video link up or something?

  3. gamegrrle says :

    Gawd…I’ll say it again dootsiez…


    I love my Thursday’s!! (live in the U.S.) I feel extra special because I get my porn delivered a day early…hmmm…I think there’s a flaw in my logic there…hehehe

    Anyway… you know what Fed looks best wearing?…

    that look of love on his face when he’s smiling at Mirka! Now that’s some serious sexy!

    Ugh…I think I just became diabetic from my last statement! 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      HAHAHA oh the cursed time zones! But I’m sure you wouldn’t mind heralding the end of the week a little early with a dose of Federporn? 😉

      That pic of him and Mirka is one fave too. Urgh they look so good. URGH.

  4. Jack says :

    Don’t mean to ruin your Federporn Friday doots, but have you seen this: (WARNING: You may need therapy after seeing this!)


    All I have to say is WTF?! Plus, Marlene Riva and Sheila Rose?!

  5. Liz says :

    Picture #7 gives you the bonus hands shot!

    How could Mr. Blondtips Vacuuming in Tiger Paws turn into this god of menswear?

  6. TennisAce says :

    OK as a Fed fan I am beginning to think that the fellow is destroying his fellow player’s career. Look at this:
    Nadal: ever since he took over the No. 1 ranking his physical frame has not been the same. He has been plagued by injuries and is now down to No. 4 in the rankings
    Djokovic: ever since he beat Roger at the AO in 2008 he has yet to reach another final at a major. His career has been mediocre at best as he was unable to beat anyone in the top 5 for a long time. In addition, he seems to be suffering from all manner of complaints.
    Roddick: ever since playing that match against Roger at Wimbledon last year, Roddick has been a shadow of his former self. He is now plagued with injuries and is lacking in confidence.
    DelPotro: ever since he beat Roger at the USO he has been suffering various injuries. Just read where he has had to pull out of tournament play for 8 weeks as he has wrist tendonitis.
    Murray: have no idea what is happening to him as he has been MIA ever since the AO (he never beat Roger actually at a major).
    If anyone else thinks I am drinking too much of the KAD juice please let me know.
    The pictures are lovely. I have now changed my Avatar.

    • dootsiez says :

      On the one hand, you have a point. Seems that anyone who runs into Fed is doomed for a letdown sooner or later.

      But on the other, you could read these results in a way to shows just how hard it is to go through the tour uninjured, fresh, focused and consistently performing at every slam. The fact that other players can’t seem to do it within even a 12 month period is evidence of just how amazing Roger’s winning streaks at slams are. 😀

  7. jfK says :

    Roger in a suit is heaven.<3
    Tom Ford would be so proud.

  8. Lovekosifed says :

    Nobody rocks a white suit like Roger. That look of love for Mirka is just priceless. I’m so jealous.

  9. Dippy says :

    Tough to pick, all are so yummy. Great start to my CNY weekend 🙂

  10. LJ says :

    last night at dinner with friends i was telling them stories of AO2010 and stalking fed etc, and one of them was like, so you hate her right? and I’m like who? His wife she replied and I’m like oh no, Mirka is awesome, I love her. And my friend was like, oh so you’re no one of THOSE fans I see.

    i dunno after these pics, I think i may be turning…

  11. BS says :

    Thanks so much for this! My favourite Federerporn edition yet 🙂 He can wear a suit like no other tennis player I’ve seen. And his hair! Perfection is the only way to describe it.

    My favourite photo has to be the one of him with the US Open trophy. His facial expression in that one is priceless. The way he’s looking at the trophy you just know he’s thinking “Yeah, that’s mine. I’m awesome”. Yes Roger. You are so awesome 😉

  12. judy says :

    OMG! it’s so f-ing cold where i live, but things are apparently heating up!

    swooning BIG TIME! sometimes i think he’s more handsome and adorable than hot, but i think you’re starting to change my mind. this might be my fav federporn post, along with the marat and rog buddy one.

    have never seen the rome pic (2) and 007 coming out of a hotel (6)- where the hell is that from? because that is gorgeous- those are the sunglasses he should be wearing while out and about. he looked fantastic at wimby too.

    mirka is the smartest woman on the planet, snagging rog from the beginning. he went from blonde dork to brown haired bond. 😉 she was a big part of that no doubt. i love them together.

    doots, YOU ROCK! future federporn ideas… fed in v-neck sweaters, fed in jeans, fed ads.

  13. Nilhenwen says :

    Federporn Friday brightens my weekend =D Especially ones like this =)

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