Quotable Quotes: Momosapiens.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye…

Players gathered in Paris to give defending champ Amelie Mauresmo her grand farewell.

Is that Tati Golovin I spot, rocking a pair of killer boots? And Flavia Pennetta, showing off her new Adidas contract? How about Nutty Patty, trying to blend in amongst the French players?

Mentioning the French players, where’s the Hamster? Or Aravene Rezai?

On a scale of Marat Safin to 10, the farewell ceremony scored high marks. It was classy, it was touching, and unlike the Hippo, Mauresmo was emotionally invested. There were a lot of tears…

And plenty of memories to reminisce …

Elena Dementieva was all class in her eloquent speech in French to Momo.

Je me sens triste. (…) En tant que personne et comme joueuse, tu resteras dans les mémoires. Il y a une génération Mauresmo.

I feel sad. As a person and as a player, you will stay in our memories. There is a Mauresmo generation.

Franny followed with a speech in English, declaring to a laughing crowd:

You were too strong, don’t come back.

Urgh. Love her.

But in the end, there were smiles all round as Momo confirmed that she wasn’t remotedly interested in ‘pulling a Belgian‘.

“Aujourd’hui, je peux dire sereinement que je ne ferai pas de come-back (sourires). Je profite.”

Today, I can say calmly that I won’t come back (smile). I’m enjoying life(?).

And you know what? I believe her.

Unlike Justine and Kim, Amelie Mauresmo has no unfinished business left in this sport.

Au revoir, Amelie. They don’t make ’em like you anymore.

xx doots

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15 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Momosapiens.”

  1. Yannick Noah says :

    Amelie was one of a kind. She had her “mental” problems. I am glad she managed to win 2 Grand Slams.

    Now, that she is retired, we can say what is rarely said about Amelie. She is a lesbian. She came out of the closet when it was not fashionable. She wasn’t worried about money or sponsorships, she just wanted to be who she was.

    We will surely miss the beautiful backhands at the Wimbledon lawns.

  2. whynotme says :

    I would’ve added ‘Au revoir’ and ‘Adieu’ in the fist line :’)

    Gosh, I’m so sad she’s leaving, even though I think it was the right time to do so. But I still cannot believe the lack of respect and acknowledgement she’s had here in France throughout her whole career. There was a long itw of her in a free sports magazine handed in the parisian subway last week, and did you know that her victory in Wimbledon didn’t even make the front page of L’Equipe?!? Football did, because it was the World Cup final between France and Italy -_- If a male player had achieved half what she has, he would be a living god in France right now! When Jo beat Djoko to advance in the semis of the AO, L’Equipe made it its front page with a title that said something like ‘The soul of a hero’ !! I love Jo, but seiously? Anyway, we the fans will always be there to remember what a great player and an extraordinary person she was.

  3. Jack says :

    I miss Amelie already!! 😦

    I’m so glad she got two Slams and that she got to truly enjoy victory at Wimbledon (because Justine kinda ruined her moment at AO). There was a time when everyone thought her mental problems would prevent her from winning one but it would have been wrong if a player of her talent and calibre, retired without winning a Slam.

    Plus you’ve got to admire her for coming out as a lesbian when she was 19. That took guts and courage, especially considering how backwards some people can be towards homosexuality. But whereas some people are just tennis players, Amelie was also a role model too. Her game and personality will be greatly missed!

    And as much as I would love her to come back, I’m glad someone is actually using the proper definition of retirement 😀

    • Mia says :

      But justice still was served since it was Justine that she beat at Wimbledon, wouldn’t you say? 🙂

      Sigh, another beautiful game going off into the sunset. Amelie will be missed.

  4. Jack says :

    The reason Bartoli and Rezai weren’t there is that the organisers were probably wanting to keep them seperate from each other after what Rezai recently said about Bartoli.

    Plus Bartoli isn’t really the most popular person amongst the french players.

  5. Shane says :

    I think it is she is going to enjoy her retirement. Let’s all be happy for her.

  6. TopSpin says :

    You said it Doots – no unfinished business AT ALL.

    Wish her well and glad she got the send off she deserves.

    Au Revoir Amelie, and RIP serve’n volley (at least as far as the WTA is concerned).

    On a lighter note, Franny get’s cooler every time I see her – Are her and Justine now officially the sole custodians of the SHB? Ooer

    • Warwick360 says :

      Nope….Carla Suarrez also uses the single handed backhand. And I can safely say that it is better looking and probably more powerful than francesca’s..

      • Jas says :

        Tathiana Garbin also uses a single handed backhand albeit mostly the slice backhand due to her old school style of tennis.

        • Warwick360 says :

          And also don’t forget Molik, now that she’s also back on tour.
          But I must say that both tathiana’s and molik’s backhands don’t look impressive (not even average) or visually satisfying at all even though they both are single handed backhands.

          Both of their backhands look so pathetic in their matches against ivanovic. Ivanovic’s slices looked way better than anything that came from these two players who frequently use the slice, which really says something about their quality.

      • TopSpin says :

        forgot about CSN – maybe because she dropped off everyone’s radar after putting paid to Venus in Oz last year.

        My new years resolution is to stop supporting lost causes that have more talent than they’re capable of dealing with.

        • Warwick360 says :

          I’d say the same. However, I like Carla suarez’s underdog status. Plus I think she’s the same height or maybe a bit shorter than henin which is even more amazing how she was able to beat a powerhouse like venus. Plus she’s still young…;)…..hopefully she’ll have a career like sanchez vicario..

          My big disappointment currently has to be gasquet….especially after witnessing the way he got defeated at the aussie open twice in a row after being up two sets….-__-”

          PS:I honestly wouldn’t have been able to figure out if garbin was a single hander or not, from her match against bartoli last year, especially since she plays so much like oudin with all the slices. Even Steffi who used slices exclusively had a proper topspin single hander to look at.

        • dootsiez says :

          Can’t confirm this for sure, but Alberta Brianti, from memory, has a SHBH. But Franny and Justine would be the only ones inside the top 30 I think. Just imagine if Justine hadn’t come back … Urgh.

  7. Liz says :

    I love everything about Amelie — her game and her personality. You can tell everything you need to know about her from her incandescent smile. She will be missed!

  8. Warwick360 says :

    Reading the statement from Franchesca, I would have thought that momo would have a better head to head against her but turns out that schiavone was leading the head to head against her…..o_0

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