Mademoiselle Wawrinka.

At 9:45, Stan’s concubine Ilham gave birth to a 3.5 kg baby girl, newly dubbed Alexia Wawrinka. Congrats to the proud parents.

The Mighty Babes now have competition (and a play date no doubt!). Don’t let yer daddy down girls.

xx doots


9 responses to “Mademoiselle Wawrinka.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Awwwwwww,Davis Cup is going to involve some epic playdates,and I quite like the name!
    So the girls side of Swiss tennis is more than covered with Alexia Wawrinka and Myla and Charlene Federer,but come on guys,get procreating some boys to balance it out! 😛
    You can do it Rog and Mirka! 😉 It actually wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Mirka is pregnant again by this time next year…

  2. jfK says :

    Congrats Stan!
    The play dates are going to be sooo cute!

  3. breadstix says :

    AAWWHHH, congrats Stan! I can’t help but imagine the play dates. 😀 Wouldn’t hurt to throw some Y-chromosomes into the mix, now, how are things going on with Chiuchiu… ;D

  4. Warwick360 says :

    I hope Wawrinka gets a good clay season. Ever since chennai open, I haven’t been hearing much about him (even his match against cilic at AO went under the radar).

    Hopefully he won’t end up being a sporadic player like Gasquet as I truly believe that Wawrinka has a better potential.

    Fingers crossed that the new baby will do the trick… 🙂 ….hopefully we’ll see a better wawrinka this year.

  5. Jack says :

    The Single Handed Backhand will live on through the Swiss Girls!!! 😀

  6. Marco Chiudinelli says :

    Looks like I may have to jump in the game and make some babies. All my friends are having kids.

    I am a late bloomer. Watch out for triplets (boys) early next year!

  7. sita says :

    I think the swiss have a GOAT in the ATP , there is no reason to ask for more in the generations to come. The swiss davis cup team is work on getting the fed cup home in 20 yrs 😀
    How awesome would it be if Alexia/Charlene win another olympics doubles gold 20 years down the line ….just thinking 😀

  8. LadyofShalott says :

    I found an interview with Stan about Alexia on a French-Swiss website this morning. It is really cute and he seems very happy. I’m not sure how to make the link clickable though:

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