Picket Fence Vid: the next UN Secretary General.

Must say, Roger looked smoldering when he was sitting in that bus looking out of the window. Did he get another hair cut?

Ana Wintour died a little on the inside when she saw this. You know she did.


19 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: the next UN Secretary General.”

  1. Annie says :

    LOL, I do like the hat though …

    Here is an interview of Fed on the bus, for your viewing pleasure: http://videoportal.sf.tv/video?id=a6995024-9938-4243-8cb4-82e8f48e837e;DCSext.zugang=videoportal_aehnlichevideos

  2. Lovekosifed says :

    Hey Nike!

    How about new kits inspired by Ethiopian colors?

    The part where Roger looks out of the bus window is… *swoooooons*

  3. roadrunnerz says :

    Awww…I love that video!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Douchebag indeed.

    I swear Fed is only going to be really, truly appreciated once he’s left the sport.

    Just being who you are, Federpoop.

  4. roadrunnerz says :

    that is…KEEP being who you are. 🙂

  5. LJ says :

    the haircut…looking outside the bus…Mmmmm

    He needs to be cast as some swiss spy in a BBC Mini Series

    Okay, BBC in 3-4 years time I’m coming to pitch that idea to you

  6. LJ says :

    nuts i think my post got eaten anyhoo…

    1. New Haircut…Unf
    2. Staring Out the Bus window….2xUnf
    3. Green Shirt = Win (ARE YOU LISTENING NIKE?????)

    4. In 3-4 years time I’m gonna pitch a tv mini-series to the BBC. Then I’m going to cast Rog as a swiss spy.

    • FortuneCookie says :

      The mysterious Swiss spy who ultimately all the women in the unit want to fuck,can totally see this! 😛
      ZOMG Roger in Spooks!Yes!That show majorly needs some eye candy since they killed off the beauty that was Adam Carter a few series back…

      • LJ says :

        ahahah one of my friends just started on Rupert Penry Jones and she was like…OMFG(#@$(&(#12 Why did it take me this long to discover him?

        although I’m quite partial to Mr Armitage though…North & South…*Sigh*

        but see swiss spies totally don’t exist (it’s an oxymoron, they couldn’t care less), so under this suave cover, you have this totally adorkable character who just wants to sing BSB and play playstation. You know this show would be total win.

        • FortuneCookie says :

          Hehe,oh Richard Armitage is definitely not an awful replacement! 😉 But with Rupert,all I can say is watch him in the Persuasion adaptation,*sigh*…
          And,someone please commission this show!And yes Doots,you’d be perfect,just remember to hide Federbear into a safe place beforehand yeah?His eyes would need shielding 😛

      • dootsiez says :

        If you’re casting Roger as a Swiss spy, I wanna be the Swiss-Asian Bond chick who gets to have best-of-5-set sexytimes on screen with him.

        You know I’m the right person for it. 😉

        • judy says :

          ‘best-of-5-set sexytimes!’ f-ing hilarious doots!

          i’m with you guys on the green and fed looking uber adorable with his new haircut. he would already be so adorable if he only stuck to tennis, but his generosity makes him even more appealing! just more reasons to love him.

  7. Warwick360 says :

    Watching Federer doing charity work is way better than havng to listen to a new rendition of We are the world (even though the song is for a good cause).

    BTW…..Wilson are too lucky to have Federer as their representative/star….he’s flaunting those wilson goods even on this video……..:P

  8. whynotme says :

    We definitely need green, Nike!! It’s the color that suits him best after blue and purple ❤ I think it works especially well with his perfect tan, like in this beautiful photo from Rome last year: http://bit.ly/aACS0c I love this jacket!

    I'm so glad he took some time to take care of his foundation, it had been a long time since he last made a trip to Africa. And I loled a lot at RastaFed, it's hilarious!! Thanks for the vid doots

  9. TennisAce says :

    As someone who has grown up around the African influences, namely Haile Selassie, Ethopian Orthodox and Rastafari, I have to say seeing my favourite tennis player in the whole world dressed in these colours makes my lonely little heart swoon on this Valentine’s Day. Roger, you are making my non-existent ovaries come to life.

  10. Claire says :

    Thank you!!!! He is so cute with kids, I want his babies!!!!! And that look :O wow.
    Also I do alot of acting- please can you put me in tv show 😉

  11. Lily says :

    The video is awesome, we can see the little goat running (and the great one with the green t-shirt).

    Roger is realy passionate about his foundation, it’s so a pleasure to see him with the kids !

  12. Lovekosifed says :

    The goat running is a nice touch! 😀 😀

    Dear Nike, How about giving lining up green and yellow for Roger’s next garb?

  13. Dippy says :

    wow bob marley look alike hat, got my wish on Fedpappy wearing funky hats. He looks good in green

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