Fashion: S/S Preview.

We’ve already seen what Roger will be wearing in the coming months (clickey). But what about rest? Here’s a look at some of the outfits from Nike and Adidas for the US spring hard courts and clay season.

These are either for Vika or Serena.

Pretty sure these are for Rafa.

Hallelujah! After the Australian Open horror, Nike finally got the checkered shorts right. These look fantastic.

I have a feeling these are for John Isner. Correction – this is Rafa’s Roland Garros outfit. Shmokin’.

Serena’s French Open dress?

I reserve my judgement until I see these in real life, but at last – some Sharapova dresses that look promising.

Love this one.

Ana’s Roland Garros gear. Because orange doesn’t clash with the colour of clay at all.

I’m excited. What say you?

xx doots

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11 responses to “Fashion: S/S Preview.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Not liking the 1st Sharapova one,but 2nd looks great!
    But seriously Nike,what’s the enduring obsession with ‘Powerade blue’?Actually,any kind of blue, *cough* Roger Federer *cough* 😛

    • dootsiez says :

      Umm did you just quote Maria Kirilenko?


      I actually have a feeling that the first dress might look better on. The colours pop a little more than the second dress, though I prefer the second design more.

  2. Jack says :

    Not sure about that Tulip/Pink Top.

    Love Rafa’s shorts. I think the difference is that the AO ones were criss-crossed. Whereas these go vertical and horizontal.

    Not sure about Ana’s outfit. Orange looks a bit wierd.

    Love Masha’s outfits. I reckon the second one is more likely to be her French Open outfit. If it is, hopefully she’ll wear it for more than one match 😀

  3. meretricula says :

    I *think* – not sure – that the diagonal-stripe top and white shorts, or something very similar, are Rafa’s Roland Garros outfit, and the blue and yellow outfits are for the rest of the clay season. (I nearly cried in relief when I saw he was getting plain shorts for once.) largely basing my assumptions on this:

    I’m so excited for Masha’s silver-and-eggplant dress – ngl, the purple one seems a little too much, but she’s Masha, she can probably pull it off. and the teal that Nike is using for most of the girls’ outfits will look so beautiful against the clay. =D

  4. Brenda says :

    I saw a picture of Rafa in the outfit you have marked for Isner.

  5. jfK says :

    I love Shazza’s French Open dress. Just beautiful!
    Ana’s…errr not so much.

  6. grace says :

    I like rafa´s outfit but I don´t like Masha´s dress, in another blog Stosur was chosen as the best dressed of the AO. I agree I think the rule “the less is the more”
    has been forgotten for Nike in these dresses”for the nigth”?

    • dootsiez says :

      Agree with you on less being more, though I gotta say – I didn’t like Sam Stosur’s dress at the AO.

      Nice cut, awful, *awful* colour.

  7. Aggie says :

    Ohmygod, those shorts are briiiiiight! No seriously, I know the boy loves colours like that, but crikey! Still, nothing’s gonna be as bad as the orange and pink shirt at the AO, so this is an improvement! Love the blue version, though! 🙂

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