Quotable Quotes: Fail of a headline caption.

I was intrigued by this headline in my feed this morning:

Federer says he has more drive than Nadal“.

Really Roger?

Of course not. A closer reading of the article revealed that Roger was merely referring to Rafa’s views on the No 1 ranking when Reuters conducted a short interview with him in Ethiopia.

Yeah Reuters, you pot-stirrer you. Try not to start WWIII or anything.

Talk of the 28-year-old emulating Rod Laver by sweeping all four grand slam titles this year has got louder since he won his 16th grand slam at the Australian Open last month.

“I’ll try, that’s for sure,” Federer said in an interview with Reuters. “But it’s not even number one on my to-do list. I’ll just try to defend my number one position.

Federer said Nadal, who has been troubled with knee injuries, would be his biggest threat this year but that the Spaniard did not have the ambition to be number one.

“The first moment when I became number one in the world was six years ago now and it was a magical moment in my career,” Federer said. “It was pretty special and I always wanted to get back there.”

Some people have that drive more than others who’ve been number one. Rafa doesn’t seem like he cares as much for number one, or he doesn’t show it.”

Does Rafa really not care for the No 1 spot? Or does he just hide it well?

Personally, I’m leaning towards the former. The No 1 spot seems to be an ancillary consideration for Rafa. He’ll take it if he gets it, and he’ll be proud of his own achievements, but I doubt it’s anywhere near the top of his to-do list.

Despite casting doubt on Nadal’s motivation, the Swiss still sees him as his biggest threat. Injury forced the world number three out of the Australian Open.

“He had a good start to the season,” Federer said. “What he’s going through is very similar to what I went through last year. Just because you don’t win a major they start picking on you. I’m convinced he will come back shortly.”

Roger also made some comments on his other competitors.

The other players who could upset his shot at the grand slam this year were Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Juan Martin Del Potro and Nikolay Davydenko, Federer said, adding that he thought Briton Murray had “got Nadal’s number a little bit”.

“Davydenko has made his point and it will be interesting to see how long he can last because he’s playing a lot of matches and he’s not used to maybe winning that much,” Federer said. “Players want to beat him even more now.

On the immediate past and future.

“Every season is different or special,” he said. “Last year was the most emotional, the most special. Losing in Australia, coming back, winning Paris, Wimbledon, getting married, going through pregnancy, having the babies.” (Umm … wasn’t that Mirka?)

When asked if this season was going to be his best yet, Federer smiled: “Well, it’s certainly on the right track.”

Yes it is. But if I hear the possibility of a Grand Slam once more from the media, I’m going to shove an effing Roland Garros down their effing throats.


xx doots

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17 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Fail of a headline caption.”

  1. Rafael Nadal says :

    Roger is the best player. No? He deserves to be No. 1. No? I am not worried about the No.1 ranking, I want to be healthy and play good. No?

    The press is always looking to create problems between me and Roger. No?

    • dootsiez says :

      Should I be concerned that “Rafael Nadal”, “Stanislas Wawrinka” and various parts of Roger’s body are all commenting from the same IP address?


  2. jfK says :

    I knew the media would try to do something like this instead of naming the article ” Federer convinced Nadal will come back shortly”

    lol!! Roger is so arrogant, he thinks he was the one who was pregnant and had twins 😛

  3. rcm says :

    What I read on Spanish tennis sites is that Nadal “no se preocupa” about being number one.
    This is more along the lines that he isn’t real worried about it, or that it’s not his main focus.
    No offense taken in Spanish, why so in English?

    The whole pot-stirring thing, I guess.

  4. tennisfan76 says :

    Despite being a die hard Nadal fan, I agree with Roger on this one. Rafa is more interested in slams and high level competition than the number 1 ranking IMO. Being number 1 matters to Roger and he’s honest enough to admit it. LOL at babies comment. I’m all for being supportive, Roger, but I think Mirka did the really hard work!

  5. whynotme says :

    HAHAHAHA. It just reinforces my HATE for all journos of this world. I once dreamed about being a journalist, when I still had an idealistic view of this job. Then I realised the profession is corrupted, only led by money & superficial matters, and has no professional ethics anymore. It was the end of my love story with journalism.

    What actually gives me a (hollow) laugh here is that Rafa would actually agree with what Roger just said!! He’s always saying that he does NOT care about the no1 ranking, only about finding back his old form and regaining a good level of play, and then everything will naturally follow, whether it is tournaments or ranking.

    Pffff I’m disgusted by people. Why on earth can’t you just transcribe the itw with questions and answers, and just shut up with your stupid interpretations?? Anyway, I just find comfort in knowing that Roger, Rafa and all have no problems whatsoever (have you seen during the AO ceremony how there really is nothing between Roger and Mandy even after what the journos wanted to build??) and that they will both stand the test of time, unlike those stupid journalists who only write bullshit so that they’re read. End of rant.

  6. Jack says :

    I think this may have already started WWIII 🙂

    I just think everything with Fed gets blown out of proportion. I think he has a valid point though. Whereas Fed loves being No1, Rafa loves competing.
    I also think if you’re No1 in the world, you have the right to air your views!

    The haters have had a field day with this though. I don’t actually care what they say about Fed as everyone is entitled to an opinion. What did piss me off is reading someone say all FedKADs are gloryhunters and only support him because his wins validate our own lifes!!

    I prefer just being called a crazed lunatic! 😀

  7. pban says :

    I think Roger’s comments on Rafa were not only thoughtful but also extremely insightful and honest.That it came with this headline was oh so typical of the journos but Roger Roger…. what is with you going through the having babies phase LOL indeed…no wonder we love you so much 😉

  8. TennisAce says :

    My view: Most married couples will say that “they” are pregnant (not my “wife” is pregnant). As to the whole kerfluffle, I think Roger is right. Nadal has never been influenced by the NO. 1 ranking or he does not show it. Nadal is the most understated champion this sport has ever seen.. Is it his way of dealing with the pressure of being the favourite entering a tournament or is he just naturally humble. An argument can be made for both sides of the argument. Frankly as a Fed fan I have begun to care less and less what players say outside of what they do on the court. I am much too old to be trying to interpret what everybody thinks someone means. All it does is divide along fan lines and bears absolutely no resemblance to the fact that these players are all friends. They may not hang out at each other’s houses but they are colleagues in an elite sport. They meet in the locker room, go to parties together and have their own lives. All we as fans do is sit and watch them play. Why we should let them dominate our lives by sitting and wondering just what exactly does he mean when he says this or that is beyond me.

  9. Lovekosifed says :

    Dear esteemed members of the press,


    Everytime these juornos cast their collective votes on someone, that “favorite” more often than not ends up losing as early as the quarters.

    So yeah! I’m making everybody else a favorite in RG and not that effin’ GOAT. Go Davy, Delpoop, Rafa, Djoko! Too in a little bit of Dimples as well.

    Who’s Roger anyway?


    • dootsiez says :

      As if Roger will win another slam in 2010. Nope! We’re getting 4 different slam winners in 2010. Don’t cha know? Pete Bodo said so!


    • Lovekosifed says :

      I was supposed to say “Throw in a little bit of Dimples as well.”

      BTW, the “manvaries” need to rest, so no more GS for Roger this year.


  10. pban says :

    hear hear for TennisAce what Roger does on the court is all we can interpret they are humanbeings like most of us and are entitled to their fair share of gaffes and fauxpas. As long he adheres to the code of decency which applies to all of us what he does on court is all that really matters. And Jack why should we be annoyed if Fedhaters say that his wins validate our lives, that is precisely why people follow sports and who better than Fed to remind us that life is indeed beautiful.

  11. FortuneCookie says :

    Ugh,I hate how his words have been totally twisted,but more importantly 😉 I just found this…
    “It’s Friday, 18th December 2009. Exactly one month from the Australian Open. If Roger wins, I will post in ionic pentameter for a week to extol his Royal Gorgeousness. I’m serious!”
    Ummm,so Dootsiez,where are your flowing,Shakespearean posts?!
    And yes,I might have found this after clicking on that rather lovely pic of the “hunk that is Roger Federer” on the right 😛

    • dootsiez says :

      -_-” It was only a matter time before Federporn backfires on me.


      Dubai next week, one week of iamic pentameter.

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