Picket Fence Newsreel: the star to every wandering bark.

Shakespeare once said that it is love that guides lost ships home. Personally, I call it GPS.

But what of the lost ships of the ATP and WTA tours? What keeps them playing instead of disappearing into the Moor of Lost Souls? What stands in between a bad month, a bad year and permanent retirement?

Perhaps Willy the Bard was onto something.

Attempting to fight their way out of the Moor of Lost Souls this week, Nicole Vaidisova and Michaella Krajicek both scored their first WTA wins since last June, with Vaidisova defeating Laura Granville 6-4, 6-2 and Krajicek battling past Julia Schruff 2-6, 6-1, 6-2.

I don’t like to talk about Nicole Vaidisova. She depresses me.

Something about her fall from grace makes Dinara Safina’s slam struggles look like a tea party. At this point, the only good thing I can say about Nikki Vee is that … she’s only 20. There is still time.

Also with a first tour win since getting injured last July, Anne Keothavong defeated Kristina Barrois 6-1, 6-3 in Memphis.

Meanwhile injury comebacks are all the rage on the ATP, Carlos Moya downed Filippo Volandri 6-2, 7-5 in the opening round of Buenos Aires, while David Nalbandian sailed past Potato Star Ace 62 76.

“It was a good comeback. I hesitated very little, hardly at all. I’ll take things day by day. I’ll need four, five, six tournaments to [get back] the rhythm of the circuit.” – Nalbandian

We may scoff at the residents of the Moor of Lost Souls – those players struggling with injuries and their own marbles – but sometimes I wonder, what is it that keeps them playing, day after day, when things aren’t working out?

Perhaps they have unfinished business left. Perhaps it’s that perennial question, “what else am I going to do?”

Perhaps it goes back to the very reason why they picked up a racket in the first place.

Roger Federer is no wandering bark. He’s parked safely in the Bay of Love after dominating the ATP Awards for 2009.

The Fed got the nod for 3 categories – Player of the Year (based on rankings), Fans’ Favourite (online poll) and the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award (selected by fellow players).


I remember hearing a story years ago about James Blake receiving only one “get well” card during his spinal injury. It was from Roger.

It’s hardly a surprise then, that Fed’s 6th consecutive Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award is a record. But oh – never mind the judgement of his peers.


Full results:

Doubles Team of the Year (rankings selected): Bob and Mike Bryan (5th win in 7 years)
Most Improved Player of the Year: John Isner
Newcomer of the Year: Horacio Zeballos
Comeback Player of the Year: Marco Chuidinelli
Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year (ATP selected): MalVai Washington
Masters 1000 Tournament of the Year: Shanghai
Masters 500 Tournament of the Year: Dubai (5th win in 6 years)
Masters 250 Tournament of the Year: Bastad (8th win in a row)
ATPWorldTour.com Fans’ Doubles Favourite (online voting): Bob and Mike Bryan

In other news, top seeds Elena Dementieva, Flavia Pennetta, Caroline Wozniacki and Svetlana Kuznetsova were all upset in Dubai. In Memphis, there’ll no rematch between Roddick and Verdasco, as Nando was ousted by Jeremy Chardy in straight sets.

I doubt that it was what he had in mind when he entered the tournament, but somehow, I don’t think Nando’s too bummed about having that extra week to prepare for the Davis Cup.

xx doots


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22 responses to “Picket Fence Newsreel: the star to every wandering bark.”

  1. Mia says :

    There is a reason why the players — who are around Fed more often and in closer quarters than the fans and the media are — continue to vote for him as the most fair guy. So take that, haters.

  2. whynotme says :

    I thought Nando had already announced he wouldn’t play Davis Cup due to an injury?? Or at least that’s what I read on welovetennis.fr last week…

    And what the hell about Shanghai being the best Masters 1000 tournament, I thought it was an epic fail with empty stands and all…

    And YAY for David! I can’t wait to be able to watch him play again 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh really? He’s not healthy enough for the Davis Cup, but is for Memphis?

      Perhaps the best tournaments are judged by facilities not by ticket sales. I agree, the entire Asian circuit was a fail last year – no Fed, no attendance. -_-“

  3. FortuneCookie says :

    Yup,he’s such a douchebag,did you know that the only reason he ever wins the Stefan Edberg award is because he threatens to go to the other players’ houses and kill their families if they don’t vote for him? 😛
    Nice to see Marco get the Comeback award too,extremely well deserved,think I read that he climbed 600 ranking places in 2009 or something equally insane!
    And well done Johnny,can’t really dispute any of the winners (apart from Shanghai!),but MalVai
    Washington!?As in the guy who reached the Wimbly final a million years ago!?Gotta be honest,I’ve got no idea what humanitarian work he’s been doing,but am sure it’s well deserved 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL, you’re not alone in your reaction to MaliVai Washington. I think it was 1996, lost to Krajicek in the final after Krajicek ended Sampras’ Wimbledon streak!

      Anyway, here’s some info on MaliVai Washington’s good deeds. You know the ATP should be the one providing this info to avoid the ‘WTFs” from fans.

      From an ESPN feature –

      ….Washington also devotes himself to the MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation, a nonprofit based in Jacksonville’s rough-and-tumble 32209 zip code. Dropouts, teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, drug abuse — this neighborhood has it all. It also has, thanks to the efforts of Washington and his colleagues, a 9,000-square-foot youth center, eight tennis courts and a program that combines tennis and education.

      Over the course of the past decade, Washington estimates more than 20,000 children have been affected by the program. Said Washington, “We use tennis as a platform for their education, their conduct, being responsible.” Thanks to Washington’s efforts, children have had the chance to hit with the likes of Venus Williams, speak with Bill Cosby and attend everything from musical events to football games.

      “A lot of kids will be the first in their family not just to go to college, but also the first to graduate high school,” Washington said. “Think of that: to graduate high school. We’re trying to stop the cycle of what they see in their community — and then they can put their family on a completely different track.”

      And with that, Washington strapped on his backpack. He had a class to attend in 15 minutes. And this time there was absolutely no chance he’d be late.


      • FortuneCookie says :

        Haha,you should just take over the ATP site!Although,that might lead to Federporn on a whole new scale… 😛
        Seriously well-deserved then,sounds like a really good guy! 🙂

    • braggaditis says :

      yeahhh. Go Fed.
      You can show Fed’s ranking to all his haters in one finger (the middle one), no? 🙂

  4. Jack says :

    I also read that Nando wasn’t going to play Davis Cup. And with Rafa, Roger, and probably Stan too, not playing too, Spain vs Switzerland just got a whole less interesting!

    I find it funny how these tournaments like Shanghai and Dubai get voted best tournament, yet they seem incapable of bringing in the crowds. I think Memphis have had bigger crowds this week than Dubai and Shanghai combined! 😀

    And go Annie!!! She also beat De Brito today so she’s in the quarters. I want a Masha-Special K final….probably won’t happen though! 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      Pretty sure Stan said he was going to play in that Swiss interview he gave.

      Dubai and Shanghai may not have the biggest crowds, but they make up for it by having deeper pockets. 😉

  5. robert says :

    It is supposed to be the Sportsmanship Award, not the Friendliness Award.

    There were surely some players in 2009 who displayed better sportsmanship than Federer, who swore on court (and was officially punished for that) and threw racket. I don’t know, Santoro?

    • pban says :

      Yeah way to go Robert you should tell that to ATP and the rest of the players playing on tour,actually they are so dazzled by his hair godliness and his puny left arm like all the loonies posting here that they just give it to him without thinking….. every year for the past 6 years.

      • robert says :

        Oh, they think about it a lot, how could they not, what with all those wishwell cards, greetings to first ever Turkish player, congratulations to first ever ATP title… Godsick is doing a stellar job of keeping track of all that, great PR.

        ATP helps by providing a shortlist each year, with other candidates being Ljubicic, Koubek and Vinciguerra, like last year. Who was listed this time? How many players voted? Not published.

        This “award” has become a joke. Federer clearly did not display the best sportsmanship last year. It should be called Miss Congeniality Award instead.

        • Mia says :

          Whatever gets your goat.

        • pban says :

          Wow robert your rants do come with a lot of research, I certainly don’t read up on someone I obviously dislike so much and please don’t insult your intelligence and argue on the latter part of the sentence.Like mia said to each his own goat and pastime.

        • dootsiez says :

          Awwww poor Robert. It must kill you that Roger has 16 slams and wins everything under the sun, including the respect of his peers.

          Don’t believe it? Got a problem with that?

          Take it to someone who cares.

  6. grace says :

    Congrats to all Fed´s fans, I´m so happy for him, he´s an excellent player and person.

  7. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :

    Anyone know what happenned to Chewy between 202-2008? Can’t believe he was ranked in the 600s.

  8. Warwick360 says :

    Nicole who?……lol.

    That girl has been depressing me for a very very long time. But I still blame Radek Stepanek for it.

    • Warwick360 says :

      oh just fantastic, Vaidisova ended up losing to Kanepi. Honestly I feel that she should contemplate retirement. That girl just seems to have become a big waste of raw talent which now my eyes can barely follow.

  9. lavender says :

    Your site rocks! Don’t know why I didn’t start coming here earlier. Thanks for the pix of Mdme. Wawrinka… very cute but the Federtwins still win. I loved Stefan E and am very happy Roger has won his award SIX times!

  10. inshasoft says :

    Its WonderFul Post, Excellent work, keep it up

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