Federporn Friday: FEDDYYYYYYYYYY!

Last night, I asked the masses on twitter to choose between SmileyFed, Monkey Face, and Federdork for this week’s Federporn Friday.

The results are in, and as any fair and free election would inevitably end up, the moderates seized control.

Smiley Fed it is! As my Kooyong buddy would say, ‘he’s totally squishy.

If you finish this post without a gooey smile on your face, you’re not even human.

Of course, Roger’s fellow players bring out the smiley goofball in him.

What-EVER Shakira, you’ll never have the chemistry of these two.

Underneath their clothes, there’s an endless story…

Although these two certainly know how to work a chemistry too.

Oh McDreamy, wed me on a post-it note.

Ahem. We know Roger. We know.

ADOPT ME. ZOMG I’ll bring my own cot.

And in the true spirit of Federporn Friday, we end with this video. Not so much of Smiley Fed, but more of Loser Fed, who’s exactly the sort of guy who makes a joke and then laughs at it himself.

You know Fed, if you ever decide NOT to wear clothes to a press conference, I really wouldn’t mind.

xx doots



18 responses to “Federporn Friday: FEDDYYYYYYYYYY!”

  1. breadstix says :

    8 minutes into Friday and I’m already all gooey smiles and melty hearts! But yeth, how can you not smile at his smiley-arse face?!

    Totally lol-ing at that video now, he’s such a dork. 🙂 Pahaha, the Tony Roche comments, stuff about the sunscreen, grinning like that and covering his mouth… *MELTYMELTY*

  2. LJ says :

    you just put that last video in for the federdork voters right?

    I can’t wait till feddy becomes this old cantakerous loser dork on tour, I’m goonna have so much fun

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL. Federdork will happen another week. Figured I could throw in a teaser. 😉

    • pban says :

      what do you mean by you can’t wait LJ, I like the smiley dorky Fed very much if you don’t mind. And yay I am human I didn’t last beyond the first picture….I adore his smile it is so sparkly (I don’t think that is a word but it is so apt for Feddy’s smile)

  3. BS says :

    The pics are so cute and the video was adorable and hilarious. He can be quite funny when he wants. The remark about Tony Roche was brilliant.

    It’s unrelated, but has anyone seen this?

    As Federer fans, I think its safe to say that we have competition!

    • breadstix says :

      ROFL X’DDD
      “I once sneaked into the locker room to look at Roger
      “That’s what I always wanted to do! Did you have a key or you just forced the door?”
      — Pahahaha, spoken like a true Federfan. x’D

    • Salma says :

      I am gonna be a party pooper and say that I can speak and undersatnd Arabic, and what the commentator is saying doesn’t correspond to the translation. So I would take the truthfulness of the translations with a pinch of salt.

  4. Lovekosifed says :

    This post is the best day to end the work week. Ahh! Fed, the source of everything gooey and chocolatey that makes me all smiley! How world peace is not possible when all we have to do is look at Rog’s smiley face is a thought to ponder.

    Life is good. Thank God it’s (Federporn) Friday!

  5. Mia says :

    The first video clip … awwww.

    The last one (TMC 2005) brought back memories of that 5-setter against Nalbandian who, unfortunately, has been set back again in his comeback with an injury to his right leg.

    A short story on that 2005 injury: http://www.primary-care.ch/k2/pages/support/view.asp?k2dockey=C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\primarycare\pdf\2005\2005-51\2005-51-712.PDF@primarycare_d&serverSpec=localhost:9920&querytext=&OrigQuery=&QueryParser=Internet_Basic&logTitle=An+accident+and+two+coincidences&dtype=3

  6. Mia says :

    First clip … awww.

    Background in 2nd clip reminds me of that 5-setter against Nalbandian who, unfortunately has been set back again with another injury — to his right leg.

    Found a short story re 2005 injury but WordPress ain’t letting me post.

  7. jfK says :

    Yay Smiley Fed 😀
    I love the one with Papa Robbie, Mirka has the coolest in-laws ever!!!

  8. Amy says :

    This is the greatest post in the history of posts.

  9. elisha says :

    I LOVE Jim Courier and Roger interviews! Jim’s totally got a thing for Roger! lol. And that Rafa/Roger pic!! <333

    I love Federporn Fridays!! Where did you come up with the idea??

  10. Lily says :

    The last video is an entire Federporn, I can’t stop watching it.

    Yeah, where is the Ferderporn (genius) idea from ??

  11. Nilhenwen says :

    Lol, I STARTED with a gooey smile on my face, by the end I was giggling inanely as is my wont =P
    I love Federporn Fridays, and the .gif is gorgeous =D ❤

  12. Alex says :

    Love the 2006 US Open shot. We don’t talk enough about that 2006 season.

    12 titles
    3 slams
    4 Masters & YEC
    #1 for the entire year
    made 16 finals out of 17 events
    won 4 indoor fall events which is like GODLY(very rarely done)

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