Picket Fence Vid: Lucky her breasts were small and humble, so he didn’t confuse them with mountains.

In various ways, Xisca’s bigger woman than me. Shakira and Rafa looked way too hot together.

But Shakira?!


7 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: Lucky her breasts were small and humble, so he didn’t confuse them with mountains.”

  1. Jack says :

    Wonder what made her pick Nadal for this?? He’s not the most comfortable person infront of the camera.

    Maybe she just wanted to get underneath his clothes…..hehe, like what i did there?….no?…ok. 🙂

    Obviously, the romance rumours are false, but if anything was going on, i think Shakira would eat him alive 😀

  2. grace says :

    This is ONLY a video, Shakira is living with her boy friend Antonio de le Rua in Miami.I can´t understand why Nadal has been chosen , as Jack have said he is not comfortable in front of a camera.

  3. jfK says :

    I heard Xisca was there at the shoot. Must’ve been akward to watch. Would’ve been more fun if they did ‘Hips don’t lie’ 😛

    • Liz says :

      I imagine Xisca standing there next to the camera person with her arms folded…maybe that’s why Rafa looks uncomfortable!

  4. elisha says :

    I’m shocked O__O lol. This music video deal is so random! I remember in one of the tournies Shakira met Rafa, but huh… Never thought he’d actually star in one of her videos!

  5. girl from michigan says :

    To throw in my two cents…


    ~ ahem ~

    I think this vid will expose Rafa to a whole bunch of people that (gasp!) no nothing about tennis. If it gets some of them interested enough to google him and then make the jump to the tennis, that would be great.

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