BREAKING: Fed out.

Sorry folks – the Fed has made a surprise withdrawal from Dubai after contracting a lung infection which doctors say will take a fortnight to clear. According to the ATP, he picked up the problem last week after returning from Ethiopia.

His place in the draw will be replaced by Tommy Robredo.

If he makes his recovery in two weeks, he’ll play Indian Wells.



13 responses to “BREAKING: Fed out.”

  1. Isobel says :

    No good deed goes unpunished. Erg.

  2. Aggie says :

    Meh! This is what he gets for having a heart made of gold…



  3. LJ says :


  4. sita says :

    Nooooooooooo !!
    Lung infection sounds so terrible. How could the Karma Gods do this to him ?

  5. Ann says :

    Oh no! That sounds awful. Crossing fingers for a speedy recovery…

    • Warwick360 says :

      I know. Lung infection sounds really awful. I would have preffered to hear “lung illness” instead. Or maybe no illness at all.

  6. Dippy says :

    OMG, lung infection….jeez what happen to good deeds gets good karma. Hope for speedy recovery

  7. Jack says :

    Karma’s a bitch! I suppose we were heading for some bad karma after the AO but not a lung infection!!!

    I hope he recovers in time for Indian Wells and Miami!

    My interest in Dubai has officially gone! 😀

    The only positive I can take from this is that Roger has zero points to defend whilst Djokovic has zero point to gain.

  8. pban says :

    lung infection as a term is very nonspecific it can range from a common cold to pneumonia ….I pray it is nothing serious**fingers crossed**

  9. breadstix says :

    Karma really is a bitch. At least I wont have to frazzle at his Dubai draw anymore, eh?

    Hope he’ll be well in time for IW. I miss seeing his puny left arm and potato nose. 😦 Not to mention the monkeeeeyyy fffaaaaaceeeee…

  10. grace says :

    It´s almost three weeks until he would play in IW. I´m
    confident he´ll be there , but no sure what his fom will be, especially if he didn´t get much practice.What a pity
    he was playing so good…

  11. pban says :

    thank heavens it is not before a slam….so even if it takes some time let him recover fully, the AO gives him a nice cushion to maintain his ranking.

    • jfK says :

      true let’s stay positive. At least it’s not a Grand Slam. Plus, he’s already got a Australian in the bag. Let’s relax.

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