Youzhny vs. Djokovic

The Headclobber is not the kind of player I’d expect to do well in a final. But then again, this is Dubai, a tournament he’s typically played well in.

His opponent is in a bit of unchartered waters himself, as Nole is oh-so-close to defending a title for the first time in his career. If his last 3 matches were anything to go by, he really, really, really wants to screw it up.


Ferrero vs. Ferrer

Wanting Ferrero to win. Picking Ferrer. Simply because logically, it just doesn’t make sense for JCF to be on such a Nadalesque run without losing a match.

Venus vs. Hercog

Err. Whut? Venus is on track to defend her second title in a row. This hasn’t been a bad start to her year by any stretch of the imagination.

Kuala Lumpur

Dementieva v Kleybanova

For every pound that Alisa Kleybanova loses, she takes one step closer to the top echelon of the game. I’m not having a go at her weight, I’m having a go at her physical conditioning. She’ll never be the fastest or the smoothest mover out there, but she can do something about the most exploitable weakness in her game.

That aside, I actually kinda love Kleybs. Her ball-bashing ways are strangely cathartic.

Meanwhile, Elena Dementieva has had 3 weeks off since Jan 1st. That’s taking into account that she crashed out of the Australian Open early.

Can someone knock some sense into that girl?

How can you be expected to “peak” at the slams when you play day in day out, often at the most mundane of tournaments. It’s no surprise she hasn’t managed to win a slam.


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20 responses to “The Frazzle Post: THE HONEYMOON IS OVER.”

  1. breadstix says :

    Trust Benneteau to be on a roll when meeting the Swiss, the guy’s lost like 1 set this week. :/ Shucks… am setting my hopes low pahah.
    Eerm, is it bad that I haven’t really paid much attention to the WTA since AO? :D”

  2. Jack says :

    That is one tough draw for Fed but I’m not really frazzling about it. If it was a Slam or Masters, then I would. But because it’s Dubai, I’m fine with whatever happens.

    However, I do not want him to lose to Benneteau, Djokovic, Murray or Davy. Apart from that, I’m fine with it.! 😀

    Two Questions though: Why is Elena playing this week?? And is that photo real?? (it looks a bit photoshopped!)

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL, by your logic, Fed can lose to Cilic or Bolleli? 😛

      And yes, the photo is real! But I believe it was actually taken in Qatar, not Dubai. Oh well…

  3. BS says :

    Ooh, tough draw 😦 I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s not always going to win all of the smaller titles. Is it incredibly selfish of me to want him to win every single match he plays though? Yeah, thought so. If he doesn’t lose to Muzz, Kolya or Nole I’ll be happy (well, not really) If he wins the whole thing, I’ll be ecstatic!

    That picture is hilarious! How have I not seen that before? 😛

  4. grace says :

    I think Roger is going to win smaller titles this year, and he wants Dubai,he has a tricky draw( as allways) Roger is the clear favourite.Hope the first match is not going to be a nailbiting one.

  5. pban says :

    you know I have reached a zen like state where Roger and smaller tourneys are concerned ,He is going to try out a lot of new stuff so I expect him to make UE in plenty….he is playing after a while so I expect the forehand to be in Shanksville ,an easy first round would have helped but given a choice between AO and all the tournaments upto RG we all know what we would take. That being said if that clown loses to that frenchie again I will think again about that body wax doots suggested a few months back.

    • Alex says :

      Roger is gonna roll the Frenchie 1 & 2.

    • Mia says :

      Same here — I don’t care as much about smaller tourneys now. At least, not as much as I did before. However, it does get my goat if THE GOAT loses to Nadal/Murray/Djokovic/Del Potro.

      And even as am beginning to have fuzzy feelings for Cilic, I still wouldn’t want Roger to lose to him. Can’t give those journos any ammo against him as far as the youngsters are concerned. Notwithstanding his great smile, I still would want that h2h with Gilles Simon.

      Now that would be real difficult, wouldn’t it? ‘Cuz he’s bound to run into these youngsters more and more. Unless the others in his generation get in on the action as well. So, RAndy, Davy, Nalby, Youzhny, Ferrero, Haas, Hewitt et al, do stick around and help keep these youngsters honest.

  6. Lily says :

    I was feeling realy secure for this Master but after your Frazzle Post I’m… frazzling like a poor rabbit.

    Your good, Dootsiez.

  7. Aggie says :

    Just heard the news on Sky. Roger out of Dubai with chest infection??




  8. pban says :

    oh dear lord please don’t let it be a return of the dreaded mono 😦

  9. jfK says :

    😦 I hope it’s nothing serious
    pban do you think so? please no.
    I’m so worried

  10. TennisAce says :

    Do you know what is going to be so funny with Roger and Andy Murray going forward? The fact that if Murray beats Roger at a best of 3 event, people will now look at Murray and say, yeah he can beat him at these events but has never beaten him at a Grand Slam. Therefore that h2h which is so skewed in Murray’s favour becomes very irrelevant LOL

  11. pban says :

    it is 6-5 in MAndy’s favour so it is not exactly skewed and I think it is already irrelevant till MAndy wins a slam (rather if and when he does)

  12. stelle95 says :

    you completley cut out delray with Erno and karlovic i am pretty sure they need some love!! shame

    • elisha says :

      I was watching Ernests play yesterday against Neimenen(sp??) and I thought he played well! He had some “Oh no… imploder-moment coming right on up!” moments but other than that, he played some spectacular shots! I hope he takes tennis more seriously this year. It seems like Gulbis has this attitude for tennis kind of like Safin(so I hope he can be a slam-winner, but I’m definitely realistic and don’t believe it will happen soon, but I hope for it anyway… heh kind of like I hope but don’t really believe Roger will win the calendar slam this year).

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