Picket Fence Newsreel: The one that didn’t go up in Vancouver.

1. The median age on the ATP World Tour is getting older as the WTA gets younger. It seems that 30 is the new 20, or so the good form of Juan Carlos Ferrero would have us believe.

Having hit the big “three-oh” last week, Boss took home back-to-back titles, claiming his erectile dysfunctional trophy with a dramatic 57 64 63 win over Ferrer.

Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of Spanish tennis. The only Spaniard I’ve ever really liked was Rafael Nadal. As a nation – to use some gross generalisations here – Spain has a culture of producing mentally infallible grinders in the same way France produces charismatic nutjobs full of talent but devoid of brains.

But back to Ferrero, who – Rafa aside – is probably one of my favourite Spaniards. Compared to the rest of the red dirt grinders, Juanqui has more aggression and craft in his game. Watching him construct points with a mixture of instinct and strategy has always been a pleasure. It’s the quality that made him a slam champion and former World No 1.

With this win, Ferrero returns to the top 20 after falling outside the top 90 with injuries last year. What an amazing effort.

Watch out, clay season.

“I feel unbelievable after winning two weeks in a row,” said Ferrero.

“It is a great feeling. I think the key to my current success is the physical work I have done. I have been working very hard and I know that I can be on the court forever. That helps my game a lot because I get to the ball much early and can be more aggressive.

“This also helps me mentally. I feel very strong and know that I have more resources now when playing important points.”

2. While it was all about the old dogs in Buenos Aires, the men’s final in Memphis featured a meeting TO DECIDE THE FUTURE OF AMERICAN TENNIS – Isner and Querrey.

Urgh just look at them! All adorable and squigee like plasticine!

As you’d expect from the tallest final in ATP history, the match featured a serve fest from both guys with Isner playing impeccable tennis for the first two sets. Not to be deterred by the rain of aces, Querrey fought back from 2-5 down in the second set tiebreak, with the help of some tension from Isner, and maintained an early break lead in the third to take the title 67(3) 76(5) 63.

Oh John Izzy, you had it easy, but then you got dizzy, and lost in a breezy. 😦

3. If I could choose a minor tennis tournament visit one day, it would be Memphis. As far as I could tell from following the tournament last week – fabulous atmosphere, cozy little venue, sensible trophies and a supportive crowd.

Wish I was there.

4. Corona Extra is the ATP’s new global premier partner. (clickey)

Good job on getting the partnership. It’s not the most family-friendly of labels, though I don’t know that it actually needs to be. Sport and booze, MFEO.

5. Looking ahead to the week –

Will Federer’s withdrawal help Novak Djokovic’s quest to defend a title for the first time in his career?

Will Ferrero continue his streak of Latin American dominance and set himself up as a Tier II favourite for the clay season?

Will Venus maintain her form from Dubai last week to defend yet another title in Acapulco?

Will Elena Dementieva realise she can’t play a tournament every single week of the year and still expect to contend for slams?

Will the lung infection be so overawed by Federer’s fabulous presence that it’ll choke and play too defensively, causing Roger’s illness to come with an asterisk?

Or let’s hope so anyway. More hot chocolate for you Federbear. 😦

xx doots


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7 responses to “Picket Fence Newsreel: The one that didn’t go up in Vancouver.”

  1. pban says :

    oh Feddy as if frazzling when you play isn’t enough do you have to make me sick with worry by falling ill…. miss you get well soon and I promise not to threaten you with a body wax even if you lose 6-2 in the third set.

  2. breadstix says :

    Federpoop’s absense is all too depressing. 😦

    As is JIsner. But he’s all adorable-looking, no? It’s a shame he let that title slip away *sigh*
    Am still not managing to pay much attention to the WTA.

  3. Jack says :

    Can’t we just skip the next two weeks and get to Indian Wells already?!

  4. pban says :

    Where do Nando and Feli lopez fit into dootsie’s spanish scheme,by your logic they should have some long forgotten french ancestor in their family trees, for I simply can’t think of
    any french player being a bigger nutjob than either of this pair especially Nando…..no wonder they gel so well in doubles 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL they’re generalisations, no?

      There’s always an oddball in every country. Nando is as spiritually “French” as Gilles Simon is spiritually “Spanish”. 😉

  5. Shep says :

    Memphis is a wonderful tournament! Even during the Gulbis/Berdych match where it was clear that half the crowd had no idea who those guys were, there were loud cheers and calls of support for both as the match wore on. It’s also so small that no matter where you sit, you have great seats. If only, somehow, Roger could decide that Memphis is the tournament for him!

    • dootsiez says :

      Agreed Shep. I don’t think Roger would ever decide to play Memphis when he’s based in Dubai, but you’re right, given the locals’ enthusiasm for any tennis they get, he’d a hit if he ever turned up!

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