The Infected Lungs Newsreel.

More on this mysterious illness Fed’s fallen victim to. As we know, Roger has been advised not to play for at least a fortnight, but the actual recovery time could take up to 6 weeks. Here’s a round up of media quotes overnight on Fed’s condition.

“There are no guarantees that I will play at Indian Wells — this could be a maximum of six weeks, but if it’s treated properly everything should be fine and I should be back fairly quickly.”

Explaining how he had come down with the infection he added: “Ever since I came back from Australia I’ve been practising really hard but Tuesday was the last time I could practise.

“On Wednesday I couldn’t get up anymore — and the next day I just wasn’t in shape at all.

“I survived all the travelling from Australia to Dubai and into the practise routine again — but as you’ve heard now I can’t play.

“It’s a lung infection — it’s the first time I’ve had it — breathing is difficult — I’m very tired and slow.”

Aww, *sadface* to you too Roger!

Roger ranges from sounding rather serious to optimistic.

‘I’m hoping to be back for Indian Wells. But of course there are no promises. This is something that with proper treatment will be finished,’ said Federer, whose 2008 season was compromised by a case of glandular fever.

‘I’ve been taking it easy, relaxing as much as possible. My breathing is a bit difficult and everything feels a bit slow. I can’t take any chances until I’m fit again. It could be better, it could be worse.’

The somewhat good news amidst the bad.

Federer is due for further medical tests in several week to ascertain his condition. The Swiss said that the illness is much more straightforward than his glandular fever incident.

‘I want to get back in shape and get back on court again. Once I’m back I’ll be OK again.’

A BBC clip of Roger taking some questions from the media regarding the illness. (clickey)

And here’s a clip of Toothface, trying to look sympathetic. (Clickey)

Some thoughts to clear your mind (or you know… add to the whirlpool of confusion)

  1. “Lung infection” is a broad and scary term, because … because … umm lungs are like a vital organ or something. It could be something as common as bronchitis, but given that Roger’s doctors told him to rest for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 6, my non-medical judgement says it’s something more nasty.
  2. Come to think of it, are we really surprised? Within a month, the Fed went from Australia (boiling) to Switzerland (freezing) and then from Switzerland to Ethiopia (dusty, surrounded by children and goats) and then back to Dubai. That’s a lot of flying across many continents on commercial air.
  3. I hope the twins aren’t with him.
  4. Second thoughts, he obviously can’t be that infectious if he’s well enough to go to the Dubai players’ party (clickey).
  5. On a more serious note, we saw the effects of mono on Fed’s movement in 2008. It’s a shame really, that he should get a lung infection now that his movement seems the best it’s been since 2007. Even if Roger recovers in 2 weeks, I wonder how long it’ll take for him to get his movement (and hence the rest of his game) in order.
  6. That aside, just be thankful that this lung infection came now, in a relatively non-consequential part of the season instead of hitting us with the double-whammy of Roland Garros/Wimbledon.
  7. If he doesn’t make it to Indian Wells, I hope he plays Miami and then takes a wild card to Monte Carlo for the extra match play and points.
  8. I’m supposed to sound sombre, but CHECK OUT HIS CUTE-ASS SCHOOLBOY HAIRCUT.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to fetch Federbear out of his cupboard and tuck him in bed with a hot chocolate.

xx doots



21 responses to “The Infected Lungs Newsreel.”

  1. pban says :

    4 weeks minimum doots before the full recovery, but if he is giving interviews it can’t be that serious. I think we can safely say goodbye to indianwells what I am really worried about is the long term effects,if it is just an infection then we can hope he will be fit and fine in a month…lung infection like I said is a pretty nonspecific term.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hmm I dunno. Roger sounds like he’s aiming to recover for Indian Wells.

      He’s had a few days off already, and if he’s walking around attending players’ parties, it’s probably more about recovering his athleticism and movement in the coming weeks.

      I’m optimistic about Indian Wells, although I’m expecting him to basically use the tournament as a practice to get his rhythm back for Miami and the clay season. Don’t mind either way, I just need him back to his AO-level by May.

      • pban says :

        What I meant was he wouldn’t be very .competitive in IW even if he played, I just want him at AO level for RG and Wimby …..the ruthless dispkay in the last 2 matches was so heartwarming 😉

  2. Lily says :

    Yes, the new haircut (totally ken doll in my opinion) is a wonderful new. Roger is perhaps suffuring and coughing but thanks God (of Tennis) he’s still classy.

  3. Jack says :

    I’m not so sure whether he’ll skip Indian Wells and play Miami or play both singles and doubles at Indian Wells.

    The only thing I’m worried about is how this is gonna affect his form. I would hate for him to back to 08 Fed.

    But I am optimistic that won’t happen, as mono is an energy-sapping disease where the after effects can still linger months later. Whereas this lung illness sounds treatable and not as serious.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hmm that is true. But with mono, it was also about how it disrupted his training blocks in Dubai, which helps him to set up for the rest of the season.

      From the sounds of things, Fed started his training this year before the lung infection set in. Sounds okay right now. It could be a complete non-issue in a few months time, or it could be something we’re all lamenting. But either way, it’s completely outside our control.

  4. PJ says :

    My worrying about ranking points and #1 and desire to see Fed regain Indian Wells/Miami aside, I much rather him flat out rest this dumb infection, train slowly and take things at his own pace to ensure total recovery and regain of form.

    The reason (to me at least) why his 2008 was a slump (slump for him, stellar for like, say, Roddick and Hewitt or anyone else not named Roger Federer) was because he didn’t properly rest out the mono 100% before he returned to court. He was probably like 70-80% there, elected to play and whammo, “slump”.

    I tell ya, in the community of Gods, we can be certain that Tennis Gods have offended the Karma Gods. Badly. And Lung Infection Gods.

    And is it just me, or that he sounded a little stuffy in that BBC clip? But stuffiness come from the NOSE not the LUNGS right? Yes I am no doctor. >.<

    Am keeping vigil on the lung infection newsreel for sures.

    • dootsiez says :

      He has a comfortable lead thanks to his AO run right now, so rankings-wise, he’ll be fine, but it does mean that he’ll have to work harder during the clay season.

      Like I said, I hope he takes a wildcard to Monte Carlos if he skips Indian Wells, because it’s a huge break from the AO to Miami. He could do with a bit more tennis frankly. There is such a thing as too much rest.

  5. grace says :

    I saw Roger´s pic with reporters, honestly I was expecting him to look worse than he did. He´s well
    enough to peak to reporters and attend the players party, big difference to have to play tennis at the very top level. Hope he will be in IW.

  6. jfK says :

    You’re right doots, we should be grateful this infection didn’t hit him during RG or Wimb -or even worse during Australia!

    Rest up Fed, lots of Chicken noodle soup. We miss you 😦

  7. Lovekosifed says :

    There goes Simon Reed’s kiss of jinx!! >_<

    Here's to hoping that Roger recovers 100% from the lung infection in time for the clay season. Where/how on earth he contracted that lungs is a huge question mark, but maybe the karma gods will do Mr. My-curls-still-look-gorgeous-in-spite-of-lung-infection a favor and make this recent development a non-slump after all.

    • dootsiez says :

      I actually really believe it was from the trip to Ethiopia. Not so much that he necessarily contracted it there, but that’s a lot of flying across continents, and as far as I know, Fed’s been flying commercial. Anyone would get sick flying so much across extreme temperature conditions.

      • Lovekosifed says :

        I’m thinking along the same line as well. So now that even gods are proven to be susceptible to infections, I recommend vitamin C to go with Lindt chocolates.

        (Fed’s flying commercial is news, though. I thought he always flew on private jets. )

  8. BS says :

    If he doesn’t play in Indian Wells, no big deal. I’m pretty sure #1 is secure until then. Rafa and Murray have more points to defend so the pressure is on them anyway. He shouldn’t rush back to practise, but I think he knows that himself after what happened in 2008. If he is well enough to give a press conference and go to the players party there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be back playing very soon. It is ironic though that just as he really was back to his very best, this happens.

    That new haircut is so cute. I love the way he just alters the hair ever so slightly every so often. I bet Mirka has something to do with it 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      It’s the Simon Reed jinx.


      • Lovekosifed says :

        someone please nick Simon Reed’s computer before he writes anything favorable about Roger. God forbid he writes anything nice about the curls 😦

        • BS says :

          It’s too late 😦 Now he’s gone and jinxed Ferrero too- Reed thinks that he can win Roland Garros?! That’s the best worst prediction I have heard from him in a while. I love JCF but I know he’s past it. The only true contenders for RG are Rog, Rafa and Nole. Nole might even be going a bit too far 😉

  9. cecilia says :

    omg~~ Roger!!!
    why why why does something always come up when things are looking good! ok maybe i’m just worrying too much
    Get well soon Roger!

  10. Nilhenwen says :

    There are some shots of this haircut where I love it, and others where I hate it. I have to say I prefer the lucious locks, but the change is nice =)

  11. Colby Steep says :

    glandular fever when not treated properly can really lead into a very bad muscle pain.-

    Most recent article content on our personal blog page

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