MRF/CRF: A solution to the diaper problem…

Just pee on Roger instead.

Photo taken by Chinese tourists in Dubai, who bumped into the Feds sunbathing at their hotel.

You go, Chinese paparazzi!


22 responses to “MRF/CRF: A solution to the diaper problem…”

  1. LJ says :

    omfg…i spy FEDSTUBBLE….that shit almost never happens anymore

    can’t wait until his gillette contract ends and he can unleash a papafed beard.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh LOL! Didn’t even notice that. Too busy starting at the bit where his pants got too tight.

      • LJ says :

        LOLs, obviously i’m way more innocent than you are.

        remind me to book a holiday in dubai, and then go sunbathing in that same hotel.

        Although i may have to exchange my beast of a camera for my point & shoot. So i can take random pictures of “scenery”

      • Mia says :

        Commando or no, that is one hot daddy.

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Dubai looks kind of cold!Weird…
    Yay to the Fedstubble,honestly I so wish he didn’t have the Gilette endorsement so we could see it more 😛
    And also,perhaps the one good thing about the Tiger Woods scandal is that those god awful adverts with him,Woods and Henry (although I think Henry’s only on in Europe?)haven’t been
    on TV in *months*!Sorry Rog,but surely no one actually likes those ads!?
    Point 3,Mirka looks pretty pissed off at those people taking pics,and I can’t say I’d blame her,they’re *really* close…As nice as it is too see the adorableness of a Federtwin I think that’s pretty inappropriate of them,if you’re gonna take a pic do it from further away!In my warped logic that’s not as bad lol!

    • dootsiez says :

      Actually I thought she was waving goodbye to the woman in the red cap.

      Although … I get your logic. In fact, I plan to use it someday. 😉

      • FortuneCookie says :

        Hmm yeah,I was trying to work out if it was a wave or not,her facial expresssion kinda made me think it wasn’t…
        And yes,this is the plan of action for when you go to Switzerland in July,you have to be sneaky over there ! 😉

  3. FortuneCookie says :

    Forgot the last thing ha…
    What’s the need for a hotel stay when they own an apartment there?Also,you seen the Dubai player party pics up on GTT?Roger looks totally cute 😉

  4. breadstix says :

    😮 Fedstubble! Now that’s something we don’t see very often, I wish he’d have lifted his head up!
    Oh lordy, how this makes me want to become a full time Federstalker… travelling around the world, a-stalkin’…

  5. Jack says :

    Where do you find all these pics doots??

    Have you formed a secret covert team that follow the Federer camp all around the world?!

    And are you using the guise of “chinese tourist” to cover your tracks?!

    GO ON!!! JUST TRY TO DENY IT!!!! 😀

  6. jfK says :

    Agree with everyone that Roger needs to ditch Gillette and get a classy shampoo endorsement instead. 5 oclock shadow Fed is a hot fed.

  7. sita says :

    Paparazzi strikes again ! (sheesh , i cant stop myself from humming dootsiez’ version of that L Gaga song)

    The mighty babes will soon get T-shirts that say “Stop drooling over my dada” 😀

  8. Paul says :

    I can’t believe you Ausasaurases say diapers!
    Quite dissapointed you don’t use the proper term (nappies).

    Australia has fallen in my estimation and now sits somewhere between Argentina and Finland.

  9. evie says :

    hmmm… Why are they staying at a hotel when they have a beautiful flat there?

  10. evie says :

    Another observation: They are obviously not worried that he is contagious.

  11. BS says :

    Correct me if I’m wrong but is this the first time Mirka has been seen without make-up? Maybe its just because she’s far away but it looks suspicious 😛

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