Federporn Friday: Federdork.

I asked Twitterverse last week to pick a Federporn Friday theme out of 3 options – Smiley Fed, Federdork and Monkey Face. The results came in and – in the spirit of Vancouver – Federdork took the silver medal.

I don’t know how you’d personally explain ‘Federdorkism’, but I see it as a school of thought that worships Roger Federer for being a total loser.

In the most lol-worthy way of course. Enjoy!

I think we can safely say that Severin Luthi is so much more than a coach.

He is also a zombie.

Hangin’ out with the boys.

More so than his slam records, Federer’s reputation as Hair God should come with an asterisk.

Say NO to man-bangs. Just… no.

You had hoped, secretly, that these would never see the light of day. But there is no chance of that. Not with Dootsie running Federporn Fridays. None at all.

There was a time, back in the day, when he thought he could be the next Lleyton Hewitt.

For a while, he flirted with the idea of “going Rafa” on us.

He even considered doing a “Boris Becker”.

But Federdork will always be Federdork. The guy who binges on pizza once a year under the guise of “treating the ball kids”.

The guy who didn’t have a tux for the Wimbledon Champions Ball, so he wore the same thing as his coach … and took the same date.

The guy who once had a rad bromance …

… and turned it into a classic rom-com for the ages.

Really. How can you take a guy who pretended that Stan Wawrinka was an open campfire seriously?

Especially when Mr Gigglesfits can’t even take himself seriously.

So my lovelies, what are your favourite examples of Federdorkism? Do share! We like communists.

xx doots


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20 responses to “Federporn Friday: Federdork.”

  1. Ribbons says :

    The skunk scarf ineptly tucked into the v-neck … oh, _Roger_. *wheezes and spasms of horrified laughter*

  2. LJ says :

    my fave is mirka looking totally hawt and confuzzled in a sort of “OMFG, what did I get myself into” between lungdren and rog in matching tuxedos…brilliant

    and I have a fedorktastic present from AO2010:

  3. Warwick360 says :

    Thank god Federer hasn’t been doing that hewitt sign in a long time. one of the few reasons i am not a fan of Hewitt from few years ago and tipsarevic.

  4. Amy says :

    uncontrollable laughter Fed is my favourite dorkism ❤

  5. elf princess says :

    Oh my goodness! Mirka! Absolutely stunning!

  6. Lily says :

    I’m totaly terrorized. How is it possible to be so awful ? A bang, really ? A “samourai haircup”, really ?? A white suit and hair in the wind, really ???

    I’m turning rafanatic right now.

  7. Sharon says :

    Doots, how could you forget Blond Federdork?!?! Or do we forgive Roger coz he was to young to know any better?

  8. girl from michigan says :

    USO ’09 practice session, aka “Dork on the Court”


    USO ’09 presser dorkness

  9. breadstix says :

    Yeah, where is blonde Feddypoop? In any case, this just shows what an utter adorkable dork he is. Laughing so. hard. hah. xD Like a good, dysfunctional Federfan, I’ve seen most of these pics but seeing them all together is just too much. Oooohahahah. x’DD

    Paha, the watermark on the photo of him at the Wimby Champions ball makes it look like Fed’s got a black eye. xD And omg, is that Mirka?! Really??!

    ‘He even considered doing a “Boris Becker”.’
    *claws at eyes*

  10. Dippy says :

    Doots, Blondie Fedpappy – that would be my pick for top winner of Feddork. Man bangs takes 2nd place, heaven forbids if he shows up with man bangs every again. I will personally fly where ever he is and shave his bangs off!!

  11. FortuneCookie says :

    So,those two pics after the Davis Cup croak vid.any way I can have my memory of those erased Eternal Sunshine style?!?!?!
    Those man-bangs,OH.SWEET.JESUS. WTF?!
    And as for that long-haired dude in the white suit,he needs to go back to the Duran Duran video he quite clearly appeared from…
    Thank fuck that he got hot! 😛

    I have another contribution to this Federdork Friday,which I never EVER fail to LOL at when I watch it!

    • jfK says :

      lol, at McEnroe., “you don’t see Roger whiff too many balls.”

      All photos are adorkable. But my fave is Roger giving kisses.

  12. TGIF says :

    I don’t know how to copy videos, but the above interactions btwn Agassi and Fed are priceless; esp. from 4:30 on; Fed w/ his classic dorky giggles . . .

  13. BS says :

    “Say NO to man bangs. Just…no.”
    Say no to that cardigan too. Really. It should be destroyed. That pose when his hair is blowing in the wind had me laughing uncontrollably. I’ve always thought that he is especially dorky when he laughs. The joke he made when he was making his speech in the AO ceremony this year is the perfect example of why I can’t take him seriously sometimes.

    Well done doots. 😀


  14. judy says :

    do i spy fabio in the white suit?

    totally forgot about the ultimate federdork moment with stan. i’m still perplexed by this campfire/hot hand celebration. i know the explanation and yet it still puzzles me. it was great to see the joy, esp in that tough year!

    cnn vid is one of my all time fav fed vids. classic and more adorable than federdorky. great job!

  15. Tournament Junkie says :

    Absolutely fantastic. So much fun. Yeah, the man bangs, not so good.

  16. sita says :

    ultimate federdorkness around 0:10
    (they are watching themselves on TV)

  17. Lovekosifed says :

    Roger getting Federdorky with a kid http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j258/whenthesongbirdsings/Fed/5494_126405949715_710114715_2566749.jpg

    Kid: Nnnnoooo! I don’t wanna be dorky like youuu!
    Roger: Stop squealing and smile for the camera. Teee heee heee!

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