Picspam: Gee. Elle. Aye. Em. Oh. Are. Oh-you-ess-yeah.

Oh Tennis World, I’ve missed so much while I was away fretting about my evidence law exam last week.

Who is this pocket dynamite and what have you done with Zheng Jie?

It’s amazing what a little eye-liner can do, eh? She looks gorgeous.

Talking about gorgeousness … ladies, don’t you wish you had legs that extend for all eternity?

‘Cause if I had those legs, I’d bake cookies in silver high heels too.


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2 responses to “Picspam: Gee. Elle. Aye. Em. Oh. Are. Oh-you-ess-yeah.”

  1. Warwick360 says :

    lol @ cooking in silver high heels…..I wouldn’t be surprised if Masha arrived on a tennis court wearing those high heels….and started playing in them….

  2. jfk says :

    Shaz is so awesome she bakes cookies in high heels. love her.

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