The Infected Lungs Newsreel

Quick updates on the all important lungs:

  • Roger is still taking medication but has started training again.
  • He didn’t pick up the infection in Ethiopia, but in Basel.
  • He flew to Zurich yesterday and plans to head to Indian Wells next week. But this is still contingent on the doctors giving him the green light.
  • It wasn’t enough that he went and got his own lungs infected, he’s decided to share it with Mirka too. How generous of him.

(Yes, I know those aren’t his lungs. And yes, I’d like nothing more than to swap places with that medic. Why do you ask?)

Zurich – Roger Federer’s recovery from a lung infection has progressed enough for the Swiss to start planning to travel next weekend to California with plans to return to tennis for the Indian Wells Masters.

An ATP official in close contact with the world number one said Sunday that the Swiss, while still taking medication for the infection he appears to have picked up several weeks ago during training at his base in Dubai, also says his condition is improving.

Federer, wife Mirka, the couple’s twin seven-month-old girls and Federer’s sister Diana, flew from Dubai to Zurich early Sunday on a flight delayed three hours until 5am by the storm which swept through the emirate on Saturday evening.

The world number one has indicated that after a week at home near Zurich, he plans to fly to Palm Springs for the March 10 start of the Masters 1000 also featuring a women’s WTA field.

But the trip will be contingent on a clean bill of health from doctors monitoring his infection, which also affected his wife this week.

The Federers were escorted into the first class section of the Swiss International Airbus from an airport lounge in Dubai in the early morning hours and upon arrival in Zurich were taken away in a vehicle on the tarmac next to the jet which brought them home the Gulf.

Source: Independent Online

Flying commercial heh? Dubai to Zurich heh? Swiss International Airbus heh?

*makes elaborate plans*



8 responses to “The Infected Lungs Newsreel”

  1. pban says :

    If he is fit enough to travel I’m good, I read about Mirka getting infected hopefully the babies are OK. Really really thankful it was not something exotic that he picked up in Ethiopia since those things you pick up while travelling can turn nasty ,they are difficult to diagnose and what’s worse is that they do not respond to routine medications.

  2. grace says :

    Nice to hear,because I was reading that Roddick was
    going to replace him at the Hit for Haiti event.Hope he
    makes a fast and completely recovery.

  3. judy says :

    i love rog’s perturbed face in that pic. i remember watching him in that match vs murray. it was pretty epic and at one point rog sat in the back in a linesperson’s chair. had never seen him get treatment before or being so tired (except for mono ’08). hope he is going to be well enough for IW! miss him!

  4. Alex says :

    Roger is such a kad passing on his lung infections to everyone.

  5. jfk says :

    Poor Mirka 😦
    I’d like for him to play IW, but should our expectations be high since with the infection he didn’t have a normal training block? Hope everything is okay.

  6. Nilhenwen says :

    Aw poor Mirka! Lol. I hope the twins don’y get it =S
    And not flying NetJets this time? Interesting =p

  7. BS says :

    Naughty Roger for passing it onto Mirka 😛 Hope Myla and Charlene don’t get it! At this stage I think its likely that he will play IW, I don’t think that they would have issued a statement about him potentially being there if it wasn’t pretty likely that he will play.

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