Picket Fence Newsreel: Interlude.

1. Excuse the irregular blogging for the next few weeks. As some of you might know from twitter, I’ve just moved house with 6 years of my life packed away in paper boxes.

We have no internet, no phone line and no TV, just very large beds. The telco said it values our concern and will get back to us … in 3 weeks.

Needless to say, I’ll be living off cafe wireless for the next few weeks.



2. The BJK Cup turned out to feature less “cashcow tennis” than I was expecting. Venus accomplished the Kimpossible in a closely-contested  match, winning 6-4 3-6 7-5.

She’ll be taking a well-deserved rest after storming the post-AO circuit with titles in Dubai, Acapulco and an exhibition in NYC.

Keep that in mind the next time you’re tempted to doubt her commitment to tennis.



3. I’m digging Fila’s new spring collection, debuted by Kimmy and Sveta over the weekend. It’s clean, youthful and appropriately “tennissy”. Nice to see that Fila has finally signed Kuznetsova too.



4. Miss Muffin announced a few weeks ago that she’s now working with Heinz Gunthardt, Steffi Graf’s former coach.

Within a space of a year, Ana has dabbled with 4 high-profile coaches: Kardon, Gunthdardt, Sven and Cahill (as a part of the adidas player development program). Meanwhile, her rankings have continued to head south and will quite likely plummet after her Indian Wells points come off.

To say the least, coaching was the least of her problems.

On the other hand, if Ana’s anything like Andy Roddick, a new coach will do wonders in putting some energy and personal security back into her game.

Although, if she is like Roddick, those things will wear off along with the novelty within a year.



5. The ticker on tennis.com reported from “reliable sources” today that Roger Federer will be withdrawing from Indian Wells.

Just hours later, ‘Rog Fed’ announced on Facebook that he’s been cleared by his doctor to play.

In this dark and sinister world, WHO CAN WE STILL TRUST, IF NOT TENNIS-DOT-COM?



6. Juan Carlos Ferrero – my favourite Spaniard not named Rafael Nadal – has risen to No 14 this week, with almost nothing to defend until Wimbledon.

Consider this: the Mosquito back in the top 10.

Must be a weak era, right?



7. Dina’s out of Indian Wells. Next.



8. Douglas Perry, from the Oregonian, has outed himself as a Fedophile (clickey). On a scale of one to cool, he’s grool.



9. Our thoughts are with the Chilean players this week, as their country was devastated by a massive earthquake over the weekend. Gonzo posted this on his website earlier:

Hello friends:

I was watching TV and I found out about the earthquake. I’m so sad for the victims and families. I’m at Mexico City. This night I’ll fly to Lima to try to get a new flight to Santiago.

Thank God I could talk with my family after the earthquake. I watched TV all the time and I’m so sad with the news. It’s tough I can’t be in Chile. I’m praying. I would like to help with the reconstruction of my country.

I hope to see them again as soon as possible.

A big hug for everyone and Fuerza Chile!



10. A belated happy birthday to JJ, who turned 24 last Sunday.

She celebrated with a pink cake against the mountainous backdrop of Monterrey, where she lost 2 days later to Sevastova. Not to be confused with Shvedova.

Oh JJ, I wish I knew how to quit you.

Here’s to more body glitter then.

xx doots

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12 responses to “Picket Fence Newsreel: Interlude.”

  1. Pakistan News says :

    It is really very sad for the victims and families. one cant sleep properly after watching the videos of incident. .

    May God save all, and it is the responsibility of the all huminity to help them and shre their probles.

  2. grace says :

    Lady Gaga and Roger can´t be compared.
    Perry Douglas: This isn´t a good comparison.

  3. pban says :

    Now we have journos finding fault with how he looks after winning another slam ….sheesh get a life guys or better visit the local shrink.

  4. sharon says :

    My thoughts and best wishes to Fena and all of Chile, thanks Doots for posting his message here and while he was waiting for that flight he spoke to CNN and he mentioned that Roger had texted him that morning.

  5. xLienx says :

    I don’t like Kim’s new Fila outfit (I don’t like the colors and to me Kim doesn’t look good in it) but most of the time I don’t like Kim’s outfits (or Fila’s outfits in general), except a dress she wore a couple of years ago at Eastbourne and Wimbledon.

    And who knows, maybe Juan Carlos Ferrero can win Roland Garros! Ha! 🙂 (if it’s not Roger of course)

  6. girl from michigan says :

    If Fed doesn’t show up for IW, that’s it. We’re through. I’m scratching him off my Christmas list. And I mean it this time.

  7. Jack says :

    It so sad whats happened in Chile. I wonder whether they’ll do a fundraiser for Chile, like they did for Haiti. I know there are time constraints and everything but it would be nice if they did something for them.

    I am glad though that they’ve postponed the Chile/Israel DC tie. It was the appropriate thing to do. Plus its a nice gesture to have a minute silence at all the DC ties this week.

  8. Dippy says :

    Screw u tennis.com, you gave me heart attacked and nearly made me swear at PappyFed for being too busy with babysitting job.

  9. Jack says :

    Why do they call him Mosquito?? I’m struggling to find the connection between JC and a blood-sucking insect! 🙂

    I’m still not sure whether Fed is gonna play IW but I tend to believe Roger more than Pete Bodo’s “reliable” source.

    Also, doots, you’re being too kind as Jelly actually turned 25 last Sunday……oh, and if your wondering, according to wikipedia, Jelly is apparently her nickname over here in the U.K. 😀

  10. Warwick360 says :

    ?_?….wasn’t kuznestsova a part of the fila team since a long time ago?……o_0

  11. Chairman, Federer Puny Left Arm Society says :

    wasn’t kuznestsova a part of the fila team since a long time ago?

    Chairman thinks she paid for her clothes before, now Fila pays her to wear them. She has always worn Fila.

    • dootsiez says :

      Chairman is right. Roland Garros last year, Kuzzy was still wearing their stuff for free. Not unlike Davydenko and Prince.

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