Monday Musings: Back in Action.

1. Hello there my lovelies! How are you?! I’ve missed you all! Being without the internet over the weekend had me begging for news and cyber-interaction.

Yes I’m a socially-dysfunctional Gen-Y. What else is new?



2. So how about that Johnny boy?

The US may have lost in first round in the Davis Cup for the first time since 2005, but they had a huge positive to take away from the weekend – John Isner.

For a Davis Cup noob, the level of leadership, maturity and heart Izzy showed in his 3 matches against Serbia was astounding, fighting off five match points against Djoko in a four-hour, 75 36 63 67(6) 64 loss.

It’s the first time I’ve liked the game of a big server, but make no mistake, Izzy’s more than a serve, even if the serve does overshadow everything else. And what he lacks in game he makes up for with nervous tissue between his ears and a muscular blob beating in his chest.

Chin up mate.



4. It was to be expected. Spain defeated Switzerland to advance to the quarterfinals in a tie that promised so much, yet delivered so little.

It’s a truism of the Davis Cup: team effort > one man show. Always. Stan was never going to come through on his own, and the Spanish DC team showed him exactly what they thought of the Swiss.



4. The Tennis Australia drama may be the only thing playing out in the news about Australian tennis at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped our Davis Cup team from sweeping Chinese Taipei, sans Hewitt.

Australia will play Japan next, possibly in Brisbane. Should we win, we’ll have an opportunity to play for a spot in the World Group.

And you know who’ll be playing to stay in the World Group?

A certain politically neutral European republic with a fine tradition of chocolate swirls. Keep your fingers glued cross folks.



5. Mentioning Australian tennis, word is that Lleyton Hewitt will be back to compete in Houston in a few of weeks. Sounds like rehab’s going well.



6. While Australian tennis celebrated its menial victories, for our friends in the UK, things went from bad to worse and worse to holy-shit-people-play-tennis-in-Lithuania?!

So … you don’t wanna talk about it? No? Okay.



7. In other news, David Nalbandian is trim, smiling and a Davis Cup hero once more.

Normalcy in my tennis universe just shattered into James Frey.



8. Bodo or Dodo? You decide.

Pete Bodo’s “reliable sources” proved themselves to be about as reliable as US Intelligence on Iraqi WMDs. reported last week that Federer was set to withdraw from Indian Wells, so fancy our non-surprise when Roger released visual proof that he and his puny left arm have arrived on site, all ready to dazzle.

And in case you’re wondering who the photographer was – nice to see good ol’ Pierre Paganini with Roger. God knows he’ll need some physical training.

So I guess it’s black/red for Indian Wells?



9. Gossip queens and courtly mistresses: save up all your latte money. Brooke Shields is set to tell her side of the story about her marriage to Andre Agassi.

Shields hope to address a moment in Andre’s autobiography documenting the ‘hand incident‘, when Brooke licked Matt Le Blanc’s hand in a scene, causing Agassi to drive home and smash all his tennis trophies.

“Does he mention I spent the next three years replicating those trophies? He doesn’t say that, does he? Of course not. That’ll be in my book!”

Heh. Of course it’ll be.

xx doots

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10 responses to “Monday Musings: Back in Action.”

  1. Mia says :

    Oh, my … so those are no longer Andre’s true trophies? There are all shades to Open, then. Salivating for Brooke’s side of the story.

  2. sharon says :

    I wonder if the logo was in the pic by chance??? :-))
    Roger are you mocking bodo the dodo?

  3. sharon says :

    Oh yeah and that pic of Djoker looks like he desperately needs to have a shit!

  4. FortuneCookie says :

    No.6?Not really 😛
    It’s just better to laugh at it than be frustrated at this point,otherwise the fact that (on the ‘men’s side at least) we don’t have a single top LTA trained player is mighty depressing!I haven’t forgotten Muzz ha,he came through pretty independently,and went to a Spanish academy…
    I’d normally say that John Lloyd has to be sacked,but who the fuck would want that job?!

  5. Warwick360 says :

    Wooooohhoooooooo…..5 just for coming back with a new article.

    I can’t wait to see what is yet to unfold in the battle of the EXs…that ought to teach agassi for not including every single detail in the book…..:P….surely officials at ATP might be the first in line to buy
    Brook Shield’s auto….

    PS: I am still wondering where all those funds for the British Tennis ends up going to. With that amout of Budget, there should have atleast been more than 5 top 50 British players.

  6. TennisAce says :

    I hope that Roger annihilates everyone of the Spanish Armada when he gets them on neutral soil away from Spain. Ugh

  7. Jack says :

    It’s fun to be british!!! 😀

    We just don’t have that fire and passion that all the other countries display! I’ve always said we can sometimes be too british. I do however think the british women are doing good, its just the men who are shit!

    I don’t blame John Llloyd, after all he can only work with what he’s given. I blame the LTA!!. I mean, the Lithuanian have a yearly budget of £90,000 – we spend that in a day. That fact alone tells you something is wrong.

    Anway, if we lose to Turkey, then I’m turning Swiss! 😀

  8. judy says :

    totally agree with the props to big john! i’ve always liked him and he’s improving all the time. showed so much heart and fight and saved many match points. i can only see good things for him in the future.

    yay, rog is back!

  9. jfK says :

    I have to admit, John Isner entered my blacklist when he beat Andy at the US Open last year. But after I saw him fighting to 5 sets despite being fatigued, he really impressed me. Kudos to Team USA!

  10. elisha says :

    I was impressed with John Isner the way I was impressed when he beat ARod last year at USO. Even more so because it was on clay, a surface Novak is no cupcake in. He was brilliant during the doubles match with Bob as well!!

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