The Frazzle Post: Indian Wells

Ljubicic is in the Indian Wells final. Good for Papa Ivan, but golly-gee, I hate Indian Wells.


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36 responses to “The Frazzle Post: Indian Wells”

  1. Mia says :

    Agree on the bulleted prognostications. Great make-up on Kuzzy and Vera has beautiful eyes.

  2. jfK says :

    Go, Shazzy, Go!
    Vera and Ivanovic could meet in the 3rd round after playing in the finals last year…WTF?

    • dootsiez says :

      they’ve both slipped majorly down the rankings. Ivanovic might fall out of the top 40 altogether if she’s not careful here.

  3. Jack says :

    I like Maria’s draw. Hopefully she can get to at least the semis! Or even win it!

  4. Rosie says :

    Surely the mens draw comes out today – the ninth

    dosen’t it?

    • elisha says :

      OMG, just saw the draw. Roger’s draw looks… difficult. Not that Djoko’s draw looks much easier, but Roger’s stuck with both the Andy’s and Bagdhatis. Andreev is there as well.

      • dootsiez says :

        Andreev’s in Muzz’s quarter, so Mandy will prob end up finishing him off.

        I actually think Djoko’s draw is quite a breeze until/unless he gets to Cilic in the quarters. Hoping Marin still has plenty left in the tank after his AO run.

  5. Jack says :

    Those mens pics are hilarious!! 😀

    That pic of Murray is probably taken just after he learnt to count to ten! I didn’t even recognize Sod – does he even have hair now?? :). Recognised Rafa by the nose, Kohly looks simple and that looks like a photoshoot Fed would actually do 😀

    But Nando wiith blonde hair…..NOOO!!! Djokovic is worse though, with the wierd zoolander pose.

    Anyway, onto the more important issue – Fed’s draw. I don’t think its that bad, at the moment I just want him to get to at least the semis. It is funny though how Roddick has drawn Fed in his quarter for the last three years!

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh really? I thought Roddick drew Fed in Miami last year and the year before? Seem to remember Fed playing Nando in the quarters at IW last year.

      Fed’s draw’s okay. I’m a little iffy about Baghdatis, but if that’s the worst thing in his eighth then it’s not the end of the world. Nalbandian’s in Roddick’s eighth, but chances are someone like Melzer or Tipsy will pull an upset.

      We’ve grown less frazzled over Murray these days. I don’t want Fed to lose to him again though, I’d rather see the H2H equal at 6-all than 7-5.

      • Jack says :

        Yeah, your right! He did play Nando last year. Got Indian Wells and Miami mixed up.

        Regarding Murray, I think as I don’t hate Murray as much anymore, he’s less on my radar at the moment. Or we may just be really cocky that Fed has beaten him the last three times they played! 😀

        I do however think Murray at the moment isn’t as much as a threat to Fed. I only say this as I think the AO final has had a physcological effect on Murray( bit like Roddick at Wimby last year). I think its still playing on his mind and so if he were to play Fed, maybe he would be nervous and a bit unsure in his game??

        • dootsiez says :

          Or he could be extra motivated to stop the rot and start winning against Fed again. Who knows? It works either ways.

          Not expecting too much from Roger this tournament, it’s important just to get a few matches under his belt and hopefully put in a big effort come Miami and clay season.

  6. pban says :

    Call it my perverted sense of frazzle but Iam OK with Feddy and the 2 Andys I know a loss to them is around the corner and I would rather have it here than in slams. Besides I have zero expectations at IW, while I want him to win everything I know it is an unrealistic dream. I just want him to overtake Pete. By the way is Baggy his first round match up?

  7. Mia says :

    I am thinking that Nalby will bulldoze his way through his quarter and face Roger, Baggy willing. Scary prospect – Nalby always gives me me a scare when he goes up vs. TMF – but I would look forward to it for sheer tennis pleasure.

  8. jfK says :

    Time to get our frazzles back! I really love Federer as Mr.Darcy
    Ps. Fed pictures practicing at IW (From Zahed on

  9. pban says :

    Call me perverse or plain crazy but Iam OK with Feddy going down to the 2 Andys ,a loss to either is waiting to happen(law of averages)and Iwould rather it happened here than in slams as was the case with Davy .Besides I have zero expectations from IW ,he will be rusty ,movement will be sluggish and the forehand will still be in Melbourne….I just want to see him play so badly that Iam good with whatever he gets.By the way is Baggy his first round opponent? ….if so then I am worried, Iwant Pete’s record you see.

  10. pban says :

    sorry for a repeat post Ithought the previous one got deleted.

  11. BS says :

    You had a lot of fun with these photos I’m guessing?! 🙂 I don’t think Fed’s half is as challenging as some people are making out, but I’m taking note of Nalbandian, it’s when he’s least likely to play well that he actually does play well. I think MAndy is a threat aswell, but I really hope he loses before the quarters. Roddick, not so much. He hasn’t been the same since Wimbledon. If Rafa and Fed were in the same half I would be far more worried than I am so it could have been a lot worse.

    Also btw, it’s almost a year ago since we found out that Mirka was pregnant. This year has gone SO fast!!

    • dootsiez says :

      No kidding. What a year it’s been!

      My main worries are Baghdatis and Mandy. I never know what to expect from Baghdatis, he’s a little like Tsonga sometimes in that when he gets the momentum, he’s hard to stop. But mostly, he can be quite ordinary too. Not the most predictable player out there.

      As for Mandy, I’ll worry about it if we ever get there.

  12. Mia says :

    Wheee, Doug Perry wrote about your blog, Doots:

    He’s seemingly fascinated with the fascination for Federporn, nyahaha.

    • jfK says :

      That’s awesome. He loved the Fedordork post! Yay! You’re famous, doots 😀 😛

    • flo says :

      Actually, if you read his post, he’s really saying that doots is painting a picture of Federer that is more appealing to the non-country club fans than the stodgy image that say Nike would come up with. So doots, you’re some kind of spin doctor except instead of politics it’s tennis PR/fandom.

  13. Forehand Shanker says :

    Add me as a FedKad. I’d like to see Fed v. Rafa again.

  14. perispomenon says :

    “The men’s draw is out. Let us frazzle.”

    I was wondering about that word ‘frazzle’. I didn’t know it. So I looked it up. I am that way. And uh.. now i think, shouldn’t we “BE” frazzled?

    Or else, who are we frazzling?

    Or else just ignore me, language freak that I am.

    • dootsiez says :

      1. To wear away along the edges; fray.
      2. To exhaust physically or emotionally.

      I think that’s okay no?

      And don’t worry perispomenon, you wouldn’t be the only language freak here.

  15. Jack says :

    Hopefully the masha match would have finished before the hit for haiti.

    Am I the only one who finds it strange that some matches may be going on whilst the Hit for Haiti is happening?? I mean, will anyone be watching those matches??

  16. FortuneCookie says :

    Am watching the Hit for Haiti highlights right now,and fucking hell that got uncomfortable…
    Seriously,both were being pretty ridiculous,if we were in the playground you’d say Andre started it,but COME.ON.DUDES.You’re nearly 40,grow up!
    You could tell how awkward Rog and Rafa felt,’man,this rivalry’s intense,Rafa,do something!’
    Lolz Roger,speaking of whom,good lord he’s looking good!! 😛 The hair,the non-blue clothes,LOVE!

    • flo says :

      It’s like chinese people say, those guys are almost 100 summed together and it’s still as you said. Why don’t they just have a pissing contest right then and there and get it over with? Andre should know Pete can’t take that joke. And Pete should remember he’s a wealthy man whatever his tipping MO is.

      Middle age crises? Before the jibes get vicious and malicious; stop the lipping. with a juicy red delicious! I miss Bret and Jemaine.

  17. breadstix says :

    ‘Izzy v Querrey to face off in a Memphis final rematch. Knickers tossing from Dootsie.’
    Let me join in the knicker-tossing, it’s a pity they’re on last. 😦 Good job Nole and Rafa are first and second on stadium 1, I can catch ’em both under the pretense of writing my coursework and without losing any sleep! Well, here’s to hoping anyway.

    Must catch up on the hit for haiti 2 highlights soonish…

  18. Ribbons says :

    “Berdych v Verdasco with a display of good-looking but sinfully pea-brain tennis.”

    Oh, isn’t that the truth. I’m not sure watching them is going to be worth the amount of teeth enamel I’ll grind up in the process, but when Berd is moving well, oh la la…

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