Picket Fence Vid: Urban Myth.

Oh Gillette, didn’t anyone tell you? It’s an urban myth that Roger Federer sweats.

He sometimes sparkles though.


8 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: Urban Myth.”

  1. Warwick360 says :

    Epic Fail!!!….I know federer can sweat. But sweating like that. Don’t make me laugh Gilette……. 😛

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Haha,he’s probably never sweated like that in his life!
    And,does Tiger Woods not do these ads anymore?!Like,have I missed something!? 😛
    Ha,seems like they’re bringing back the Gilette ads with famous people,ever since Tigergate we’ve just had the ‘regular guy’ ones…

    • dootsiez says :

      For you guys maybe, but we’ve had Michael Clarke in Aus. They’ve just taken Tiger out.

      Although Michael Clark’s got personal problems himself right now …

  3. Jack says :

    Who’s Derek Jeter??

    Is he American?? Because over here in the UK, we usually get Roger, Thierry and Woods in the ads.

    Also, the sweat in that advert is of Andy Roddick proportions! 😀

    • elisha says :

      Derek Jeter is an American professional baseball player for the New York Yankees. He’s actually the only one I like from the Yankees… haha. I’m still a tad bitter that the Yankees beat the Phillies at the World Series last year…!

  4. breadstix says :

    Sweat? I would’ve thought they were showering if you hadn’t mentioned it! ROFL.

  5. jfK says :

    Cute wet Roger. My only complaint not enough! Derek Jeter is American so he gets more airtime. boo.

  6. judy says :

    ha, rog sweat, that’s a good one! every time i see the blx wilson commercial i crack up, because clearly they doused him with a bucket of water because even mono fed did not sweat that much!

    jeter is awesome. yankee fan here! he’s been a solid, long time member and captain of the team.

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