Indian Wells: Crushings and crushes.

1. Ancic’s comeback lasted only two matches before he was crushed by Nadal, 62 62.

Oh Rafa. So mean to Super Mario. 😦

I’ll forgive you though, because you’re wearing those awful ‘grilled steak’ pants and need all the compassion you can get.

Surely Rafa has some input into Nike’s designs for him? If yes, then we need to convert Anna Wintour to Rafaelism, ASAP. If not, the Nadal team needs threaten that unless Nike comes up with better designs, Rafa will play pantless.

I’m sure many of us won’t mind.



2. Talk about crushings, two Aussie women are through to the fourth round of Indian Wells after Sammy brushed past Pavsies, 63 60 in just over an hour. It’ll be a fun one next against a newly coachless Vera Zvonareva, who also sailed past Serbian-killer Ana Sevastova, 62 63.



3. As some players sailed, others suffered crushing defeats. I don’t remember the last time I saw Fernando Verdasco bagelled. He looked listless and miserable as he flubbed his way to a 60 63.

All credit to Birdy, le Beautiful. Sometimes, when he gets on a roll, the only person who can stop him is himself.



4. I missed the match completely: MJMS old-schooled Vika for a 76 62 win.

In related news, she is still my girl-crush. Flavs, who fizzled out in the third set against Shahar Peer, has been demoted.



5. Match of the day between one of the most underrated players of the WTA – Sara Errani and one of the most overrated, Lady Jaja.

It was error-prone and exhausting. The momentum swung like a pendulum in a grandfather clock, yet somehow, it managed to stay entertaining.

JJ remained incapable of putting away a short ball to save her own arse, but the girl managed to run Errani ragged in the end. I’d love to see Sara E do some damage during the clay season.



6. Talk about drama and pendulum swings, Alisa Kleybanova sweat-squeezed Mama Barbie right out of Indian Wells in a see-saw 64 16 76(4) win. Kim led 3-0 in the final set, and 4-0 in the tiebreak before Kleybs rallied back to play the match on her terms.






7. Nikki Vee retires from tennis at the age of 20. She is set to marry Wormy in July. Hands up if you thought she was the real deal at the age of 17?

Don’t be hard on yourselves/me.

Just realised for the first time that Nicole Vaidisova’s younger than me. The fact that she’s about to retire and get married just a year out of her teens both depresses and scares me shitless.

Any bets there’ll be a comeback within 3 years?


xx doots

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22 responses to “Indian Wells: Crushings and crushes.”

  1. Mia says :

    If Vaidisova thinks she has hit rock-bottom, maybe she should think again. Getting hitched because everything else is so “hopeless” is not the answer. Talk about taking a rock and hitting yourself over the head with it.

    And yes, am not ruling out an un-retiring in a few years.

    • dootsiez says :

      The assumption is that Vaidisova is getting married because her career is not working out. But who’s to say that Wormy isn’t “the one” for her. She might be genuinely in love with him. 😉

  2. Warwick360 says :

    Honestly, what the hell is Vaidisova thinking? I used to see her as a potential Grand Slam winner who in my opinion was way better than the like of wozniacki, Azarenka and wickmayer. Now she’s nothing but a big waste of talent. 😦

  3. lauren says :

    Despite Vaidisova’s life being none of my business, I have never been able to shake how intensely angry I feel with this girl. The sheer lameness of chucking your career and independence away for a bloke – any bloke – at 19. Sheesh. Especially after being spoonfed with attention and support for years. IMG-sponsored party for your 18th? Apparently the efforts, money and time of parents, sponsors, fans and coaches, the unlimited opportunity for carving a place for yourself in this world, is worth nothing compared to lurve. As if you can’t do both. Geez, if every woman dropped her career in the bin as soon as she got a boyfriend we’d be back to the 50’s in no time.

    I’m trying not to rant, but I’m not doing a good job. If she’d simply decided to exit tennis I would have had respect for her. But I don’t.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hey Lauren, feel free to rant. I started a blog to do that. 😉

      I know what you mean about Vaidisova quitting, but I’m not sure she quit because of love. There’s nothing wrong with playing tennis and being married.

      I think it’s more a matter of misery for her. Things got tough and she couldn’t handle it. She didn’t *want* to handle it. She didn’t trust her own talent, she didn’t have the strength or the desire to dig herself out of a tough spot. Sometimes I wished there was an Agassi in her.

  4. flo says :

    Second Mia’s thought on this. Seems more of a fallback safety option than anything else. I don’t see this as her sacrificing her career for marriage but that her career was going nowhere fast. At the rate she was losing even challengers the last few years, she can’t have been doing well financially.

  5. TennisAce says :

    I cannot believe that Clijsters lost. I went to bed (doctor’s orders because of my eyes) when the match was in the third set and she was up 3-1. She was running Klebs ragged and I thought oh well, damn Klebs, I love you. You go girl. As to Nikky V, if she had played anyone else in that AO in 2007 other than Serena she would have reached her first Grand Slam final and I know she would have taken out Sharapova, but destiny is a hell of a thing. I have always thought that Vaidisova was way more talented than Sharapova and that she was a better ball striker. To see her gone at the age of 20 is just too depressing for words and to the Worm at that. For god’s sake, what does he give good head or what?

    • dootsiez says :

      Talent can only get you so far. Be it Nikki V or Reeshie, or Coria. *sigh* Mental fortitude, perseverance, work ethics make up the rest of the package.

  6. Jack says :


    I gave up on the girl long ago but I’m a little sad about this news. So much talent gone to waste. I really did think she was gonna be a future slam champion.

    It does say a lot about how much she likes the sport that at the age of 20, she is willing to just give it up rather than really work hard and go back to the drawing board to find a way to get back to the top. Maybe she just loves winning rather than love tennis??

    And I’d bet anything that she won’t make a comeback. She’ll be too busy making little Worm babies!!!!

    Actually, I apologise for putting that image in everyones head 😀

  7. Jack says :

    I like Kim and I think she’s a good player but I fear she may be reverting back to the old Kim. The one who was mentally fragile and a bit of a choker.

    Plus I’m questioning whether she has that fighting quality that the like of Serena and Maria have. I mean, when they are playing crap, they’ll still fight all the way and never give up. With Kim, I’ve never really seen that in her.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hmm I think she’s reverting back to Old Kim too. She just doesn’t have the intensity and energy she did back in September last year. But I’ll save my judgement. Clay season coming up and I’ll be disappointed if Kim doesn’t do any damage there.

  8. breadstix says :

    Vaidisova’s retired?! 😮 Her career’s only just starting and she’s retiring, gosh, why?! She could go about un-retiring in a few years but things wouldn’t be the same. Wth… -_-

    Rafa should roll up wearing a toga, yes he should. Honestly though, fugly fugly shorts. Who are Nike trying to sell to? :/
    And at least Ancic avoided the pastries Rafa so nearly baked for him. Better luck next time Super Mario.

  9. AB says :

    Rafa doesn’t seem to like these shorts either:

    They will be gone in Miami.

  10. Ribbons says :

    Considering how bitter Graf seems to be now — in spite of HER talent and accomplishments — I’m all for NV getting off the circuit if she just doesn’t love tennis enough. Let the wildcards and prize-money-just-for-playing go to someone with the desire and tenacity to value it.

    • dootsiez says :

      I dunno. Graf was driven, had excellent work ethics and was a mental tough cookie. Her bitterness comes more from her controlling dad and all the pressures she felt on tour. But when she was playing, there was nothing wrong with her dedication to the sport. Nikki V on the other hand …

      I’m with you though – if you don’t love it anymore, don’t prolong everyone’s misery. That’s not to admire her for just giving up on a career at the age of 20.

      • Ribbons says :

        Not to admire, no, but neither do I see it as necessarily a waste: lots of 20-year-olds change their minds about what they want out of life. Heck, I was older than NV and fully funded for a PhD program before I realized I wouldn’t actually enjoy being a professor.

  11. SJ says :

    Oh dear, if only Vaidisova had the determination of someone like Serena or Sharapova. Why did she retire, I thought things were going back up after she won her first match in what seems like forever a few weeks back, surely she should dump the worm and give it another go before throwing in the towel since as the worm isn’t exactly doing very well this year, can’t imagine he’s bring in as much money as he did last and he’s in his 30’s, he might retire soon. I don’t think their marriage is going to last long, when it’s over she should try to get into tennis to take her mind over the colossal mistake of marrying Radek “sexy lips” Stepanek.

    I think the women turn pro too early, getting so much success in your teens isn’t for everyone, some when they reach their goal just off the boil, they have achieved what they have wanted to achieve and they aren’t even in their mid twenties yet. There are many players who are really talented- a lot talented than some of the younger players that at the top of the game at the moment but they are so weak mentally and it holds them back.

    I think Ivanovic is heading in the same direction, out of the top 50 now, way out of the top 100 at the end of the year then next year she’ll be gone.

    Poor Mario, at least he won a couple of matches before being humiliated, if was hard to believe when watching that Mario had actually beaten Rafa before. Izzy beat Querrey, I’m so happy, he’s starting to grow on me, maybe he might actually give Rafa a test because if Berdych wins his next match he is certainly going to choke away any opportunity he has take a set off Rafa.

    I’m so over JJ. Demmy, Wicky, Kleys, MJMS, Peer or Vera winning will do me (surely one of the above has to win the title, right?)

    • dootsiez says :

      Who’s to say she doesn’t truly love “Sexy Lips”? Although I can’t see why. She fell in love with a 30 year old at the age of 19. Me thinks she needs that sense of protection.

      I keep thinking girls like Vaidisova and Ivanovic have hit rock bottom, then they surprise me by sinking even lower.

      There’s something wrong with the way “we” develop young female players for sure.

  12. Gracie says :

    Grilled Steak Pants! TOO funny!

  13. raindelaysplay says :

    I’ve been girl-crushing on MJMS too since watching her and and Tommy in the Hopman Cup. I love her old-school serve and volley style… takes me back to the old days of my girl-crush on Gabriela Sabatini, such class, *sigh*.

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