Indian Wells: The Curse of Gwen.

Sorry for the rant folks, I’m writing this about 30 seconds after the tiebreak:

Can we make it a rule that Gwen stay away from Fed matches? And commentators, shut up with the “oh it’s a privilege to watch him play” crap. Somethings are truer unsaid. And please don’t “stick a fork” in anything until match point has been played and won. One guy had 3 of those, converted none. The other only needed 1 to win.

Here I was thinking that Fed had a fabulous opportunity to build on that No 1 lead in his push for the Sampras record, but a combination of a mercurial opponent, the commentator’s jinx and the Curse of Gwen saw him tumble out of Indian Wells, 57 75 76(4).

Along the way, he wasted 3 match points and blew a 4-1 lead in the final set. I hope Myla and Charlene pee on his precious Wimbledon blazer.

The lowdown

it was the best we’ve seen from Baggy since 07, but Roger was a bit hit-and-miss all night: a fabulous forehand followed by a wild shank; TMF one game, Ferd the turd the next.

From the end of the second set and mid-way through the third, his game just fell apart and the only thing keeping him in the match was his serve. Being the momentum-hogger that he is, Baghdatis took full advantage of it and earned his win.

In case you aren’t bitter enough: it was the first time Fed has lost a match after having match points since Rome 2006, back in the days when I still loathed his guts. (Bless his guts, and his lungs). If Baggy loses, or worse – retires mid-match tomorrow, there’ll be no gallbladder big enough for my bile.

But look on the bright side: it’s Baggy. Coulda been worse…? No? No then.

This Aus Open honeymoon is so over.

xx doots


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25 responses to “Indian Wells: The Curse of Gwen.”

  1. G. Platypus says :

    Thanks, Dootsiez. Can always rely on you to pacify my agony.

  2. flo says :

    No expectations. Didn’t think much of his chances. Fed’s advantage/record in best of 3’s has been less than impressive. Still, if his serve was clicking and he still loses then the rest of his game must have been shite.

  3. Mia says :

    Baggy better not fall to Robredo … grrrr.

  4. pban says :

    I agree with flo here, his 3 setter record is shitty at best, didn’t get to see the match but can imagine what happened….well what can one say, all those lovely points he could have retained by just reaching the SF have just disappeared down the drain. Damn stupid chest infection ,wonder how big a setback it will prove to be in the long run 😦

  5. pban says :

    Wait a minute GWEN WAS THERE!!! what is it with that female, can’t she see that she is a disaster waiting to unload on Fed.Please please someone bar her from the slams.

  6. grace says :

    Considering the opponents he met I think he played great after being sidelined with a lung infection.
    If he got guys like Shuttler, Ancic etc…I´m sure it will help him get rythm.

  7. FortuneCookie says :

    Seriously Gwen,STAY.AWAY.Watch it at home or something,we all know you get bored shitless anyways! 😛
    I weirdly predicted this,when I woke up and thought i’d check my Twitter feed I was like,’yeah Fed’s totally going to have lost…’,and um he had,so *thanks* Roger! 😦
    I obvs didn’t see it,but I’m not too worried,it’s clear with this and last match that there’s still a bit of rust after the lung infection,but holding match points then losing?grrrr!

  8. Lovekosifed says :

    Someone please advise Gwen to NOT “grace” Roger’s matches with her presence. This has been happening since Wimbledon ’08!

  9. Paul says :

    Woman don’t worry so much about it. He is coming off a big rest and an illness, he was never going far in this.

    As soon as I saw the draw I thought Baggy would put him out, because he wouldn’t want to make it as far as Roddick or Murray and suffer a loss to them, but you could tell he wasn’t going to win the whole thing.

    I will bet my money on him winning Miami though. Not dissimilar to the Canada/Cinci mess last summer after his long hard French/Wimby double.

  10. raindelaysplay says :

    I felt sorry for Roger after this match (and I like Baggy, so was really happy for his win) – what was up with him today? Not sure I’ve ever seen him mishit things so badly. This tournament sure has shaped up to be a strange one. All bets are off for the final.

  11. Jack says :

    This shit is BANANAS!!!!

    Gwen is a curse! And if you watch her whilst he’s playing, she looks bored out of her mind.

    MORE ANNA WINTOUR! Less Gwen. I mean, Anna was at Feds semi and final at the french open. And he won. And when she had to leave mid way through the US Open final, he lost!!! Thats no coincidence!!! 😀

    Anyway, the only thing that makes me feel ok about this loss is that Australian Open >>>>>>> Indian Wells. Seriously, Indian Wells 2010 is CRAP! Kuzzy, Masha, Kim and Roger go out in the space of 4 days. EVIL DESERT SANDS!!! 😀

    I’m still bitter as this loss though. 3 match points and a 4-1 lead wasted! Mirka should be punishing him! 😉

    Don’t care who wins now!!!…..actually, anyone BUT Djokovic. Fed had 3 match points and lost, whilst Djokovic had 3 match points against him but won!! The Karma Gods are definitely punishing us! 🙂

  12. BS says :

    What can I say. It’s not too much of a setback, he was bound to be rusty after 6 weeks out. It was close, it was a match he could have and should have won and its more disappointing for us than anything else. I think when Miami comes around he will have practised a lot more, his game will be better and hopefully he does better there. Seriously Gwen, have you not read the signals?! Stay away from his matches!!! My hopes are resting on Roddick. Now that I’ve said that he’ll probably go and lose. Thanks a lot Andy 🙂

  13. TennisAce says :

    You know in the cold light of day I am not as depressed about this loss as I was last night. I cursed at Marcos. I hated him and unfortunately he has now made it my shit list, just because he kept sticking his tongue out and opening his mouth like he is a guppy. That being said, does anyone else here think that if this were a Grand Slam match that Fed would have wasted so many match points. I think not. If in doubt, just go and watch that third set tie-break of Melbourne this year when he fought hard to save set points. Yeah, this is a loss, but then I had already stated elsewhere that none of the big four would make the semis. IW was sucky before it is officially dead to me now.

  14. sita says :

    That woman Gwen Stefani !! how i hate her. Wimby 08, USO 09 and now this.
    Can someone introduce her to Ronaldo / Beckham/ Tiger Woods so she can go watch their games and leave Fed alone ?

    This is so reminiscent of the Tsonga match at Montreal last year where he blew the 5-1 lead and went on to lose. I hope what followed in Cincy back then happens in Miami too !

  15. carlos says :

    hey dootsie, i’ve been following your blog for a long time, always love how you can describe my feelings exactly – yet funnier ;). i worship TMF, and i feel ashamed sometimes how much i hate the Turd. thanks to you i know i’m not a bad fan – just a little over demanding… but my theory on Gwen the jinx is a lot worse, please don’t hate me for it haha: what if gavin and roger have a little secret romance on the side, and fed gets uncomfortable with the wifey there? am i the only one seeing some eroticism between those boys? or is this just wishful thinking on my part?… sorry doots, i want my fedporn as well…

  16. Blue says :

    I thought he had recovered from his infection, could it be that he lost due to lack of match practice? And why does everyone equate beating Fed to their best win ever? If Marco loses his next match I’ll be so mad…

  17. elisha says :

    I’m gonna be so pissed if Marcos retires during his next match. He has a tendency to do that… <_<

    I went to sleep after the second set… Thank goodness I didn't witness the epic fail of the third set… I knew Marcos was going to be a tough customer, but I thought Roger would be able to pull it off in three sets… Kind of reminds me of how well Marcos played during the first set and a half at the AO 2006 final.

  18. breadstix says :

    My heart totally sank when I saw the result this morning. I was worried about Baggy yesterday but brushed it off thinking Feddy-who-won-the-AO-yay would be fine but apparently not. Sucks…

    BUT NOW I FIND OUT THAT HE HAD 3 MPS AND A 4-1 LEAD?! I want to shave his monkey face. 😡

  19. jfK says :

    I’m with you all the way on the Gwen Stefani curse. Doesn’t she notice this pattern? Like “Hey, maybe I should sit this one out”. I would!!
    But to be fair Baggy is a tough opponent to face when you haven’t played in 6 weeks. So make it up to us in Miami , okay Rog? 😛 ANd Baggy better NOT lose to Robredo.

  20. TGIF says :

    According to, Rog and Mirka are out to dinner w/ Gavin and Gwen right now!
    Maybe Roger can give Gwen a tactful hint . . . 🙂

  21. Warwick360 says :

    I can’t take the curse of Gwen as seriously as the curse of pink. During the US Open Final, I did end up wondering why she was there, especially since she didn’t seem to be enjoying the match right from the beginning and it almost looked like Gavin had dragged her to the stadium to watch. But atleast it looks like she was having fun at indian wells.

    Besides, i know she’s “cool”, and I can’t fathom making her a scapegoat. Atleast, unlike last year, I can fall back on the fact that Fed has the Australian open.

  22. pban says :

    YAY djokovic is out. Go Rafa,I so want you back at 2….not at all happy with a Fedal semifinal.

  23. Philip says :

    Marcos says it was the best win of his career, glad to be back from injury and able to keep up with the top guys. Then he goes and loses to Robredo. Yea, Marcos did well but who can really say the match wasn’t on Roger’s racket the entire match?

    Some knocked Fed for not giving Marcos enough credit. But Fed just calls it like he sees it.

    But it’s not surprising coming back from the lay off and lung infection. I thought Fed’s movement and footwork weren’t all there. More slides on the running forehand and squash shots than usual. And mistiming shots on both wings maybe due to lack of match play. Don’t have any expectations at Miami either, just hope he at least goes deep and doesn’t lose any more points.

  24. pban says :

    yep he missed quite a few of those angled crosscourt forehands even against Hanescue, was hitting a lot of squash shots …. a surefire sign that his footwork is not where he wants it to be. I think he will take at least 3 tourneys to really start moving again and the bummer is that we move to clay after Miami.I just don’t want him losing any more points, if he loses early in Miami he should play MonteCarlo.

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