Federporn Friday: Can’t read my…Can’t read my…No he can’t read my Monkey Face.

Given that Federporn Friday has had half a year of history, I think I must congratulate myself on putting off a Monkey Face post for so long. But at last, I’ve ran out of themes and Monkey needed his own post.

Oh yeth he does. Let Sleepy Fed and Marat lure you in.

I don’t even want to know what Roger was trying to do to Monkey’s right eye.

Mon-mon-mon-monkey face mon-mon-monkey face…

Sure, Sveta wanted to talk to Roger about “tennis”.

Monkey Face-reel, with Ferd the turd bonus. Goodness me!

Because we all need a little Monkey in our lives.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a man without hair is like a cat without fur.


xx doots


10 responses to “Federporn Friday: Can’t read my…Can’t read my…No he can’t read my Monkey Face.”

  1. Mia says :

    Those shoulders are just so broad they’re inviting you to sink your teeth in them. Er, that was not so subtle.

    Those shoulders are so just broad they’re made to wear suits well. There … more “G” rather than “R”.

  2. sazzylove says :

    i was busy salivating over Monkey’s peRFection and scrolling down hoping to find more and then i kinda lol-ed hard when i saw a pasty face next to a fugliest looking cat Ive ever seen!
    Thanks for making me laugh .HAHAHAHA…..!!!!

  3. Lovekosifed says :

    Oh holy bejeezus! I just spilled my coffee on the keyboard when i saw that last pic!


    I love all the monkey face pics! generally, I’m not into furry men, but I’m taking an exception with Monkey Fed, as Fed is prettier being monkey-ish.

    How about a Supple Fed next time? Given monkey feddy’s grace on court, he makes contortions on the court look easy and pretty.

  4. nilhenwen says :

    This is epic. Epic. I love the french open one; that is pure sex. Thanks, federporn friday brightens my life lol and lol at andy murray 😛

  5. Lily says :

    One of your better federporns ever !

    Totally agree with the conclusion, poor Murray can’t fight with Fed’s hair chest.

    And yes, the third photo is a complete mystery for me. Was it a monkey contest ?

  6. Dippy says :

    Doots – I love you!!! You’ve always make my friday better with doses of Fedpappy Porn. I am having vivld imagination of him now (oops). Btw your hairless rendition of Murray and sphinx is hilarious.

  7. BS says :

    I look forward to this every week! The sixth picture is wow. Just wow. I wasn’t expecting those last pics of Murray! The similarities between him and that cat are uncanny 😛 I saw his “Official 2010 calendar” in a shop before Christmas and I struggled to make it out the door before I burst out laughing. It didn’t help that there was only one copy of it and it was right at the back of the shelf. They’ll never be able to market him they way they have Rog and Rafa. And he’ll never have such a cute monkey face like this one…….

  8. jfK says :

    Nom nom nom. So damn hot this man . Let’s hope Roger can actually go deep in Miami so we get more monkey face goodness. Please, Fed??!

  9. Alex says :

    I want his monkey.

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