Picket Fence Newsreel: Jaja, Oh-la-la.

1. I completely ignored JJ’s Indian Wells win in my previous post because I didn’t want to disrupt the integrity of the piece, but it was exactly the kind of result I needed for the tournament to end on a good note.

That JJ should win the tournament need hardly to come as a surprise – after all, she’s a former World No 1, US Open finalist and a damn good player on hard court. Why shouldn’t she win?

And yet, I continue to marvel at how fast things turn in tennis. In her loss to Alona Bondarenko at the Australian Open, Lady Jaja looks clueless, powerless and weaponless. Her game, built on her speed, and backhand and its ability to change directions, looked outdated by newer and better models of herself. Models like … Caroline Wozniacki, for instance. Anyone watching her back then would’ve wondered if Lady Jaja had missed her window of opportunity to make a real splash on the WTA tour.

But watching JJ against CWoz yesterday, I was struck by how their two games seem to resemble and yet so fundamentally differ. Both are known for their defensive abilities. They certainly take their time to construct points from the baseline and out-rally their opponents.

But Lady Jaja, despite all the credit she gets for her defensive skills, still knew when and how to pull the trigger.

Carol? Not so much, and turning up to the final with no forehand didn’t help her cause either. There’s a fine line between maneuvering an opponent to get the right shot and running an opponent ragged to force them to miss.

For JJ, there was just more of the former while Carol stuck to the latter, and I was reminded then that not all new models come with better quality.



2. Indian Wells fall-out: Rafa drops to No 4 by 35 points, but he’s only defending a quarterfinal in Miami while Mandy’s defending the title.

Victors JJ and Ljubo move to No 8 and No 13 respectively, while Carol becomes the Real No 2, gunning to be a fake No 1.

“Of course I’m always hungry to get that first spot, No. 1 spot,” said Woznaicki. “That’s what everyone is dreaming about.  And also winning Grand Slams, that’s what everybody wants. Hopefully that will happen one day.  I have one spot left.  Serena is a great player, and everyone else, also. There are a lot of tough players out there.”

After what happened to Dina and JJ, I don’t know why anyone not named Serena Williams would want the top spot. But hey, whatever floats yer boat Carol.



3. Pat Cash is set to work with Tennis Australia on some top local juniors this year.

Umm … When you’re an organisation plagued by internal divisions, isn’t Pat Cash the last person you want to join the smacktalk?



4. Mentioning Australian tennis, Lleyton Hewitt is set to return at the clay tournament in Houston in two weeks. This is way ahead of his expected recovery date (May). Hopefully this means he’ll be onboard for Australia’s Davis Cup tie against Japan.

All a part of my grand plan for Australia to make it to the World Group play-offs and draw Switzerland. You in, Tennis Gods?



5. Mentioning Swiss tennis, as new ‘honorary member’ of the Swiss Tennis Association (clickey), Feddykins has been merrily practicing away in Miami.

Anyone understand German? I’m assuming that’s what he’s speaking in.

Please don’t tell me that that’s him singing.



6. Still on the topic of Fed, the ATP is at it again.

I’m not going to say no to a little Fed worship, but I suspect Mats Wilander feels otherwise. Would it kill the guy to say that Roger’s GOAT? “He’s certainly the most … important tennis player of our … of any time”?

Douche. I hope Roger takes a photo of his wilander and send it to Mats.



7. We need a campaign to free Roger from the Curse of Gwen. It doesn’t help that Feddypoop has been playing practice matches with her hubby.



8. I’m stealing a video from Tennis is served, but this was just mind-boggling from Bobby Sod.

Opportunity for a rematch in Miami. You’re excited, I know.

xx doots


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14 responses to “Picket Fence Newsreel: Jaja, Oh-la-la.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Just the one Wilander? 😛
    And Gavin looks creepily like AO 04 Rog in that pic… Meanwhile Roger most definitely looks like the ’10 model! 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      LOLL. Well it’s Mats’ fault his surname is singular. 😛

      Someone should tell Gavin that that hairstyle is so-10-years-ago.

  2. Mia says :

    On #1 – didn’t notice that Jelena’s kit had those details. Nice touch, actually, and the color becomes her. This win puts her back in the discussion at least. As for Wozniacki, her game baffles and bores me. Never could understand how a Top 5 could win that many matches with so few winners.

    #2 – Let Rafa bump up that ranking. The prospective Nalbandian encounter is something to look forward to.

    #3 – Pat Cash and Team Tomic? Let the smackdown begin.

    #5 – Caillean67 says it’s a German soldier’s song. Fed sounded bouncy, 🙂 Had to smile at a statement in the Miami Herald article: “My relationship with Mirka was always very strong and intense, and we worried a little that if we have kids, can we keep that?” Hmm, no wonder his back gave out end of 2008.

    #6 – That came out of Mats like it was the final molar being pulled out. Whatever, Mats. 16>7.

    • dootsiez says :

      16 = 2 x 7 + 2

      Umm, I did not need the imagery for #5. Although, the thought of Fed in a “strong and intense” relationship with best-of-5-set sexytimes …

    • flo says :

      Are you guys sure it’s not Swiss-German? Because supposedly it’s totally not the same thing.

      Mats is certainly the least important former player-turned-commentator of our times: JohnnyMac, Martina N., Mary Carillo, Brad Gilbert, Patrick MacEnroe, and so on. That’s not even all that subjective, just the truth.

      • dootsiez says :

        I thought it was the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese. Similar but not enough that you understand one and necessarily get the other.

        Yeah agreed. Wilander’s opinions aren’t exactly held in high regard. But all the more annoying.

        • LJ says :

          i dunno i think mandarin is a lot closer to cantonese than swiss german is to german (or High german)

          I studied german in high school and i can passably understand words in german but swiss german just sounds completely foreign, whereas someone with knowledge of mandarin can make out various words in canto (since they’re from the same family of languages)

          I’d prob say difference is more akin to mandarin and shanghainese, dialects but from completely different families.

        • dootsiez says :

          LOL. No way LJ. I personally don’t speak any dialects and I can understand about 80% of Shanghainese, about 5% of Cantonese.

          Besides, Mandarin was based on Northern Chinese dialects, so it couldn’t have been from the same family as either Shanghainese or Cantonese.

        • LJ says :


          the tree says differently, linguistically cantonese is much closer to mandarin than shanghainese (but perhaps shang has been mandarinsised so much in the last 50 years that it’s more intelligible)

          You’re from hangzhou right? Technically you’re in the Northern Wu region anyway, hence possibly the heightened awareness of shanghainese.

  3. Jack says :

    I studied German at high school but my understanding of it has diminished since then. Unless Fed is saying his name, age or wanting to go swimming, then I’m kinda useless! 😀

    Why is it so hard for Matts Wilander to give Roger a compliment? You can tell in that vid that he’s finding it hard to say something nice.

    Not that Matts opinion really counts. I mean, I’ve always thought he was envious of Roger. Its kinda sad though that he can’t call Roger the GOAT whereas people like Laver, Sampras and McEnroe can.

    • Alex says :

      Mats is constantly backtracking after his 2006 comment “Federer has no balls”.

    • BS says :

      Totally agree about Wilander. He is jealous because Federer is a better player than he was. I really think that that is the reason he never gives Federer enough credit. The fact that Sampras, Borg and Laver (the other 3 greatest IMO) can say he’s the GOAT just confirms it. Ever since he made the comment about Federer he has been trying to suck up to him by complimenting him on everything else. I don’t know who I despise more, him or Simon Reed. When they commentate together I have to turn the sound down. I just can’t put myself through that.

      Sorry for the rant 😉

  4. TGIF says :

    This is the song Roger sang!

  5. Ch says :

    “Douche. I hope Roger takes a photo of his wilander and send it to Mats.”

    LOL, why not both Wilanders. since they are very much there.

    thanks for the post. 🙂

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