Quotable Quotes: Reborn Supremacy

Remember this?

It was only a year ago, but seems like a lifetime away. One year on, Roger talks to the Miami Herald about the dark days.

“Last year at this time was very tough for me,” Federer said. “But it was more the media being down on me than me doubting myself. I thought I played a great Australian Open but just wasn’t able to win it, and then losing in the semis at Indian Wells [Calif.] and Miami, the media came down hard on me. The tone got very negative, and I was answering tough questions.

“My forehand had some issues, my movement wasn’t there. Because of my back injury, I was pressing too much on offense. But all in all, I made two semis, and I knew there was no reason to panic. Still, the negativity all around gets to you.

On top of all that, Roger and Mirka were guarding their ‘happy news’ with a degree of trepidation.

“We found out in Australia that it was twins, and we were very worried, to be honest,” Federer said. “At first, we thought it might be twice as hard, twice as many problems. We wondered how we would be able to travel with two babies. Would they cry all the time? Would they sleep at the same time? How would this all work with our lifestyle?

“But then, we realized having two at the same time would mean they could be best friends forever, and we got excited about it. Now that Myla and Charlene are in our lives, I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

On his announcement in Madrid that he was going to win in Marid.

“They’re like, ‘It’s Rafa’s turf. OK, you’re crazy.’ But I knew my game was back. I won, and the rest is history. I never looked back.”

On the tireless questions of where his focus lies these days. [Warning: death by exploding ovaries]

“Having children has had a major impact on me, all good,” he said. “Mirka went through the pregnancy so well, and that inspired me. I felt bad that I was just sitting on the sidelines, not able to help much. Once the babies came, I wanted to be part of it. Mirka still does more diaper-changing and waking up, but in the daytime, I hold the babies a lot and spend a lot of time with them.

The press started asking questions because a father hasn’t won much before, but I am a master at blocking stuff out on the court. The marriage and kids inspire me. My relationship with Mirka was always very strong and intense, and we worried a little that if we have kids, can we keep that? Should we take that step? We decided it’s better sooner than later. Hopefully, they can see me play. That was important to Mirka. My life feels very balanced now, and my perspective changed. All of a sudden, I have children depending on me. It’s not all about me anymore.

Source: Miami Herald

(Okay Roger, whatever I might say when you’re losing, I still want to have your babies okay?)

xx doots



11 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Reborn Supremacy”

  1. Warwick360 says :

    That racket smashing may have attracted all the attention of the media, but for me, Marie carillos’s “he’s just not a booable guy” takes the cake.

  2. girl_from_mi says :

    MIAMI HEARLD YOU FAILED!!!! You could have at least convinced him to bring out those babies for one tiny little family pic. FAIL!

  3. sita says :

    Absolutely ! The least he can do after hanging out with Gwen-jinx-Stefani and her husband is learn a thing or two about having your family pics splashed in every other mag

  4. kermit says :

    Roger practiced his… voice at Miami. Dorkable.

  5. breadstix says :

    Oh, racquet-smashin’ Rog, eh? JUST when I was recovering from my post-AO depression… aaah, those were the days…

  6. Alex says :

    The racquet smash was due to pregnancy hormones…

  7. Paul says :

    Hello Miss Aus.

    Just wondering from your much more of a Fedfan than me perspective, do you think Rog will tkae a WC into Monte-Carlo to make up for Dubai?

    Just wondering what the feeling on this is.

    P.S. Ignore this message in one of your really old posts, its just the page I use to bookmark your site and I didn’t realise I was on the wrong article.

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL. I was like “huh, I don’t remember writing that post yesterday”?

      I personally don’t think he will take a WC. Unless he loses early in Miami, or Rolex sits down with him and says “dude, we’re the premier sponsor and you’re our spokesperson. Go play.”

      But heard the tournament director hasn’t given up hope yet.

  8. Joanna says :

    Lol watching that video now makes me laugh knowing all that he won after. Just like reading old fed doomsday forum predictions.

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