Picket Fence Newsreel: Waiting for Godot.

1. It happens every Masters – punters predict a Fedal showdown, before Rafa and/or Federer crash out early in the “upset” of the tournament. Waiting for Federer v Nadal is like waiting for Godot these days.

And why do we want Federer v Nadal anyway? After all, Rafa might be my second favourite player on the men’s tour, but when he plays Fed, all bets are off. Perfectly jolly fangirls turn into shrieking banshees during a Fedal match, and not in the most harmless way either.

And yet because no matter how many times we proclaim the end of the Fedal era to be a good thing for the sport, no matter how commentators insist that tennis isn’t all about Federer and Nadal (umm … there is also the WTA?), you’d be hard pressed to find a few actual spectators who bought tickets to the final hoping to see Ivan Ljubicic in action.

We all want a piece of that history, even if the thought of that history makes us sharpen knives in fear.

By the way, ‘expert picks’ here and here. ‘Cause, you know, they worked out so splendidly at the Australian Open and Indian Wells.



2. Laugh in the Face of Haterade, Edition 1 2010.

I don’t like to take swipes at other bloggers. It’s impolite and after all, to each his/her own right? But if I started a paragraph with that sentence, you bet I’m about to do exactly that.

Those are my five reasons why Federer can win in Miami, but there are more. And to take the contrarian viewpoint, there are several arguments that can be made against Federer. Among them: he doesn’t care about these events anymore; his only title in the last seven months came courtesy of a Davydenko choke; he has a tough draw and guys like Berdych, Murray, etc, will beat him in best-of-3; he’s still not 100% in playing form; he can’t handle the Miami wind.; and of course the popular fact that I have now pick him so…; etc. And those are all fair points, but I’m sticking with Rog here.

Source: the fine intelligentsia of tennis-x

It actually took me a minute to work out what the person was referring to. Oh-Of-course, Roger Federer only wins titles (major titles) these days because Nikolay Dayvdenko allows him to. Poor, poor Roger.



3. The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Awards for 2009 were given out in Miami today. Congratulations to the recipients.

There were no real surprises, though I have no idea what the “Player Service” Award is all about.

  1. Player of the Year: Serena Williams
  2. Comeback Player of the Year: Kim Clijsters
  3. Doubles Team of the Year: Venus and Serena Williams
  4. Newcomer of the Year: Yanina Wickmayer
  5. Karen Krantzcke Sportsmanship Award: Kim Clijsters
  6. Player Service: Elena Dementieva
  7. Humanitarian: Liezel Huber*

* Lizel Huber’s charity – Liezel’s Cause – helps victims of Hurricane Katrina. (clickey)

I thought Venus looked great…

Until I saw the Ugg boots.




I could put that into an actual sentence, but it would require to much thinking.

Who’s cuter? Bobby Sod or Flipper?

Ferrer was there too. Next!

Gonzo and Belluci joined the fun. Oh happy, flippity days!



5. I dare say Rafael Nadal will probably give you permission to punch his teeth out now. His wisdom teeth that is. He revealed during his pre-tournament press conference that he’s suffering from inflammation to his wisdom teeth. It won’t affect his participation in the tournament, but he was in visible pain during the press conference.

The pain started two days ago and Rafa will receive treatment during his stay in Miami. I sympathise, I really do. I should be getting mine out soon, it’s making a move.



6. In Miami results, Bandy had a much easier time than expected against Lukasz Kubot winning 6-3, 6-2. I wish I could say the same about Reeshie, who blew a close match against Belgium pocket-rocket Oliver Rochus, 7-6 (2), 1-6, 6-4 for his second consecutive first round exit.

So much for having points to gain.

As I write this, Fed’s latest hitting partner and the star of NBTA – Filip Krajinovic has split sets with Jimmy Blake.

On the women’s side, Justine Henin has no troubles dispatching Jill Craybas, while Kimiko battled past a flubbering AChak 75 36 64.



7. Federer fans, don’t ever change.



xx doots

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10 responses to “Picket Fence Newsreel: Waiting for Godot.”

  1. Jack says :

    I do hate it when people try to take away someones victory by saying the opponent choked or played crap! I mean, if we’re playing that game, shouldn’t we say Nadal only won the AO because Fed played a crap 5th set?? Or Del Potro only won the US Open because Fed’s serve and form went on an early vacation??

    I mean, why can’t they just give Fed credit for what he did?? He may not have played his best in that QF but the only match that truly counts is the final and he played fantastic tennis in that. And he deserved to win too!

    But there are always gonna be haters. So I take a leaf out of Kuzzy’s book and say “F**k all the haters!!” 😀

  2. Jack says :

    I do agree with you on the whole Fedal Showdown. I like Nadal and I normally want him to win. Plus I like to see Fedal finals, because they’re always good.

    But when Nadal plays Federer, I find myself starting to dislike him when he starts giving Fed trouble.

    I mean, I’ve never hated Nadal more than when he beat Federer at Wimbledon in 2008. And the thing is, I never hated him for winning it, I hated him for beating Fed.

    Thats why I always think that you can like both Roger and Rafa. But when they play each other, you have to pick a side.

  3. LJ says :

    bwahahah, that banner is awesome

    le sod + dolphins = dimpletastic

    impacted wisdom teeth are an absolute bitch. Actually any toothache is, I’d rather sprain an ankle than have a nerve die in my tooth anyday

  4. jfK says :

    Why are there always ppl making excuses when Fed wins? I’m so sick of it. He only relies on his opponents to choke to win titles? Give me a break.

    I *flove* that banner. It’s genius. Can’t wait to see it when Fed plays.

  5. grace says :

    I really love fedfans, i´d like to have time to do such a genious banner.

  6. flo says :

    I guess that answers the question: Do Roger fans Dream of Federer slams?

    I like that the dolphin time just turned those men into 12 year-olds. Seems to me anyway.

  7. Jodi says :

    I so feel Rafa’s pain. My wisdom teeth had me incapacitated for three weeks. If he can play tennis through it… that is one brave dude right there.

  8. pban says :

    Doots when I first read the article I just couldn’t hide my irritation at yet another expert giving an asterix against Feddy’s slam win but if you read it carefully it seems more tongue in cheek. The Davy choke comment is more a sarcastic take on the many experts who castigated Koyla for totally fading away, labelling the victory as a farce since it came courtsey a massive “choke”.(and here Iwas with my silly notion that the ultimate winners are those who never choke on the big points ) If Rafa gets credit for his temperament and ability to fight back from the brink why is it that the same attributes when shown by Feddy are actually a reflection of his opponents’ choking abilities?I think that is what this blogger is indirectly hinting at…….or Icould be way off target and if that is the case then the blogger deserves all the hate he/she is going to get here…. off with the head then 😉

  9. Warwick360 says :

    Uggghhh…..none of the fools at tennis.com even chose Henin for the title. Stupid fools. :@

    Ooh…and I want to ride a dolphin myself…

  10. TGIF says :

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m gonna stick up for Randall here. First, we should be grateful someone even picked Feddy (except for the jinx factor!)

    It’s true that Fed hasn’t won many tourneys lately nor even been in many finals; he’s been vulnerable to early upset. And at the AO he was hanging on by a string in both the 1st round and the QF. And that does mean sth in terms of predicting the future. You can’t play lights-out in the final if you don’t get there in the first place. It’s not about taking away credit for the AO win, which was fully deserved w/ fab final and semifinal performances.

    doots – check out the comments to the vids of Fed at practice; I linked to music vid of the song Fed was singing – it’s hilarious 🙂

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