Federporn Friday: Guest Star #1.

Since I’m running out of themes (ideas anyone?), I thought it’s about time we had a guest star on Federporn Friday.

And who better to be the first guest star in Federporno history than *ahem* former WTA player and soon-to-be birthday girl (April 1st) – Miroslava Vavrinec, also known as Mirka, Boss and HBIC?

Things you may or may not know about Mirka:

1. She was introduced to tennis by Martina Navratilova, who thought she was athletic and suggested that she try tennis. Navratilova even sent her a racquet and arranged for her first tennis lesson at the age of 9.

So … I’m thinking I don’t need to put this picture in a baby quiz, right?

2. She had a career high ranking of 76 (2001).

4. The WTA website describes her as a serve-and-volleyer. Riiiiiiight.

5. Her best shot is her backhand.

6. . Her best performance at a slam came in 2001, when she reached the third round of the US Open, before losing to … Justine Henin.

7. Incidentally, Mirka has a H2H record of 1-1 against Juju. (Let’s just say I got a little bored one day on the WTA website.)

8. Before dating Federer, Mirka had a 2-year relationship with a PRINCE. And I ain’t talking about the racquet. (clickey)

9. In the year 2000, she met a potato-head in Sydney, who took two weeks to work up the courage to kiss her, even though he was – in his own words – ‘almost 19 and a half’.

10. Since then, she’s come a long way, turning Fed from a total loser into Vogue Coverboy material.

For this, she deserves our boundless adulation.



Oh yeth. Mirka should be a role-model to every woman out there whose husband, boyfriend/girlfriend is a complete slob.


Despite her accomplishments, Mirka’s had her fair share of critics. Misogynists make snide remarks about her body image, to which I can only say “what’s wrong with it?”

Clearly Roger doesn’t give a damn.

Not to mention – she’s prettier than him. (Okay, as pretty as him. ‘Cause – you know – HE’S REALLY PRETTY. *stuffs fangirl voice back inside*)

All the while, feminists accuse her of not having her own career, choosing instead to follow Fed. But why do we assume that Federer’s career is his alone?

Consider this: Tiger Woods will still be Tiger Woods without Elin. But would Roger Federer be the same player without Mirka? Would he have had the same career without the support he got from his team, most significantly from Mirka?

After all, this is the woman who sat through 2 slams, including a 5-set, 4 hour Wimbledon final while she was heavily pregnant with twins. And then was perfectly happy to fly to Montreal just two weeks after the birth of the Mighty Babes.

You know, sometimes I think we don’t give her nearly enough credit for being a tennis fanatic.

The pair aren’t too into PDA, thank god. Unless Roger’s checked if the coast is clear.

Or unless Roger’s just beaten the Clay Monster on clay.

I love how pouty Roger is in this photo, “hey hey, bad timing. Go away.”

And after I’ve turned you all into complete perves, how about we finish up with the wedding photos?

They are rather nice, don’t cha think?

The Mighty Mirka, I adore thee. And thy hubby.

xx doots


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18 responses to “Federporn Friday: Guest Star #1.”

  1. pban says :

    Mirka is the mirror in which Roger sees his truest reflection,for me she is the root of Roger the player as well as the human being.Lynette and Robert were great in laying the foundation but if it were not for the lovely Mirka Roger would have never become our Feddy….THE MIGHTY FED.Thank you Mirka for just being there, no matter what.

    • Mia says :

      Aaaw … she met him as a boy and made him into a man. *sniffles* Stories don’t get any better than that.

    • flo says :

      She definitely changed him and for the better. No debating that. My pet theory is that Federer was very aware of his potential as a tennis player, but as a young player he almost wanted it too much; he was just a bundle of nerves. The mental part of his game was a real weakness and it seems Mirka was a calming influence on him, quite gradually it all clicked.

  2. nilhenwen says :

    I completely agree. You know what they say… “Behind every great man…”
    Mirka is fantastic, she doiesn’t get half enough credit. Nowhere near enough.
    Even roger has said he didn’t win anything until after he got together with he after all.
    She made the Feds what he is today 😛

  3. girl from michigan says :

    Dootsiez, this was a great post. Very satisfying. Kinda brought a tear to my eye too.

    Now, the shallow fangirl in me wants actual p0rn next Friday, ‘k?

  4. Paul says :

    As a male I tend to skip over Fedporn friday, but putting Mirka in made it good this week.

    I’d reccomend Federer’s other sweetheart next week, the Swiss Miss?

  5. breadstix says :

    This is one of the best Federporn Fridays ever, I think (‘cept without any actual ‘Federporn’, hahaha…) They are just so so cute and seem so so perfect for each other, I mean, my heard nearly melted at that screencap of the doubles. I agree, #Feddy would not be the dork we know and love today without Mirka!


  6. BS says :

    Mirka is awesome. I know a lot of people have criticised her over the last few years for different reasons, but she doesn’t get enough credit for supporting Roger for the last 10 years. She has stayed with him during the good times, and when things didn’t look so rosy. They make such a cute couple and I love the fact that she gets so into his matches even if she does spend half her time on her blackberry and sometimes looks incredibly bored. On that note I thank you for this appreciation of Mrs. Federer 🙂

  7. Claire says :

    I think I have a girl crush on Mirka. You summed her up perfectly, she is brilliant and I’m sooooo thankful that she turned Roger into the lovely pretty poop face he today. Quite an acomplishment when you look at the old photos!

    • girl_from_mi says :

      I am with you on the girl crush thing. it started for me when she was pregnant and still came and sat through all of his matches. As her belly grew, my adoration of her did as well.

  8. jfK says :

    I heard that she didn’t even take a bathroom break during the 2009 Wimbledon Final. I just love her.The Mighty Mirka is so damn cool! Rock on, girl!

  9. Wimbledon Ladies Room Assistant says :

    Yes, looking through my notes, she did not take a bathroom break during the 2009 Wimbledon Final.

  10. Blue says :

    Great post on Mirka. She’s incredibly strong and selfless to have stood by him so long. Fans get fickle, but she’s got nerves of steel. A really admirable woman, Fed is so blessed to have her in his life.

  11. Judy says :

    doots, brlliant post! pban, well said!

    mirka & roger forever! I freakin love them together and absolutely agree that rog would not be the swiss maestro goat without his lady. we also wouldn’t have the mighty babes!

    • Judy says :

      love that ‘before’ pic, the post practice hug&smooch and their wedding pics. they make such a lovely couple!

      so right that we have mirka to thank for our fed obsession, she made him a man!

  12. sara says :

    she is lucky ,cute ,

  13. Claire says :

    How about Mirkaporn Mondays? lol 🙂

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